Wake Schedule Task Software

To-Do Prime for Windows 8 Vinod Shinde 

To-Do Prime for Windows 8 is a useful application that allows you to manage multiple tasks and projects. The program allows you to organize your activities by using projects, folders and categories in order to prioritize your tasks.

It can synchronize the tasks on multiple devices by using the Outlook Calendar and backup the Task list to . Free download of To-Do Prime for Windows 8, size 0 b.


Telerik Tasks for Windows 8 New Telerik 

Telerik Tasks is a practical tool designed to help you manage multiple tasks on your Windows 8 device. It allows you to group the tasks into projects or categories in order to easily view important items.

The app provides support for recurrent tasks, reminders and images in order to manage complex projects.

Note: The app also . Free download of Telerik Tasks for Windows 8 New, size 0 b.

Activity and Expense Tracker Plus 1.8.10 SpiritWorks Software Inc. 

Activity and Expense Tracker Plus includes a Time Management Tool that helps you track all your projects and their related tasks and expenses. You can generate invoices and reports which can be printed or exported to your word processor or spreadsheet program. Invoices and Reports can be translated into any language. Also includes Invoice, Contact, . Free download of Activity and Expense Tracker Plus 1.8.10, size 2.90 Mb.

Adventnet ManageEngine Desktop Central 6.0 AdventNet Inc. 

This Enterprise Desktop Management Software provides Configurations, Inventory Management, Patch Management, Software Installation, Service Pack Installation, Desktop Sharing, System Tools, User Logon Reports and Active Directory Reports.

Desktop Central helps Network Administrators to reduce Helpdesk calls by proactively configuring the . Free download of Adventnet ManageEngine Desktop Central 6.0, size 38.39 Mb.

AutoClickExtreme 4.92 Sher-Khan-Soft 

Fflexible autoclicker, AutoClickExtreme, records all actions automatically. It will easily do any computer work the algorithm of which is developed manually. For more effectiveness of work with this autoclicker you can know only a fiew things: 
- Change of a window position or a title will never"confuse"the autoclicker, because . Free download of AutoClickExtreme 4.92, size 2.23 Mb.

Keriver 1-Click Restore Pro 3.0 Keriver Development Team 

Keriver 1-Click Restore Pro is a very easy but powerful OS backup and restore software.

This program has the following features:
1. Back up the operating system while you are using it.
2. It can makes incremental or differential backups after the initial full backup (i.e. only back up the changes which occurred since the last . Free download of Keriver 1-Click Restore Pro 3.0, size 95.53 Mb.

Aviosoft DTV Player Standard Aviosoft, Inc. 

Aviosoft DTV Player Standard is full-featured and easy to use HDTV player software, combining HDTV playback, FM receiving, video record, and image capturing etc. Powerful EPG and teletext playback functions are available.

Aviosoft DTV Player Standard has wide compatibility by supporting most popular TV Cards with BDA interface on market, . Free download of Aviosoft DTV Player Standard, size 30.26 Mb.

FreeMacroPlayer 7.0 Pitrinec Software 

FreeMacroPlayer is a free utility that plays back macros created in Macro ToolsWorks, Perfect Keyboard, ClickyMouse, MacroToolbar or WinScheduler macro programs.
FreeMacroPlayer macros make it possible to automate all daily repetitive tasks such as doing file backups, web forms filling, e-mails answering, on-line chatting, data . Freeware download of FreeMacroPlayer 7.0, size 9.29 Mb.

OptimaView 5 5 OptimaLog 

Optima VIEW is a software for creation of supervision pages adapted to OPTIMA PLC. It makes it possible using its creation workshop to quickly produce simply Human/Machine Interfaces adapted to the industrial world.This software is an open software which also makes it possible to reach the data of any OPC server of the market.Optima VIEW is a . Freeware download of OptimaView 5 5, size 22.76 Mb.

