Wheel Of Life Software

Balance Your Life: Wheel of Life 1.4 Anxa Europe Limited 

A happy Life is a balanced Life. To achieve balance, you must feel satisfied in the 8 different aspects Of your Life, illustrated in the Wheel Of Life.

If you need introspection, this application allows you to evaluate the current state Of your Life. You might be surprised to know that you could be more satisfied than you think. Or, on . Freeware download of Balance Your Life: Wheel of Life 1.4, size 3.46 Mb.


Wheel Of Life 1.0 Rylstim 

The program would help you not lose the taste for Life while remaining productive. The basic concept Of the program was taken from the Wheel Of Life, which contains the most important areas Of human's activities. Theprogram enables you to monitor your current state for each Of those areas. Besides that, the program has a wonderful feature - you can . Free download of Wheel Of Life 1.0, size 3.53 Mb.

Wheel Of Life Mac 2.0 Sketchman Studio 

The program would help you not lose the taste for Life while remaining productive. The basic concept Of the program was taken from the Wheel Of Life, which contains the most important areas Of human's activities. The
program enables you to monitor your current state for each Of those areas. Besides that, the program has a wonderful feature - . Free download of Wheel Of Life Mac 2.0, size 4.21 Mb.

Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2 1 Rylstim 

Free desktop client for the web-based Wolapp Cloud application, specially developed for Mac OS X. Wolapp Cloud - Wheel Of Life Cloud is a web-based application for self-development and personal growth. Wolapp Cloud Client allows using the application without a web browser. The client fully replicates all the major functions Of the original . Freeware download of Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2 1, size 955.39 Kb.

Wheel Of Life Lite 1.5.622.44 Rylstim 

The program helps you to easily find out your Life balance by assessing the main areas Of a human's Life: business and career, finances, health, relationships with family and friends, love relationships, personal development, entertainment and physical environment. Just assess each Of these areas separately and get the overall picture Of your Life . Freeware download of Wheel Of Life Lite 1.5.622.44, size 3.71 Mb.

The Game of Life - SpongeBob 5.0 viViacom International Inc. 

Join SpongeBob and friends in the 3D spongified version Of the classic Life board game!
Enjoy hilarious micro-games as you find your dream job, collect your paychecks, buy your dream home, and more!

Game Features

* Let the Wheel Of Life decide your destiny!
* Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, or Squidward!

My Great Life 1.1 innospiring GmbH 

Do you often have the feeling that you don't achieve your personal goals?
Are you stressed out without knowing why?
Do you have doubts about the deeper meanings Of Life?

My Great Life is a toolbox to help you achieve a more fulfilled Life. It fosters your creativity and helps you finding your purpose. You are the creator Of . Free download of My Great Life 1.1, size 121.63 Mb.

Rueda/Vida 0.1 Carlos Ramos 

Rueda/Vida (Wheel/Life) was developed as an accessible and Open Source utility that can be used to create a graphical representation Of the value you give to every aspect Of your Life.

The application is developed using wxPython and can run on multiple platforms.

. Freeware download of Rueda/Vida 0.1, size 0 b.

Universe of LIFE 5.1 jk-ware 

Universe Of Life Sound illustrates the 3D reproduction behavior Of microorganism graphically vivid and acoustical audibly.

Idea Of the game is, to let beautiful graphic forms and surprising shapes originate from as simple as possible initially-patterns in the following generations.

To this, Universe Of Life offers you . Free download of Universe of LIFE 5.1, size 9.33 Mb.

jk-ware Universe of LIFE Theater 1.0 jk-ware 

jk-ware Universe Of Life Theater is a playful PC application with forms Of microorganism.

Each form can be re-sized to display at the full screen resolution, or they can be arranged in a side-by-side format or in other overlapping or stacked formats. The selected arrangement can be saved to the later recall as configuration.

