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ABTO Software offers Ivr Voip SIP SDK - customizable interactive voice response software solution that supports multiple lines and all features of our Voip SIP SDK: * Support of all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 8 * Support of SIP, RTP, and SDP * STUN and other IETF standards (compatible with SER, OpenSER and Asterisk) * Encryption mode . Free download of IVR VoIP SIP SDK 1, size 0 b.


IVM Telefon Management 4.23 NCH Software 

IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, call attendant, info-line and interactive voice response (Ivr) program for Windows computers with Voip, voice modems or professional telephony line devices. Just run the install file and IVM will be ready to answer calls. But you can also create a sophisticated telephone interactive response system. . Free download of IVM Telefon Management 4.23, size 1.16 Mb.

IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 5.10 NCH Software 

IVM answering attendant software is a complete voicemail, call attendant, interactive voice response, or autodial telephone management solution for small to medium businesses. IVM can be used for a wide range of solutions from a simple computer answering machine to running a sophisticated telephone interactive response system. Just run the install . Free download of IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 5.10, size 1.57 Mb.


Ozeki Voip SIP .Net SDK for C# DTMF Ivr system development to add automatic voice response to your telecommunication system. The sample program allows the caller to navigate in a voice menu with the help of the keypad of the telephone to reach the target me. The sample program registers/unregisters to the PBX, handles calls events, connects the PBX . Free download of C# DTMF IVR PROGRAM 9.2.2000, size 15.83 Mb.

Softphone SDK, SIP SDK, VOIP SDK, Softph 1.2 conaito Technologies 

Softphone SDK, SIP SDK, Voip SDK, Softphone, Ivr SDK, IMS SDK.Our brand-new SIP Client SDK provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to add quickly SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications and websites. It accelerates the development of SIP/RTP compliant soft phone with a . Free download of Softphone SDK, SIP SDK, VOIP SDK, Softph 1.2, size 7.36 Mb.

Voicent Flex PBX 1.0 Voicent Communications, Inc 

Voicent Flex PBX is an easy-to-use software-based PBX system for small and large business alike. It supports both analog phone services and Voip services. Besides the basic PBX features like auto attendant, unlimited call queues, configurable extensions, call forwarding, etc, it is readily extensible through Voicent Ivr Studio for more advanced . Freeware download of Voicent Flex PBX 1.0, size 280.00 Kb.


Ozeki Voip SIP .NET SDK allows to develop WinForms DTMF Ivr system to build Ivr voice menu. It is based on Ozeki SIP SDK that ensures handling multiple lines & calls, DTMF signals, .wav or .mp3 file recording & playing, etc. The softphone can be extended with SIP voice/video calls, developing own softphone, Silverlight/Flash . Free download of WINFORMS DTMF IVR 9.7.0, size 18.14 Mb.


Ozeki Voip SIP .NET SDK allows to develop a DTMF navigated Ivr system written in VB.NET. In this sample program an Ivr tree is built up from .xml file and SIP communication is supported by Ozeki SIP SDK. The extended codec support (G.729 and further codecs) assures excellent sound quality. The SDK makes it possible to build IP based telephone . Free download of DTMF IVR SYSTEM IN VB.NET 9.7.0, size 17.30 Mb.


Ozeki .Net SDK for C# SIP WPF softphone development to make/receive Voip calls. It supports basic telephony functions like make/receive, reject, hang up, hold calls, call transfer, DTMF handling for Ivr systems, HD video, extended codec support. The GUI of the Ozeki WPF Softphone sample program has been developed with Microsoft WPF. It is easy to . Free download of VOIP SIP WPF SOFTPHONE IN .NET 9.2.2000, size 15.31 Mb.


Ozeki Voip SIP .Net SDK for Voip call system development allows software developers to add voice & video call feature to their applications and webpages. It can be included in any software developed in .Net. Its greatest advantages are that it uses managed code and it handles great numbers of simultaneous calls. Ozeki SIP SDK can be used to . Free download of VOIP SIP SDK .NET 9.2.2000, size 56.81 Mb.

Voice Recognition IVR 9.7.0 Ozeki Informatics Ltd 

Voice Recognition Ivr is a demonstration package that aims to familiarize you with the basic skill required to build a voice recognition Ivr system. It intends to apply the tools included in the Ozeki Voip SIP SDK.

