Website Monitoring Software

DEKSI Network Monitor 12.3 DEK Software International 

DEKSI Network Monitor is an advanced, powerful, and multi-featured network device monitor which enables you to learn when a device is available as well as the time it became unavailable or out of service. This will enable the network administrator or IT Management staff to be pro-active in responding to any possible downtime. DEKSI Network . Free download of DEKSI Network Monitor 12.3, size 8.63 Mb.


Site Monitoring Software Data Recovery Services 

Website performance software helps in keeping track real time performance of different websites and web based applications including uptime status, downtime status, ping status and response time etc. Website performance tracker provides functional support to numerous internet services such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, POP3 and all other protocols. . Free download of Site Monitoring Software, size 1.31 Mb.

ProtoMon 2.3 Badhim Software 

ProtoMon is a Website Monitoring software intended to check your servers and let you know when some of them aren't available.

It supports the following TCP protocols:
- Telnet(SSH)
- Custom TCP connections.

AF Free Website Monitoring Script Editor 1.06 AF Website Monitoring 

Editor for Real User Website Monitoring.

Most Website owners have had this experience: Your old-style Monitoring system shows nothing but green lights, yet the Website is not functioning the way it should: Traditional web Monitoring services do not dig deeply enough to detect glitches in the application code, or database or to find the . Freeware download of AF Free Website Monitoring Script Editor 1.06, size 269.97 Kb.

PingerThinger 1.3 

PingerThinger is a ping-based network Monitoring tool that tracks which IPs on your LAN / WAN are not responding. PingerThinger provides at-a-glance network status and a window listing all down IPs. Small enough to fit on a floppy or USB flash drive, its compact executable size allows it to be used in disaster recovery. PingerThinger offers . Free download of PingerThinger 1.3, size 192.51 Kb.

eTalkup Kiloboat Technology 

eTalkup is a very solid product that is constantly evolving. Features are being added and refined on a very regular basis.

-Both IM and VOIP supports;
-Compelling price among top competitors;
-Track web visitors in real time;
-Customization & branding;
-Advanced chat features. . Freeware download of eTalkup, size 3.28 Mb.

AWatch Application info-pack 

Watch your Website to ensure you minimize downtime and maximize uptime. If your Website is down, search engines may remove your site, partners may remove links to your site, visitors will have a negative opinion of your site and you will loose sales. Atomic Watch gives you peace of mind. . Free download of AWatch Application, size 1.13 Mb.

Integrio Uptime Scout 1.0.4 Integrio Inc. 

Free uptime Monitoring application
Understanding the importance of keeping your Website's downtime to the minimum, Integrio Uptime Scout – small tray application that allows you to monitor the availability (uptime) of your Website(s) and notifies you if the Website (or the server) goes down. Uptime Scout supports different . Freeware download of Integrio Uptime Scout 1.0.4, size 1.10 Mb.

HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond 2.2011.5.0 Handle-iT 

Modules: Cluster, Complete Monitoring of all resources in a Windows Cluster environment Database Check, Check by standard query, or own supplied query the status of you're databases Diskspace, Check free diskspace and get notified if thresholds are reached DFS & Replication, Check Distributed File System and if the supplied DFS is replicated . Freeware download of HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond 2.2011.5.0, size 6.60 Mb.

UptimeInspector Gadget 1.0 Imposant 

This sidebar gadget displays current status of targets monitored by UptimeInspector server Monitoring service. It reflects the latest state of servers and websites being monitored from around the world. In addition to simple uptime Monitoring of hosts, it verifies proper server handshake response for the following protocols: HTTP, FTP, SSH, PING, . Freeware download of UptimeInspector Gadget 1.0, size 27.65 Kb.

SolarWinds Free SNMP Enabler 1.0 SolarWinds 

Remotely Enable SNMP on Multiple Windows Machines!

What's an IT superhero like you supposed to do when faced with the unfathomable task of installing and enabling SNMP on Windows servers and workstations located 20,000 leagues across the sea? Well before you sink into the murky depths of despair, check out our FREE SNMP Enabler!

HT Parental Controls 7.5.5 HideTools 

Securing and Monitoring your computers has never been easier or more affordable. HT Parental Controls is an elegant solution to a difficult problem. Website and application blocking is made simple with friendly filter management. Keystroke recording and screen capture, among other logging capabilities provide a high level of professional . Free download of HT Parental Controls 7.5.5, size 4.08 Mb.

SolarWinds Free IP SLA Monitor 1.0.1 SolarWinds 

Even a network superhero like you has blind spots. You're in complete command of your network devices, but the users under your protection are always uncovering hidden bottlenecks between sites. How are those remote sites communicating with each other out in the network - and is that Web traffic performing well between San Francisco and Sao Paolo? . Freeware download of SolarWinds Free IP SLA Monitor 1.0.1, size 9.05 Mb.

Free Website Monitoring Recorder 6.90 Website Monitoring Wiki 

Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work.

AlertFox has many uses:

(1) Form Filler on Steroids and Password Manager

AF relieves the repetition of checking on the same sites every day, remembering passwords, and filling out web forms. iMacros is the only form filler that can autofill web forms . Freeware download of Free Website Monitoring Recorder 6.90, size 3.59 Mb.