Vision Software

EyeDefender 1.0 Eterlab Software 

EyeDefender is a freeware rest reminder designed to prevent Computer vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for hours on end. Once installed, EyeDefender sits in the system tray and displays the time left until the next break. When the time for a break arrives, the program does one of the following:
- Displays a predefined . Freeware download of EyeDefender 1.0, size 186.68 Kb.


Fathom It! 1.2 Mountain Vista Software 

FATHOM IT! v1.2 - Fathom It!, a logical puzzle, is a fascinating Windows version of GAMES Magazine's column "Battleships". Unlike the classic pencil-and-paper game of battleship, Fathom It! boards are solved using logical deduction only. You'll find Fathom It! board solutions have a chess-like beauty. Try solving a Fathom It! board or two . Free download of Fathom It! 1.2, size 982.02 Kb.

Healthy Hints 2.0 CyberFlair Ltd. 

Whether you use a computer at work or at home, it is easy to lose track of time. General health & safety advice recommends that taking frequent breaks can reduce the chance of health problems such as eyestrain, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), neck and back pain. Healthy Hints will detect your periods of computer usage and recommend when a . Free download of Healthy Hints 2.0, size 1.09 Mb.

See-and-Calc 1.0 AureoSoft 

See-and-Calc is a freeware software that emulates an on-screen calculator with big display numbers and keypad with large keys in order to enhance visibility and friendly typing. See-and-Calc calculator has the following main features: 4 arithmetic functions; Optional sound on clicking the keys; Memory functions; Percentage and square root; Math . Freeware download of See-and-Calc 1.0, size 1.63 Mb.

AureoEyes English Version 1.0 AureoSoft 

AureoEyes is a free virtual keyboard that has been specially developed for visually impaired and blind people. AureoEyes makes it easier for those people to write texts using just a computer with a sound card. AureoEyes has a very fast learning curve and can be used by almost anyone without a toilsome training.AureoEyes allows the user to write and . Freeware download of AureoEyes English Version 1.0, size 8.53 Mb.

cineSync 1. 2. 2008 Rising Sun Research 

cineSync enables multiple people across the world to efficiently review visual media, from static images to movies. With cineSync, what you see is what others see: experience synchronised movie playback across everyone's screen with frame-accurate precision. Annotate movies and images by simply drawing on the screen with your mouse, like a . Free download of cineSync 1. 2. 2008, size 0 b.

SharperLight 2 4 phiLight 

SharperLight makes it easy to get control of your data in a way that no other BI solution can. It empowers users to perform rapid analysis with a simple to use query engine over single or multiple systems simultaneously. It aligns perfectly in mature BI environments, co-existing with other enterprise solutions and can form a foundation for . Freeware download of SharperLight 2 4, size 14.19 Mb.

Unify SQLBase UNIFY Corporation 

SQLBase effectively reduces the development, deployment and maintenance costs of business applications. The ultra-low TCO of SQLBase ensures that ISVs and end-customers can maximize their ROI on business database applications. SQLBase offers very competitive deployment pricing; including a pay as you go licensing model that allows you to buy the . Free download of Unify SQLBase, size 22.66 Mb.

ESP Pinball Xtreme 1 3 Draconis Entertainment 

This title promises to deliver adrenaline-pumping, hyper-cool pinball like you've never experienced before. Built on the ESP Pinball second generation audio engine, the sequel to one of accessible gamers' favorites promises to deliver endless fun for all ages young and old alike.

While pinball tables themselves have wildly . Free download of ESP Pinball Xtreme 1 3, size 67.06 Mb.

The Ultimate Soundoku 1.0.3 Draconis Entertainment 

As the Sudoku craze sweeps across the world, young and old alike are discovering the addictive fun of this brain-busting puzzle game.

Though it exists in many forms, the basic concept is always the same: fill in every square on the puzzle-grid without repeating any value in any row, column, or region. . Free download of The Ultimate Soundoku 1.0.3, size 25.87 Mb.

