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PrivateTunnel VPN Client vpn 

Private Tunnel is pleased to release their unique vpn client to access their free and premium vpn services. Surf Safe and Protected ! The unique virtual private network service powered by OpenVPN. Install a vpn on your computer with such great ease, starting today ! . Freeware download of PrivateTunnel VPN Client, size 5.15 Mb.


Houdini Anonymizer 1.0 VPNArea Offshore Security LTD 

Houdini Anonymizer is a comprehensive vpn software designed to help you protect your identity while browsing the Internet and access blocked services such as Hulu, Netflix, Facebook or Skype.

Houdini Anonymizer allows you to hide your IP address and any application behind a chain of two or more proxy servers. This way, your real location . Free download of Houdini Anonymizer 1.0, size 0 b.

InterWAP Tunnel 64-bit 2.60 InterWAP 

Free SSH and vpn full speed unlimited tunnel anonymizer. Bypass provider restrictions and surf anonymous. Use any services, games and applications even if your provider blocks the acces. The speed is not affected. . Freeware download of InterWAP Tunnel 64-bit 2.60, size 1.24 Mb.

7net Router Distribution 1.0 The7net 

A collection of python scripts which maintain a small linux distribution for a web-managed vpn endpoint providing distributed authentication, roaming profiles, and PKI services. All management is done via encrypted http. Uses LDAP, Kerberos, Apache, Pyth

7net Router Distribution 1.0 License - Apache Software License; BSD License; GNU . Freeware download of 7net Router Distribution 1.0, size 0 b.

VPN Guard 1.0 VPNGuard 

vpn Guard is a reliable application designed to provide users with a simple means of browsing the Internet in a safe way and encrypting sensitive data.

vpn Guard provides you with a simple interface that allows you to select the server you want to connect to and input the username and password.

The aforementioned application . Free download of VPN Guard 1.0, size 0 b.

2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services 3 2X 

Load balancing, increased security and redundancy for your Terminal ServicesSince Microsoft Terminal services Servers support many users, it's important to ensure that each Terminal Server is fully redundant and that the load is distributed between servers ensuring optimal service quality for users.2X LoadBalancer for Windows Terminal services . Free download of 2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services 3, size 2.45 Mb.

MS SQL Reporting Services Barcode .NET 7.0 Neodynamic 

Barcode for SQL Server Reporting services 2008 & 2005. Main Features: - Linear, Postal, MICR, 2D Symbologies - Report Server Project support -Impressive Visual Studio 2008 or SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio design-time support -Custom Report Item control that you can drag & drop from the Visual Studio Toolbox onto your . Free download of MS SQL Reporting Services Barcode .NET 7.0, size 1.12 Mb.

Terminal Services Log 1.1 Frane Borozan 

Log SessionsTerminal services log first logs sessions for every user connected to Microsoft Windows Terminal services or Citrix Presentation Server.
Data that is captured:
Connection start (date and hour)
IDLE time
Active time
Disconnected session time
Connection end (date and hour)

Counseling Services Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

The Counseling services Download Databses contains listings for businesses classified in the Social & Human services field as well as other Mental Health Counseling list categories.Counseling services is defined as beneficial activities that apply the therapeutic processes to personal, family, situational or occupational problems in order to . Free download of Counseling Services Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Roadside Services Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database contains Pavement Seal Coating Database, Asphalt Pavement Repair & Maintenance list, Towing Information & Referral services Database, Auto Starting services Companies, Junk Car Removal Database, Brick Paving Contractors business list, Pavement Stripe Painters Download list, Auto Locks & Lockout services Database, Roadside . Free download of Roadside Services Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Adivo TechWriter for Web Services 2009 Adivo Ltd 

TechWriter for Web services is a documentation generator for web services that leverages the information locked inside your web service definition to automatically produce web service API documentation.
Produce Automated Web Service API Documentation
Save time and money... Instead of spending hours writing and . Free download of Adivo TechWriter for Web Services 2009, size 5.51 Mb.

Vista Services Optimizer 2.1.300 Smart PC Utilities 

Vista services Optimizer is an open source Windows optimization utility that enables you to tweak your Windows services in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use your computer and which hardware and software you use. Vista services Optimizer does not require any technical knowledge, as it provides easy to understand options to . Freeware download of Vista Services Optimizer 2.1.300, size 453.63 Kb.

Reporting Services Barcode CRI 10.01 IDAutomation.com, Inc. 

This product creates barcodes in Microsoft Reporting services as an integrated drag-and-drop Custom Report Item (CRI) control, without the use of barcode fonts. The designer and render DLLs provided are digitally signed and time-stamped with Authenticode certificates. The Barcode CRI license is perpetual and royalty free. Includes report example . Free download of Reporting Services Barcode CRI 10.01, size 414.35 Kb.

Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services 2008 2.9.0 Perpetuum Software 

At present half the battle of business success is a flexible and effective corporate reporting system. Powerful Silverlight technology provides developers with fast, easy and cheap creation of RIA applications. However, the lack of built-in components for displaying the Reporting services reports in Silverlight puts obstacles in the way of . Free download of Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services 2008 2.9.0, size 12.98 Mb.

Vista Services Optimizer Portable 1.3.200 Smart PC Utilities 

Vista services Optimizer is an open source Windows optimization utility that enables you to tweak your Windows services in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use this computer and which hardware and software you use.

Vista services Optimizer does not require any technical knowledge, as it provides easy to understand . Freeware download of Vista Services Optimizer Portable 1.3.200, size 3.32 Mb.

XP Services Optimizer 1.0.52 Smart PC Utilities 

XP services Optimizer is a complete suite of tools for managing and optimizing Windows XP services, built on the trust of the open source software "Vista services Optimizer". It enables you to tweak your Windows services in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use your computer and which hardware and software you use.

ShellfireVPN 2.0 Shellfire 

Shellfire vpn for anonymous internet. Free choice between German and US vpn Server. Unlocks services blocked in your country. Be safe from all online spies with Shellfire vpn. Download for free now! . Freeware download of ShellfireVPN 2.0, size 28.27 Mb.

VPN Dialer 2007.08.02 Onsitehelp.com 

Use this product to enable persistent vpn on your Windows 2000, XP, and Vista machines. The program uses the built-in PPTP and L2TP/IPSec vpn facility to achieve this result. Nailed-up vpn architecture improves the manageability of remote systems, and provides your distributed network with a more consistent and seamless access to main network . Free download of VPN Dialer 2007.08.02, size 550.91 Kb.

home cleaning services 1.0 home cleaning services 

Home Cleaning services and House Cleaners Network Software Update Module . Freeware download of home cleaning services 1.0, size 7.10 Mb.

TheGreenBow VPN Client 5.06.004 TheGreenBow 

TheGreenBow IPSec vpn Client software is an on demand IPSec vpn Client providing remote access.The easy to use interface offers a large set of setting and options so that you configure the IPSec vpn more efficiently.This software can also allow peer-to-peer transfer. . Free download of TheGreenBow VPN Client 5.06.004, size 4.75 Mb.

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