ClickyMouse 7.0 Pitrinec Software 

ClickyMouse software allows you to get more power from your mouse compatible device. In standard Windows environment, you can point & click. But there are other events you can generate with your mouse. You can move it to screen corners, or screen edge, or you can click mouse button together with holding down CTRL and/or ALT and/or SHIFT keys, . Free download of ClickyMouse 7.0, size 0 b.

Optima PLC OptimaLog 

Optima PLC is a real-time softplc on PC including a convivial software workshop for the programming of the PLC tasks. Optima PLC permits to reach elevated performances, thanks to optimization of the generated native code, as well as to its integrated real time kernel. It is also possible to do on line modifications, with an interruption time of the . Free download of Optima PLC, size 43.90 Mb.

Pretty Flow Grega Loboda 

Automate your tasks with PrettyFlow. Define actions which perform different things in PrettyFlow project. Backup your files to zip, update sources, build project, compile help, build setup, copy files, ftp actions and many more. With PrettyFlow server your projects can be triggered by different triggers like when file is changed, when drive is . Freeware download of Pretty Flow, size 2.62 Mb.

Freidea Monitoring Agent 1.01 Freidea Solution 

Freidea Monitoring Agent is a PC monitoring utility that works totally invisibly in your computer. This software can monitor keystrokes; Chat, Internet activity, Visited URL, Clipboard text copy, File copy, monitoring and also can take screenshots for previously setup Schedule Task. This software is the best solution to monitor what children are . Free download of Freidea Monitoring Agent 1.01, size 2.02 Mb.

Trello for Windows 8 Fog Creek Software, Inc. 

Trello for Windows 8 is a handy application for the users that need to organize various activities and cooperate with other colleagues or friends. The app allows you to access the online storage from the Trello.com website and manage the tasks and activities.

You can use the program to review the activities and the add new tasks to the . Free download of Trello for Windows 8, size 0 b.

Doxplore Professional 3.2 Noveline Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

FD in association with Noveline Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers you a special discount: Now, only from FD, you can buy Doxplore Professional with a 25% discount. Take advantage of this opportunity and press the "Buy Now" button; you'll surely notice the discount has been activated. No coupons, no codes, no questions, no hassle! Get it now, . Free download of Doxplore Professional 3.2, size 0 b.

Reminder Toast for Windows 8 New Sundara Prabu 

Reminder Toast is a practical tool for the Windows 8 users who want to remember important tasks. The app allows you to create reminders for your important tasks and to receive notifications at a specified time and date.

The list of reminders is displayed in the main window and is organized chronologically in order to view the upcoming . Free download of Reminder Toast for Windows 8 New, size 0 b.

NoteTime 2.78.0494 Kenneth Wohletz 

NoteTime is a desktop application especially designed to augment and facilitate Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista (will also work with Windows95/98/ME). NoteTime provides a number of useful applets for your desktop, all of which are accessible from NoteTime or available as stand-alone applications:

A user configurable toolbar that can show system . Free download of NoteTime 2.78.0494, size 7.03 Mb.

ESP Reminder 2.0 Elliott Sound Products 

ESP Reminder is a lightweight application that can remind you about important appointments, tasks or birthdays. The program allows you to add new events and automatically displays the scheduled notes for the current date.

You can enter recurrent events by entering "All" instead of the month. When you first run the program, . Free download of ESP Reminder 2.0, size 0 b.

Seafire Planner PreAlpha Cody Dostal 

Seafire Planner is developed as a simple planning piece of software that is supposed help High School students remember about any assignments, tests, and quizzes.

Now you won't have to worry you'll forget about your assignment or the courses you have to take.

. Freeware download of Seafire Planner PreAlpha, size 0 b.

C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension New HOOPOE ProGroup 

C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension includes a collection of programming paradigms connected with C / C++.

The principles and constructs of C= including flexible Task-thread semantics, parallel visibility scopes, object-free synchronization, and Wake-wait Task interaction paradigm are conceived to be easily adopted by other . Free download of C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension New, size 0 b.