Capture Polar 2. 6. 2008 Capture Sweden 

The Basic Edition is a starter package which provides a basic toolset sufficient for most designs. The Basic Edition allows you to:

- Create lighting designs in real-time.
- Simulate a lighting rig with a consoles in real-time.
- Create lists and reports based on your design.
- Create plots of your design. . Free download of Capture Polar 2. 6. 2008, size 36.91 Mb.

A1 Inspector 1 1 Axtel Inc. 

The A1_Inspector is used when populating Printed Circuit Boards. The A1_Inspector is a bench-top system, tailored for contract manufacturers with short production runs and frequent line changes. The A1_Inspector contains a high resolution camera, which sends images to a PC for display on a large LCD screen. A motorized X/Y table moves the camera . Freeware download of A1 Inspector 1 1, size 56.51 Mb.

MegaPointer Compact 7.0 AureoSoft 

MegaPointer Compact is a professional pointer for multimedia presentations.

Main features:
-On-screen effects and vector markers in real time.
-Spotlight and Digital Clock.
-Vector arrows with animation;
-Transparent circle markers;
-Transparent horizontal markers;
-Transparent vertical markers;

Euresys Open eVision 32-bit Libraries 1 2 EURESYS s.a. 

Open eVision is a rich suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis. Open eVision contains a set of 64-bit and 32-bit libraries designed to be integrated into your C , .NET or ActiveX application.

The general purpose libraries, EasyImage, EasyColor, EasyObject, EasyMatch, EasyFind . Free download of Euresys Open eVision 32-bit Libraries 1 2, size 87.87 Mb.

Bates Quotes 1. 1. 2003 Rune Kenneth Meisingset 

Bates Quotes is an application that sits in the system tray, and at user specified intervals, pops up quotes from Dr. William Bates.
The program helps to be continually reminded about the things that Bates said and that their understanding of the method can suddenly evolve when you repeatedly view a certain passage of the text. . Freeware download of Bates Quotes 1. 1. 2003, size 34.11 Mb.

Dolphin SuperNova Screen Reader 12.0 Dolphin Computer Access Ltd. 

SuperNova Screen Reader has been developed for computer users who are blind and can be used at home, at work and in education.

Developed for blind computer users, SuperNova Screen Reader is a software screen reader that works by reading the screen interactively and communicating through a speech synthesiser or a refreshable Braille . Free download of Dolphin SuperNova Screen Reader 12.0, size 82.36 Mb.

Gupta SQLBase Server 11 6 UNIFY Corporation 

SQLBase Server for Windows is the retail version of SQLBase for multi-user servers on Windows. Windows programs can be either application programs or service programs. In earlier versions of SQLBase, the server ran as an application program, requiring the user to log onto Windows before starting SQLBase. This results in SQLBase terminating when the . Freeware download of Gupta SQLBase Server 11 6, size 5.78 Mb.

CNT-Administration 8.00.408 Lake Software 

Allows an Administrator to selectively turn features on or off for the Click-N-Type virtual keyboard. This program allows you to set which menu items and/or options are available. Normally you will allow all Click-N-Type features, setup the Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard the way you want it, and then run CNTAdmin to prevent the user from changing . Freeware download of CNT-Administration 8.00.408, size 0 b.

Swing Windows 2. 2. 2002 Rune Kenneth Meisingset 

Swing Windows is an application that lets you swing all your desktop windows.

The purpose of the application is to eliminate eyestrain, by preventing the habit of staring. The movement of the windows on the screen - the swinging - helps to prevent this habit, while letting you work with your computer as usual. The rhythmic, . Freeware download of Swing Windows 2. 2. 2002, size 45.33 Mb.

Dolphin EasyConverter 5 1 Dolphin Computer Access AB 

EasyConverter empowers you to make reading materials and other information accessible to people with visual impairments and dyslexia.
With EasyConverter you can quickly and easily create accessible Word docs, large print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking books and Braille.
EasyConverter is easy to learn if you are new to creating accessible . Free download of Dolphin EasyConverter 5 1, size 609.22 Mb.