Jackpot Match-Up - Penny's Vegas Adventure 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

Now its off to Vegas to help Penny turn her Life around in this easy-to-learn puzzle game. Win money by highlighting tiles to match the goal chain, and use linker tiles to earn spins on the exciting Bonus Wheel! As you start to bring in the big bucks, unlock higher-stakes casinos and choose fun objects to buy and improve Pennys Life; like a . Free download of Jackpot Match-Up - Penny's Vegas Adventure 1.0, size 18.83 Mb.

3D Quad Bikes Unlimited Free 1.0 Huaqin Wang 

Jump on the wildest four Wheel ride Of your Life!

Drive the craziest courses and hottest tracks on all four wheels! Break the wheels down and leave your opponents in the dirt!

Enjoy unique multiple courses and challenging opponents. Be careful how you drive as they'll be running you off the track!

DOWNLOAD AND RIDE . Freeware download of 3D Quad Bikes Unlimited Free 1.0, size 68.26 Mb.

Touch Physics Lite 2.4.2 Gamez 4 Touch 

Draw shapes with a crayon that come to Life on your iPhone / iPod touch. These shapes interact with the Wheel, causing it to move according to physical laws. When it reaches the star, the level is complete.

This is a lite version Of Touch Physics with fewer levels (10 out Of 50).

"Game Of the Year Award for . Freeware download of Touch Physics Lite 2.4.2, size 17.41 Mb.

Color Wheel Expert 4.2 Abitom Software 

Based on the color Wheel and color harmony theory, Color Wheel Expert enables users to select a color, and then have 12 harmonious colors displayed in a circle. With Color Wheel Expert, it's easy to find analogous colors, triads, and complements and split-complements colors. With the flexible color palette and color Wheel, users can easily create . Free download of Color Wheel Expert 4.2, size 1.68 Mb.

Aquatic Life 3D Screensaver 1.01 Digital Minds Software 

Dive into the warm coastal waters Of the coral reef and explore the mysteries Of aquatic Life! There is so little we know about the ocean while it covers over 2 / 3 Of the planet's surface and holds truly enormous treasures that are simply beyond belief. This awe-inspiring animated 3D screensaver will provide you with a unique chance to enjoy the . Free download of Aquatic Life 3D Screensaver 1.01, size 8.28 Mb.

Tordex Wheel 1.0 Tordex 

Tordex Wheel is a useful and small application that adds intelligence to the mouse Wheel. By default, when you roll the mouse Wheel, Windows roll the currently active window and ignore the mouse cursor position. With Tordex Wheel, Windows rolls the window under the mouse cursor, so you can scroll windows, lists, etc. without having to activate . Free download of Tordex Wheel 1.0, size 314.37 Kb.

Undersea Life Screensaver 1.5 Altix Soft 

A sea and ocean Life on your display. You will see a colorful undersea world! Such images as: Sea and seagoing fish, corals, undersea animals. As well as: sea dragon, stingray, great white shark, seaturtle, lionfish,starfish, pillow star, knobby star, fromia star, brain coral, fire coral, ancora coral, bluegray crynoid, orange crynoid, angelfish, . Free download of Undersea Life Screensaver 1.5, size 3.59 Mb.

Tree Of Life [AD] 5.07 EleFun Multimedia 

"Tree Of Life" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at the Animated Desktop Wallpaper "Three Of Life". Eagles are flying and wild animals are grassing around a big, branchy tree. Life is going on around it. The sky is covered with clouds; there . Free download of Tree Of Life [AD] 5.07, size 6.04 Mb.

Color LIFE Sound 5.1 jk-ware 

Color Life illustrates the reproduction behavior Of microorganism. The reproduction rules can be free selected likewise the incremental width and output time Of the generations. Color-palettes can be produced on your own. With a shape-run, new rules and nice graphics can be found.

Color Life Sound plays the cell pattern with a 3D-Tone . Free download of Color LIFE Sound 5.1, size 7.77 Mb.

Color Wheel Pro 2.0 QSX Software Group 

Color Wheel Pro is the only tool that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. The preview is real-time: when adjusting the color scheme, you see the changes immediately. Color Wheel Pro includes all the classic color schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, . Free download of Color Wheel Pro 2.0, size 1.86 Mb.