Web Monitoring Software

Web Monitoring Tool Windows Recovery 

Website uptime monitoring software records every details of website current position including online/offline status, response time, host name, etc. Great Website traffic analyzer utility keep close eye on all kind of Web servers, internet protocols, Web application etc and notifies you when any disruption occurs. Website downtime examiner . Free download of Web Monitoring Tool, size 4.55 Mb.


Emsa Web Monitor 1.0.22 EMSA SYSTEMS 

Emsa Web Monitor is a small Web monitoring program, an utility that runs on your desktop and allows theuser to monitor uptime status of several websites. The program works by periodically pinging the remote sites, and showing the ping response time as well as a small graph that allows the user to quick view recent monitoring history.T he program . Freeware download of Emsa Web Monitor 1.0.22, size 360.45 Kb.

TupSight 2.63 The Tup Software Ltd. 

Unlike many other packet sniffing programs that use WinPcap library as the driver to capture live network data, TupSight is an NAT router technology-based EIM (Employee Internet Management) product realizing direct and reliable Web monitoring and control at the Internet gateway. TupSight can be installed on one of the computers on any kind of LAN . Free download of TupSight 2.63, size 5.55 Mb.

CyD Web Developer Tools 1.0.2 CyD Software Labs 

Web Development Tools is a set of tools useful in Web monitoring and Web site diagnostic. One of the main features of the product - Web site security testing module. You can test your Web site on common errors: SQL Injection, XSS, etc.
Compatible with: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Window . Free download of CyD Web Developer Tools 1.0.2, size 8.67 Mb.

BF2 Spectator 1.0 Bf2spectator 

A client-server Web monitoring application that reports game events with a small delay and displays them dynamically over an image of the minimap.

BF2 Spectator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of BF2 Spectator 1.0, size 0 b.

Awario 3.33 Link-Assistant.com 

Awario is a smart way to monitor, engage, and impact the Web and socials for businesses and individuals alike. The platform takes the usual hassle of SMM away by letting you effortlessly:
- Monitor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, News/Blogs and other online resources for mentions of any keywords, non-stop.
- Get notified when new . Free download of Awario 3.33, size 1436.55 Mb.

MAC Scanner for Win7 1.0 SharewareBoss Software 

MAC Scanner for Win7 is a collection of tools to provide you with information about the networks. It is very easy and user friendly design allows even for the inexperienced user to get a profound and understandable overview of his network and the running services.It includes IP Scanner, MAC Scanner, and Ping Tester. With the help of this Lan . Free download of MAC Scanner for Win7 1.0, size 1.08 Mb.

SurferWatcher - 4.0 SCATI Labs 

Web Surfer Watcher is a software program for Windows (does not work on NT computers) that records what Web sites have been viewed on your computer to allow Internet monitoring. Web Surfer Watcher operates hidden in the background, recording Web site titles and URLs (addresses) of Web sites viewed using Internet Explorer or America Online. It can . Freeware download of SurferWatcher - 4.0, size 0 b.

Sentry-go Quick IIS Web Monitor 4.3 3Ds (UK) Limited 

The best way to check your Web or FTP site is running correctly is to access a Web page or file - just like a user would do. The Sentry-go Quick Web Monitor allows just that! With it you can quickly, easily & cost effectively monitor your entire IIS Web Server environment. In addition to the underlying server, other features include HTML . Free download of Sentry-go Quick IIS Web Monitor 4.3, size 5.05 Mb.

AF Free Website Monitoring Script Editor 1.06 AF Website Monitoring 

Editor for Real User Website monitoring.

Most website owners have had this experience: Your old-style monitoring system shows nothing but green lights, yet the website is not functioning the way it should: Traditional Web monitoring services do not dig deeply enough to detect glitches in the application code, or database or to find the . Freeware download of AF Free Website Monitoring Script Editor 1.06, size 269.97 Kb.

