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Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 3.0 Visual Basic Controls by WolfeByte Solutions 

visual basic source code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB code. Free visual basic source code control example for creating a Command button. All of the VB source code is compatible with VB3, VB4, VB5 and VB6. The source code draws the control directly onto a Picturebox and can be compiled into any VB . Freeware download of Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 3.0, size 155.65 Kb.


Project Analyzer 8 Aivosto Oy 

Project Analyzer is a visual basic source code analyzer, optimizer and documentor. It works with VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Office VBA. — Project Analyzer does an automatic code review to detect quality control issues like dead code, unoptimal variable declarations, unoptimized syntax, memory leaks and functionality issues such as missing event . Free download of Project Analyzer 8, size 7.03 Mb.

Visual Basic 6 to C++ source converter 1.0 Vbtocconv 

This project is to create a program that will convert visual basic source code into C++ source code in the ANSI Standard with use of wxWindows. All visual basic 6 source code can be read by a text editor. This program will simply translate all the codes a

visual basic 6 to C++ source converter 1.0 License - GNU General Public License . Freeware download of Visual Basic 6 to C++ source converter 1.0, size 0 b.

Order Form Source Code 5.2 DynoTech Software 

Order Form source code - ISBN 1-885708-21-1ATTENTION SOFTWARE AUTHORS: visual basic source code will let you add an orderform to your program. This is the order form DynoTech Software has used to sell severalshareware programs in over 90 countries. It allows for multiple products, calculates sales tax,accepts credit card information, and much more. . Free download of Order Form Source Code 5.2, size 102.40 Kb.

Introduction to Visual Basic 2005 Code 1.0 MSDN 

visual basic 2005 code Samples provides a large group of well categorized and documented examples of code. This download includes the following:
- Base Class Library Group 1 samples show how to use the classes in the namespaces System.Net, System.Text.RegularExpressions, System.Transaction, System.Console, and more.
- Base Class Library . Freeware download of Introduction to Visual Basic 2005 Code 1.0, size 0 b.

Visual Basic 6 Controls 1.1.0 Helpsofts 

Quickly and easily create & Customize professional applications with visual basic 6 AeroSuite 12 Controls + Fully source code

visual basic 6 AeroSuite Controls + source code is a versatile, easy-to-use and customizes to give you the ability to quickly create professional applications that have the latest visual styles and advanced . Free download of Visual Basic 6 Controls 1.1.0, size 1.97 Mb.

Basic To Nasm source code converter 8.6.2004 

basic 2 Nasm, This project converts basic source code into NASM compatable assembly language. . Freeware download of Basic To Nasm source code converter 8.6.2004, size 1.72 Mb.

VB Documentation 1 5 Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited 

The VB Documentation Tool creates comprehensive technical software documentation from visual basic 6.0 application source code, saving you both time and money.
The VB Documentation Tool produces documentation in HTML [sample], Microsoft's HTML Help [sample] and text [sample] formats. Color coded, syntax highlighted copies of the visual . Free download of VB Documentation 1 5, size 1.46 Mb.

VBdocman 2.25 Helixoft 

VBdocman is a program for automatic generating of technical documentation from your visual basic source files with just few mouse clicks. It parses source code and automatically creates table of contents, index, topics, cross-references and context sensitive help. The format of output documentation is fully configurable by user. The predefined . Free download of VBdocman 2.25, size 1.57 Mb.

Mersenne Twister for Visual Basic .NET 2.3 Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura 

Mersenne Twister is a long period, fast, high quality pseudorandom number generator. Its period is 219937-1 (approximately 106002). This visual basic .NET code produces over 60 million, 32-bit pseudorandom integers per second on a 2.66 GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor.MT has a sound theoretical basis and has been tested thoroughly. It exhibits . Freeware download of Mersenne Twister for Visual Basic .NET 2.3, size 52.43 Kb.