This type of application is required by the companies that need to be in permanent connection with the customers through . Free download of Voice Recognition IVR 9.7.0, size 0 b.

Voicent VoiceXML Gateway 6.0.1 Voicent Communications, Inc 

VoiceXML Gateway Voip PSTN Skype TAPI development API for interactive telephony application. High level development platform based on W3C VoiceXML. Supports text-to-speech, voice recognition, DTMF tones for both inbound, outbound apps. Works with Voip through Skype, voice modem. Voicent Voice XML gateway API , SDK, tutorial, sample code available . Freeware download of Voicent VoiceXML Gateway 6.0.1, size 286.72 Kb.


Ozeki Voip SIP .Net SDK to develop Visual C++.Net softphone to make & receive Voip calls. The sample program has basic telephony functions, handles DTMF signals and customizable with further effective functions & company logo or brand name. It delivers crystal clear sound due to the extended codec support. It has all the functions for . Free download of VISUAL Cpp .NET VOIP SOFTPHONE EXAMPLE 9.2.0, size 17.05 Mb.


Ozeki MediaGateway SIP example to develop a Silverlight Voip softphone in .Net. The sample program is based on Ozeki Voip SIP SDK that provides stable background. It allows to make SIP voice and video calls, to develop own softphone, Ivr applications, Silverlight/Flash text/voice/video chat programs, supports web-to-web voice and video calls, SIP . Free download of SILVERLIGHT SIP SOFTPHONE 9.2.0, size 18.25 Mb.

Voicent IVR Studio 8.0.7 Voicent Communications, Inc 

Voicent Ivr Studio is designed to deliver a high quality caller experience for any organization by simplifying business integration and increasing flexibility. Ivr Studio ensures professional and interactive communication with your callers and quicker resolution of issues. Based on internet standard, Voicent Ivr Studio is open and extensible, and . Freeware download of Voicent IVR Studio 8.0.7, size 279.55 Kb.

Adore Softswitch and VoIP Billing System 2.0 Adore Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 

Softswitch & Adore Billing: a. Ivr b. Caller ID & Card Number and SIP/IAX2 Friend authentication c. Customize the Ivr rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt, etc.. d.. Recording of all calls e. Speed-dial f. Free Voip calls between application users g. Support simultaneous or single access on same card h.. Support call . Freeware download of Adore Softswitch and VoIP Billing System 2.0, size 2.05 Kb.

Mizu VoIP Server 4.5.2000 Mizutech S.R.L 

Mizu Voip Server is an all in one enterprise grade softswitch solution with support to SIP and H.323. All Class5 features including sophisticated routing, access rules, CDR record generation, billing and accounting and offers full compatibility with your SIP infrastructure. Highlights: -Rich featured: H323, all sip related protocols, SIP-H323 . Freeware download of Mizu VoIP Server 4.5.2000, size 80.37 Mb.


Ozeki .Net SIP SDK for developing Windows Forms softphone in VB.Net to implement Voip calls. The sample program allows to make/receive calls, handles DTMF signals to navigate in Ivr systems. It is customizable with more features and company logo. It is compatible with most of the PBX systems like Cisco UCM, Asterisk PBX, 3CX Phone Systems and works . Free download of WPF SOFTPHONE FOR VB.NET 9.2.2000, size 17.72 Mb.

1BizCom bizcom.sourceforge.net 

Next generation web-based, multi-tenant, distributed, mulit-lingual, inbound, outbound Video enabled Voip & VVoIP call/ contact center solution for Asterisk with Built-in phone, Ivr, CRM, Predictive dialer, ACD, Chat, Mail, Fax, Video and other features. . Freeware download of 1BizCom, size 1.28 Mb.

C# VoIP Softphone WPF GUI 9.2.0 Ozeki Informatics Ltd 

C# Voip Softphone WPF GUI is a sample program designed to demonstrate .Net Voip developers the short period of time it takes to create a C# softphone. It intends to present the powerful services included in the Ozeki Voip SIP SDK.

With this program you have the opportunity to make and receive calls. It is also for sending and receiving . Free download of C# VoIP Softphone WPF GUI 9.2.0, size 0 b.

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