Cyfin Proxy 64bit 8.5 Wavecrest Computing 

Cyfin Proxy is a stand-alone Internet monitoring proxy server. It combines real-time monitoring with the industry's best user-activity reporting in one high-performance, low-cost solution. Ideal for business and school networks, Cyfin Proxy allows administrators the flexibility to monitor Web sites by content category or individual URL. Cyfin's . Free download of Cyfin Proxy 64bit 8.5, size 83.88 Mb.

M86 WebMarshal M86 Security 

M86 WebMarshal, a secure Web gateway, is a comprehensive solution that provides Web threat protection as well as the many requirements and issues that arise in managing workplace Internet use.
M86 WebMarshal software is deployed between an organization and the Internet, where it inspects all incoming and outgoing Web traffic. It provides . Free download of M86 WebMarshal, size 2.22 Mb.

Zabbix Agent 1 8 Zabbix SIA 

Zabbix offers advanced monitoring, alerting and visualisation features today which are missing in other monitoring systems, even some of the best commercial ones.
- Advanced cache module for much better performance
- Much more efficient polling
- Great maps with drag and drop editing
- Full support of UTF8 (Unicode)
- . Freeware download of Zabbix Agent 1 8, size 1.27 Mb.

Website Monitor Tool Files Recovery 

Website performance checker software constantly watches over website and Web-based applications constantly and detects Web site performance in real time. Website Performance tracker application checks uptime, ping status and downtime notification of user Web pages. Website performance analyzer utility program detects errors includes Host not Found, . Free download of Website Monitor Tool, size 1.36 Mb.

LanDetective Internet Monitor 2.41 LAN Detective Software 

In either the home or workplace, LanDetective Internet Monitor provides you with a complete monitoring solution. Setting it apart from many other similar solutions, this software can also track and analyze data sent over high-level network protocols. It uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology and acts like a sniffer. No additional software . Free download of LanDetective Internet Monitor 2.41, size 20.69 Mb.

AthTek IP Scanner 1.0 AthTek Software 

AthTek IP Scanner is a collection of tools to provide you with information about the networks. It is very easy and user friendly design allows even for the inexperienced user to get a profound and understandable overview of his network and the running services.It includes IP Scanner, MAC Scanner, and Ping Tester. With the help of this Lan Scanner . Free download of AthTek IP Scanner 1.0, size 1.06 Mb.

Norton Online Family Symantec Corporation 

Help keep children safe with Norton Online Family. This free service lets you keep an eye on, and manage, your kids’ online activities. Norton Online Family plugs you into your child's online life. Shows what your children are doing online. Sets age-appropriate 'rules' for every child in your family.Helps you talk to your children about safe . Freeware download of Norton Online Family, size 9.96 Mb.

iReasoning MIB Browser iReasoning Inc. 

iReasoning MIB browser is a powerful and easy-to-use tool powered by iReasoning SNMP API . MIB browser is an indispensable tool for engineers to manage SNMP enabled network devices and applications. It allows users to load standard, proprietary MIBs, and even some mal-formed MIBs. It also allows them to issue SNMP requests to retrieve agent's . Freeware download of iReasoning MIB Browser, size 15.05 Mb.

Windows Live OneCare Family Safety 2.0.6010 Microsoft 

Windows Live OneCare Family Safety is a parental control service free for Microsoft Windows. The program, which is more or less similar to Windows Vista, allows users to set guidelines and restrictions for children surf the Internet and allows parents to monitor their children activities on the Web.
Windows Live OneCare Family Safety . Freeware download of Windows Live OneCare Family Safety 2.0.6010, size 0 b.

MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 2.0 SharewareBoss Software 

MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 is the world leading tool for network management and network analysis. This famous tool is designed for both network administrators in the office and LAN users at home. MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 keeps your networks under security control. MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 provides IP scanner and MAC scanner to help you get the . Free download of MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 2.0, size 2.36 Mb.