Web Gateway Software

CacheGuard Appliance 5.6.0 CacheGuard Technologies Limited 

CacheGuard is an OS/Appliance dedicated to Web traffic Security and QoS. It transforms a x86-based machine into a powerful Web Gateway Appliance. IIt allows you to protect Web surfers and Web servers against all threats coming from the Web. Also it optimizes Web traffics to save your network bandwidth and distributes Web contents with a high . Freeware download of CacheGuard Appliance 5.6.0, size 212.16 Mb.


M86 WebMarshal M86 Security 

M86 WebMarshal, a secure Web Gateway, is a comprehensive solution that provides Web threat protection as well as the many requirements and issues that arise in managing workplace Internet use.
M86 WebMarshal software is deployed between an organization and the Internet, where it inspects all incoming and outgoing Web traffic. It provides . Free download of M86 WebMarshal, size 2.22 Mb.

Usenet Web Gateway b1.01 UsenetWeb.sourceforge.net 

Perl software that allows users to read Usenet messages and post messages using only a Web browser. Deja.com and others offers such a (non-GPLed) Gateway between Usenet and the WWW. . Freeware download of Usenet Web Gateway b1.01, size 145.03 Kb.

SAEAUT SMS Server Professional 2.2.0 SAE - Automation, s.r.o. 

The software package enabling complex using of SMS communication in a company - sending and receiving individual and group SMS in local network or from Web, usable with special client applications, e.g. for monitoring, alarming, SMS marketing, ordering systems.

The software bundle SAEAUT SMS Server Professional is budget priced solution . Free download of SAEAUT SMS Server Professional 2.2.0, size 11.38 Mb.

SAEAUT SMS Service 2.2.0 SAE - Automation, s.r.o. 

Software SAEAUT SMS Service enables sending and receiving of individual and group SMS using personal computer.

It provides SMS services for other client applications in LAN or internet. It can be used as complete one user's SMS solution as well.
It can be placed either on server or on a desktop computer. A GSM modem or an Internet . Free download of SAEAUT SMS Service 2.2.0, size 4.46 Mb.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.5 Entensys 

UserGate Proxy & Firewall is a UTM (Unified Threat Management) class solution for sharing and monitoring employees' access to the local and Internet resources, for filtering FTP and HTTP traffic, as well as for administrating the network in your Company. UserGate provides complex LAN security due to three integrated antivirus modules - . Free download of UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.5, size 81.78 Mb.

Voicent VoiceXML Gateway 6.0.1 Voicent Communications, Inc 

VoiceXML Gateway VOIP PSTN Skype TAPI development API for interactive telephony application. High level development platform based on W3C VoiceXML. Supports text-to-speech, voice recognition, DTMF tones for both inbound, outbound apps. Works with VOIP through Skype, voice modem. Voicent Voice XML Gateway API , SDK, tutorial, sample code available . Freeware download of Voicent VoiceXML Gateway 6.0.1, size 286.72 Kb.

Astaro Security Gateway Softw. Appliance 7.2 Astaro Corporation 

Astaro Security Gateway integrates complete Network, Web and Mail Security through an intuitive browser-based user interface. The Astaro Unified Threat Management appliance is the most easy-to-use and cost-effective "all-in-one" solution available, working to effectively shield businesses from internet based threats everyday. . Free download of Astaro Security Gateway Softw. Appliance 7.2, size 519.05 Mb.

TrustPort Internet Gateway 3.0 AEC Data Security Company 

TrustPort Internet Gateway can be mounted on dedicated Windows server or within current mail server depending on particular network topology. Separate parts of TrustPort Internet Gateway can be split between several servers. With complete antiviral and antispam check utilization TrustPort Internet Gateway achieves high-speed rate of message . Free download of TrustPort Internet Gateway 3.0, size 39.90 Mb.

