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Mask Surf Pro 2.3 ThankSoft 

These days, nobody would seriously complain about the lack of anonymity Tools. Besides an impressive number of ready solutions, there are purely system-level methods of maintaining online privacy. A savvy system administrator can easily configure various traffic "roundabouts" and "detours" to conceal its source and make . Free download of Mask Surf Pro 2.3, size 4.36 Mb.


Power Browsing Tools for Netscape 2.0 inQuare Software 

Power Browsing Tools for Netscape enhances your browser to let you download files reliably, browse in full-screen mode, browse offline, and more.Four browser add-ons are included. The 'Full Screen' tool adds a new button to Navigator's main toolbar that lets you instantly expand your Web page viewing area to the full screen of your monitor. . Free download of Power Browsing Tools for Netscape 2.0, size 1.30 Mb.

CyD Web Developer Tools 1.0.2 CyD Software Labs 

Web Development Tools is a set of Tools useful in Web monitoring and Web site diagnostic. One of the main features of the product - Web site security testing module. You can test your Web site on common errors: SQL Injection, XSS, etc.
Compatible with: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Window . Free download of CyD Web Developer Tools 1.0.2, size 8.67 Mb.

OSGB Web Map Tools 2.1 osgbwebmaptools.sourceforge.net 

OSGB Web Map Tools is a set of software code and installation instructions that will enable Web developers to produce dynamic mapping Web sites using Ordnance Survey map data on the internet. . Freeware download of OSGB Web Map Tools 2.1, size 2.20 Mb.

Web Test Tools 2.0.2 wttools.sourceforge.net 

"Web Test Tools" is an open source project which provides Tools for different kind of testing such as unit tests (JUnit), and different kinds of tests for applications. Additionaly you can download here good implementation of internet protocols in Java. . Freeware download of Web Test Tools 2.0.2, size 255.02 Kb.

iBBDemo2 for Windows 1.0 Shaun Sullivan 

iBBDemo2 is an Adobe Air application that does a good job of emulating the iPhone and iPad Web Browsing experience. It can be a useful tool for testing Web apps targeting the iOS family of mobile devices. It can also be useful for doing presentations to demo iOS Web apps if you don't have access to a Mac.

iBBDemo2 was released as open . Freeware download of iBBDemo2 for Windows 1.0, size 3.53 Mb.

Aquawulf 1.2 Sebastian Murgul 

Aquawulf is a small, simple, very easy to use application specially designed to offer you a new Web Browsing software. Currently the program is minimalistic, so don't expect any fancy options or Tools. If you only want a tool to browse the Internet, this tool should do. So, take Aquawulffor a spin and see if you would like to add it to your . Freeware download of Aquawulf 1.2, size 534.53 Kb.

Redo Backup and Recovery 1.0.2 redobackup.org 

Easy rescue system with GUI Tools for full system backup, bare metal recovery, partition editing, recovering deleted files, data protection, Web Browsing, and more. Uses partclone (like Clonezilla) with a UI like Ghost or Acronis. Runs from CD/USB. . Freeware download of Redo Backup and Recovery 1.0.2, size 224.52 Mb.

Paraben's Surf-Jolt 2.0 Paraben Corporation 

Enjoy faster Web Browsing with this surfing accelerator. Paraben's Surf-Jolt speeds up your Web surfing by downloading pages before you visit. While you read the current page, the program goes through the links on the page and downloads the pages you will most likely visit next, puting your idle time to work. So, when you click on a link, the Web . Free download of Paraben's Surf-Jolt 2.0, size 1.11 Mb.

Pristy Tools Pristy Tools 

Web Assistant uses organized links for multi-tab supported Web Browsing with integrated search engines. Web Assistant scouts over the internet with your favorite browser what's new.

System Powerless is complete scheduler for your PC as Powerdown, Reboot, Sleep, Log off, Lock desktop, Timer Presets and with customize option. System . Free download of Pristy Tools , size 1.78 Mb.

