Vodio Software

WinVodio Vodio.com 

vodio.com offers you the chance to turn your PC into an advanced Digital Video Recorder, that is much easier to schedule and use than your conventional VCR is. Not to mention all other advantages of digital recordings...Through vodio.com, you can acquire our Windows based software product WinVodio, that contains all the functionalities for watching . Free download of WinVodio, size 23.48 Mb.


WinVodio WebRadio 1 1 Vodio.com 

Powerful radio software with access to 100's global web radio stations, categorized by music type. Direct access to station's web site and playlists, ratings, and much more...
An integrated personal video streaming server and client package, that streams your PC video files to anywhere you are in the world. . Free download of WinVodio WebRadio 1 1, size 4.39 Mb.

XMLTV to Vodio 1.3 xml2vodio.sourceforge.net 

XML2Vodio converts XMLTV data to a usable wvFutureInstructions.xml, which can be used by WinVodio. . Freeware download of XMLTV to Vodio 1.3, size 55.88 Kb.