SpotSec Network Gateway/Firewall 0.1.2007165 spotsec.com 

An all-in-one Linux firewall/Gateway distribution which features an easy to use yet powerful Web based management console. Created to be a unified threat management system to protect and defend a network. Uses Zend Framework heavily . Freeware download of SpotSec Network Gateway/Firewall 0.1.2007165, size 19.89 Mb.

wml/xhtml gateway 0.1 mobile.ugm.ac.id 

WML/XHTML Gateway is php application that work like common Web based proxywhich converts the result into wml or xhtml compatible page (without javascript or style) on the fly . Freeware download of wml/xhtml gateway 0.1, size 31.64 Kb.

NBN Gateway to GIS interface 1.0 Nbn2gis 

Generic interface to allow desktop GIS packages including ArcGIS and MapInfo to integrate data from the NBN Gateway using the SOAP based Web services

NBN Gateway to GIS interface 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0 . Freeware download of NBN Gateway to GIS interface 1.0, size 0 b.

BK gateway 1.0 Bkgateway 

A great Gateway for small or medium network company,with builtin firewall, mutil WANs supporting loadblancing and failover ,VPN , anti virus, anti spams, Web proxy , ... Base on pfSense

BK Gateway 1.0 License - BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of BK gateway 1.0, size 0 b.

firewall http screening gateway 1.0 Httpgate 

The screening http Gateway is designed to run on a bastion host and allow access to "internal" Web servers from the outside. It filters out various attacks and should prevent some epxloits (unicode is not allowed, so all unicode exploits will be stoppe

firewall http screening Gateway 1.0 License - GNU General Public License . Freeware download of firewall http screening gateway 1.0, size 0 b.

SMS Gateway - Enterprise 3.12.15 SMS Gateway Enterprise Software 

SMS Gateway for high capacity SMSC connections over SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 or GSM Modems. It can also be used over HTTP SMS connections. Ideal platform for SMS notification, SMS paging, two way SMS systems, or for becoming an SMS service provider. SMS Service providers often create SMS services like SMS Voting, SMS Banking, SMS Games. It supports SMS . Free download of SMS Gateway - Enterprise 3.12.15, size 2.22 Mb.

AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server 1.2.5 GECAD TECHNOLOGIES 

AXIGEN Gateway is a secure mail relay server capable of integrating with most virus / anti-spam applications and using firewall-like connection rules. By separating security functions from real mail server usage, you improve both server effectiveness and communication security. Download the full-featured evaluation version and benefit from free . Free download of AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server 1.2.5, size 11.06 Mb.

Synametrics Smtp Gateway 1.0 Synametrics Technologies 

Synametrics Smtp Gateway is a SMTP server that can be used for two purposes:
* As backup e-mail server - This is done by adding an additional MX record in the DNS server with a lower priority. Sender's e-mail server will try to send messages to your primary server. If that is not available, it will attempt to send it to the Smtp Gateway, . Freeware download of Synametrics Smtp Gateway 1.0, size 45.24 Mb.

Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway 0.9.11 davenport.sourceforge.net 

Davenport is a servlet-based WebDAV Gateway to a CIFS network. This allows you to access Windows/Samba shares using any Web browser. WebDAV clients (such as Windows Web Folders) can upload and download from the shares as if they were local folders. . Freeware download of Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway 0.9.11, size 4.71 Mb.

FwGuardian 4.3.6 humbertolj.sourceforge.net 

You can make a simple MSN control (which users can login), Web authentication Gateway (Horatio based), load balance (iproute2), traffic shape (QoS), simple packet filter and NAT redirects (DNAT), loadbalance and VPN Gateway or roadwarrior and ... . Freeware download of FwGuardian 4.3.6, size 656.20 Kb.

LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool 0.2 lan-sentry.sourceforge.net 

A collection of PHP scripts to manage a Gateway server using Linux's Netfilter (iptables) & ISC's DHCPd v3. It allows mac address restriction and Web-based configuration. . Freeware download of LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool 0.2, size 43.97 Kb.