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elektronika 2 76 aestesis 

Elektronika Live is the intuitive free Vj Software for visual performers.
It represents the easiest and fastest way to create stunning live video animations.
Create your own live video compositions using your Windows PC. Just plug together modules from the list of over 30.
Elektronika Live is also a midi video station, designed . Freeware download of elektronika 2 76, size 45.41 Mb.


Quase-Cinema VJ software quasecinema.sourceforge.net 

Quase-Cinema Vj Software.www.quasecinema.org . Freeware download of Quase-Cinema VJ software, size 60.99 Mb.

VJ Army Dossier 0.3 vjarmy.sourceforge.net 

This program analyses the XML data file from the Vj Army Beatmania IIDX Online Scoreboard (www.vjarmy.com/iidx) . Freeware download of VJ Army Dossier 0.3, size 2.26 Mb.

VJ Reseah Language rc vj-lang.sourceforge.net 

This project aims to develop a compiler for the Vj research programming language. . Freeware download of VJ Reseah Language rc, size 83.43 Kb.

VJ Research Language rc Vj-lang 

This project aims to develop a compiler for the Vj research programming language.

Vj Research Language rc License - BSD License . Freeware download of VJ Research Language rc, size 83.43 Kb.

Balthers Graphic Groove Box B1_2_2 Balther 

Balthers Graphic Groove Box is a Vj and Moving Visuals program for the professional digital artist, handling graphics, Flash, videos and 3D. PC key and MIDI control with interactive real time animated Effects.No installation required except of the Quick Time Player.When starting the Software it will checks the PC and guides you through wrong . Freeware download of Balthers Graphic Groove Box B1_2_2, size 20.86 Mb.

kodisein 1.0.1 Thorsten Kohnhorst 

Kodisein was written and designed for one purpose mainly: to be a Vj (VideoJockey) tool. That means: it should be used in discotheques to supplement the music with matching visuals.

This intention had some influence on the kind of visuals you can produce with the program.
Because it's designed to be used live and . Freeware download of kodisein 1.0.1, size 5.12 Mb.

VJamm Blueprint 1.0.1 Camart Ltd 

VJamm Blueprint is an intutive yet powerful visual improvisation tool, designed with live performance in mind.

It is an ideal tool for the Vj (Video Jockey) who wants to produce un-rehearsed visuals to accompany a DJ or band.

Our goal when producing Blueprint was to empower the performer to play and synthesize visuals in . Freeware download of VJamm Blueprint 1.0.1, size 0 b.

MInaDIte 1.0 minadite.sourceforge.net 

MInaDIte is a vitrual MIDI controller, like Jazzmutant's Lemur or MonoTouchLive, which is controlled via a touchscreen or mouse and sends MIDI messages in order to control music production, Vj, DJ, etc. Software. . Freeware download of MInaDIte 1.0, size 395.83 Kb.

Schranz Visuals Tool 1.0 schranzvt.sourceforge.net 

Vj Software featuring effect editor and a live performance tool. Coded in C# using DirectX for graphics presentation. . Freeware download of Schranz Visuals Tool 1.0, size 67.75 Kb.

The River of Frame 1.0 Theriverofframe 

The River of Frame project aims to develop a video mixer for Vj usage. Emphasis on performance and video footage mixing. OpenGL based.

The River of Frame 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of The River of Frame 1.0, size 0 b.


FFRend (Freeframe Renderer) is a free, open-source video effects renderer for Freeframe V1 plugins. It can interconnect any number of plugins in any configuration, automate their parameters using oscillators, and display the output full-screen while simultaneously recording it to an AVI file. FFRend has a modular interface, includes an installer . Freeware download of FFRend, size 862.75 Kb.

VJo-Community-Plugins 1.0 vjoplugins.sourceforge.net 

This project is a community project of the Visualjockey [VJo] community. We will develop a package of plugins for the Visualjockey Vj-Software.By sharing the sources of the plugin we can faster and better develop realtime plugins for VJo. . Freeware download of VJo-Community-Plugins 1.0, size 8.79 Kb.

Fractice 1.0.4 CKCI 

Fractice is a free, open-source fractal explorer/renderer for XP/Vista/Win7. Its basic features include navigation, previews, history thumbnails, antialiasing, bitmap export, printing, palettes, and undo/redo. More advanced features include deep zoom, movie recording, posters, color cycling, batch rendering, and job control. The fractals currently . Freeware download of Fractice 1.0.4, size 918.11 Kb.

Virtual DJ Home 7.0.5 Atomix Productions 

VirtualDJ Home is the free version of the most popular DJ mixing Software of the same name, used by professionals. It has a few limitations compared to the pro version, but it is capable of mixing audio and videos yielding somewhat professional result. With this program, users can start creating basic mixing compilations; and even though . Freeware download of Virtual DJ Home 7.0.5, size 30.00 Mb.

VJamp 1.0 Home 

The VJamp multi media player adds a control unit for multiple playback windows to Microsoft Windows. VJamp is created from the Vj's point of view, with features like slow motion, repeat video fragments, mix clips, multiple playback windows, video thumbnails, several skins etc.

VJamp turns computers into Vj (VideoJockey) stations, . Freeware download of VJamp 1.0, size 0 b.

PHLUMX 0.8 Psicon Lab 

PHLUMX is a free video mixing Software for VJs and live visuals. Using PHLUMX you can trigger, scratch, and mix media clips (including Quicktime, AVI and Flash) to create live visual performances to support DJs, bands, exhibitors, or performers. PHLUMX supports Freeframe effects, MIDI controllers, and clips with sound.

Main . Freeware download of PHLUMX 0.8, size 2.87 Mb.

Whorld 1. 7. 2006 www.churchofeuthanasia.org 

Whorld 1.7.06 is a visualizer for sacred geometry. In short, sacred geometry is a balance between mathematical patterns and geometry which is said to be present in light, music, and, well, life. The application allows you to somehow create those geometrical patterns by simply modifying certain values and creating oscillations. When you first start . Freeware download of Whorld 1. 7. 2006, size 0 b.