Doxygen for GNU R code 0.1.1 

A filter for doxygen that provides basic source code documentation for GNU R. It is a simple FLEX C++ scanner. This release only supports Unix-like systems with automake and Boost support. . Freeware download of Doxygen for GNU R code 0.1.1, size 269.84 Kb.

Solariem 1.0 SwanCSharp 

Solariem is an assistant for SwanCSharp engine (DLL library. Net), and generates Microsoft visual C# source code for create the base of an application, be able to automatically incorporate data access (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird), parameter management, user management, management log, welcome screen. Generates a solution file (SLN) in C . Freeware download of Solariem 1.0, size 10.69 Mb.

System Information for Windows 1 FBCDanville 

Display System Information for Windows Operating System, similar to Windows Control Panel. This includes all visual basic source code so that you can add this feature to your own applications. . Freeware download of System Information for Windows 1, size 78.85 Kb.

Vb Card Search VbGames 1.0.0 Micronet Technologies 

Card Search is easy to play, but you have to have a good memory to become an expert. The computer will deal out the cards, this doesn't mean the computer knows where the cards are placed. The object of the game is to win as many cards as you can by turning the cards face up in pairs of the same value. At the beginning of play you are to turn two . Free download of Vb Card Search VbGames 1.0.0, size 73.40 Kb.

Polystyle Source Code Formatter 3.3u Flashbulb Studios 

Automatically reformat source code in your own style with just a point and click! Polystyle reformats HTML, C / C++, PHP, Javascript, CSS, C#, Java, Perl, JSP, Python, Delphi, visual basic, ASP, Actionscript and XML. Use the Graphical Styler to define your style using simple mouse clicks alone.Polystyle automatically reformats source code in your . Free download of Polystyle Source Code Formatter 3.3u, size 2.16 Mb.

FTP Client Engine for Visual Basic 2.5 MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. 

The "FTP Client Engine for visual basic" (FCE4VB) is a FTP client library component that provides control of the FTP client protocol. Upload, download, delete, list, and append files from within your for visual basic application program. Supports many proxy servers. Makes calls to Windows API functions only and is not dependant on support . Free download of FTP Client Engine for Visual Basic 2.5, size 336.90 Kb.

Visual Basic 6.0 HelpVistaXPDiamond 2.0 Helpsofts 

visual basic 6.0 activex controls (HVXPD) provides Windows GUI software engineers with numerous visual basic 6.0 activex controls (HVXPD) that have been thoroughly designed and tested also are engineered to help you create modern interfaces without writing much line of source code. Create rich, Professional User Interfaces. visual basic 6.0 activex . Free download of Visual Basic 6.0 HelpVistaXPDiamond 2.0, size 5.65 Mb.

Polystyle Source Code Formatter And Obfuscator 4.0 Flashbulb Studios 

Automatically reformat source code in your own style with just a point and click! Polystyle also has a java obfuscator, PHP obfuscator, Actionscript obfuscator and JSP obfuscator. Polystyle is an HTML formatter, C++ formatter, PHP formatter, Javascript formatter, CSS formatter, C# formatter, Java formatter, Perl formatter, JSP formatter, Python . Free download of Polystyle Source Code Formatter And Obfuscator 4.0, size 2.56 Mb.

Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2 Find it EZ Software Corp. 

Find it EZ source code Analysis is the first and most comprehensive universal n-tier software source code search engine available. Find it EZ provides direct and dynamic scanning of relational databases ( schema, data and SQL code ), including support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB, MySQL, Access and cloud databases SQL Azure or . Free download of Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2, size 18.42 Mb.

Krugle Basic 4.1.3 Aragon Consulting Group, Inc. 

Krugle automatically creates a comprehensive, unified, and searchable library of the code files and development artifacts contained in your source code Management (SCM) and development record systems.

Krugle uses modern crawl and search technology to collect specifications, project plans, defect tracking records, build records and . Free download of Krugle Basic 4.1.3, size 0 b.