SharpShooter Reports.Web 6.4 Perpetuum Software 

Enterprise Web reporting Tools, or Web-based reporting systems, provide companies with powerful abilities for analysis of the entire business by putting critical information in the hands of all those who need it. SharpShooter Reports.Web is the true cross platform report viewer intended for the creation and display of reports in any Web . Free download of SharpShooter Reports.Web 6.4, size 120.59 Mb.

eMonit Employee Monitor HeavenWard 

eMonit, the versatile new employee monitor from HeavenWard, makes it easy for mid-size companies to monitor employees' computer activity. Smart companies monitor employees to boost productivity, spot risky behaviors, and enforce policies and rules. eMonit, which was designed to simplify starting and running a monitoring program, installs and . Free download of eMonit Employee Monitor, size 9.00 Mb.

InterNeo 4.2.7 SMRKsoft 

InterNeo manages and speeds up your Web Browsing and file downloads on high-speed Internet connections. InterNeo covers all possible tasks: downloading files, saving entire sites, retrieving site content of special kind, tracking bookmarks, etc. It allows you managing saved information by numerous embedded Tools: Site Browser performs offline and . Free download of InterNeo 4.2.7, size 5.07 Mb.

Astroburn Toolbar Astroburn 

Astroburn Toolbar is a nice and simple Web-browser bar that allows users to have the most common Web Browsing functions in the same frame. Those familiar with toolbars such a Apna RCM or XFireXO might find the interface quite easy to use. However Astroburn has an identity of its own, it won't direct you to Hindi sites or exclusive game related . Freeware download of Astroburn Toolbar, size 1.86 Mb.

NJStar Asian Explorer 1.50.2004 NJStar Software Corp. 

Apart from the normal Web Browsing functions, this program is specially designed for reading Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) Web pages with intelligent NJStar CJK auto-detection technologies, giving you a hassle-free CJK Web Browsing experience.

Used in conjunction with our best-selling NJStar Communicator, it enables you to view, . Freeware download of NJStar Asian Explorer 1.50.2004, size 7.11 Mb.

X-Ways Trace 3 1 X-Ways Software Technology AG 

X-Ways Trace is a computer forensics tool that allows to track and examine Web Browsing activity and deletion of files through the Windows recycle bin that took place on a certain computer.

Displays complete URLs, date and time of the last visit, user names, file sizes, filename extensions, and more.

Allows to sort by . Freeware download of X-Ways Trace 3 1, size 19.33 Mb.

WEB Developer 1 14 Chris Pederick 

The Web Developer extension adds various Web developer Tools to a browser. The extension is available for Firefox and Chrome, and will run on any platform that these browsers support including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
The Web Developer is available with keyboard shortcuts. . Freeware download of WEB Developer 1 14, size 0 b.

Internet Explorer 9 9.0.8112 Final 1.0 Microsoft 

Getting started with Internet Explorer 9 Windows Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined look and many new features that speed up your Web Browsing experience. Use the new browser controls The first thing you'll notice when you open Internet Explorer 9 is the simplified design. You can find most command bar functions, like Print or Zoom, when you . Freeware download of Internet Explorer 9 9.0.8112 Final 1.0, size 37.75 Mb.

Web to Email Browser 1.0 Web2mail 

E-Mail based Web Browsing. Provide a way to view and use many (but not all for semi-obvious reasons) Web pages, with only an e-mail account. Ideal for Blackberry and other limited e-mail only wireless devices.

Web to Email Browser 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0 . Freeware download of Web to Email Browser 1.0, size 0 b.

Kitty Logger KittyLogger.com 

Free invisible Web Browsing and keyboard activity logger. Record which websites are visited and which keys are typed on your computer. Monitor your spouse or child's computer usage activity or see if anyone has been using your computer while you are away. Compatible with all Web browsers. One-click installer for easy deployment. . Freeware download of Kitty Logger, size 262.14 Kb.