Winamp Plugins Software

Passion Audio Player 3.0 George Boudouris 

The Audio Player for those who have passion with PCs and Music.
It uses the BASS API by
It's Main features Are:
1 . Excellent Playback Quality.
2 . Skin Support. It also supports Winamp Skins !!!
3 . Equalizer with visual effects.
4 . Playlist Editor. . Freeware download of Passion Audio Player 3.0, size 3.33 Mb.


GPF Winamp 2.x Plugin Builder 1.00b1 

The GPF Winamp 2.x Plugin Builder is a set of components and an expert (code generator) for Delphi 5 to make it easy to create Winamp Plugins in Delphi. Basic code will be generated for you and you can just fill in the events in the appropriate control. . Freeware download of GPF Winamp 2.x Plugin Builder 1.00b1, size 129.99 Kb.

Plainamp 023 

Plainamp is an audio player for Windows. More precisely it is a rewritten Winamp core (or plugin host) which means it relies on Winamp Plugins heavily. . Freeware download of Plainamp 023, size 247.63 Kb.

Sinhala MP3 rc200501007 

Sinhala MP3 is an audio file player with Sinhala language support. This player supports wide range of audio formats including MP3, OGG, WMA, CD Audio, etc. And this player also supports Winamp Plugins, skin styles, etc. . Freeware download of Sinhala MP3 rc200501007, size 329.44 Kb.

BlueTunes 1.0 Bluetunes 

A music player / organizer. Light as Winamp, useful as iTunes, but music is grouped by albums, and displayed in 3D. Uses Winamp Plugins, so can play any music format Winamp can. Has a database which enables quick searching, and quick startup time.

BlueTunes 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of BlueTunes 1.0, size 0 b.

Winamp Essentials Pack 5.541 Christoph Grether 

Winamp Essentials Pack - A pack of plug-ins Winamp can't live without!
This is a pack of plug-ins by the people who work on Winamp.
You can rip and convert music to the OGG Vorbis format.
Improve your skin organization with a nice preview feature, a powerful search function and skin filters. . Freeware download of Winamp Essentials Pack 5.541, size 6.72 Mb.

X10Remote Winamp Plugin 0.5 Florian Albrecht 

X10 Remote Control plug-in

A plug-in to control Winamp with a X10 remote control (infrared or wireless). The remote control must be compatible with X10's ActiveHome Pro
ActiveHome Pro is not needed to use this plug-in, only the ActiveHome Scripting SDK . Freeware download of X10Remote Winamp Plugin 0.5, size 8.75 Mb.

Winamp BrowserBar 1.0.29 Nullsoft. 

Very cool plugin that allows you to add Winamp play/pause/stop/back/next button icons to your Internet Explorer toolbar. Adds buttons to the Internet Explorer toolbar for full Winamp playback control.

Plus buttons to start/stop Winamp, and show/hide the Winamp windows - great for full-screen or maximized web browsing sessions. . Freeware download of Winamp BrowserBar 1.0.29, size 1.25 Mb.

iG Winamp Icon Pack 1.0 Gray Wz 

Winamp Media Player icons for audio, playlist, skin and video filetypes. These icons are part of the iG icon set in Windows Vista / 7 style.- 88 icons in true colour in sizes 16, 32, 48, 256 px- 4 types (Audio, Playlist, Skin, Video)- 1 pre-packaged dll icon library for use with Winamp 5.58 & above. Requirements:Winamp 5.58 or above with the . Freeware download of iG Winamp Icon Pack 1.0, size 4.26 Mb.

CaptionFX 2.0 WheresJames Software 

This program displays effects based on the currently playing audio in the title bar of the active window. The program will also display the name of the currently playing audio file if available. Winamp visualization Plugins are also supported. . Free download of CaptionFX 2.0, size 377.49 Kb.

DFX Skin Generator 1.0.2 Patras Vlad 

DFX Skin Generator is a plugin for Winamp which "converts" Winamp skins to DFX skins.

With this program you can make DFX look like a Winamp skinned window. For those who don't know DFX is a Winamp DSP plugin.

DFX is a DSP plugin for Winamp and this is a seperate application that allows you to generat skins . Freeware download of DFX Skin Generator 1.0.2, size 30.38 Mb.

Title Toy For Winamp 1.0 WheresJames Software 

NOT FOR WINDOWS XP! This is a plug-in for Winamp ( When executed (from Winamp) it will display nifty effects in the title-bar of the active window (if the active window has a title-bar). Take a look at the title bars in the images to the left. It also briefly displays the song title when Winamp loads a new file. Of coarse, Microsoft . Free download of Title Toy For Winamp 1.0, size 83.89 Kb.

Winamp Now Playing AutoHotkey script 1 3 Nullsoft Inc. 

Allows you to paste quickly currently playing songs name anywhere (games, irc, skype...). Just type /np . This is actually a stand-alone program that resides in the system tray and will not be found in Plugins folder or in Preferences after installation. You have to start the EXE manually or via the Startup folder. . Freeware download of Winamp Now Playing AutoHotkey script 1 3, size 47.86 Mb.

A3D Output Plug-In (WinAmp) 1 22 Nullsoft Inc. 

The plugin plays audio using Aureal's A3D 2.0 - 3.0 sound engine, or DS3D. It creates a sound source for each audio channel of a song and places it in 3D space around the listener. Under A3D 3.0 the plugin can add a reverb effect to the audio. The user can set the position for sound sources using the plugin's OpenGL-based graphic . Freeware download of A3D Output Plug-In (WinAmp) 1 22, size 10.76 Mb.

Volume Logic Plug-in for Winamp 5 6 John Carey 

Volume Logic makes any playlist sounds great with automatic adjustment of volume dynamics and spectral balancing. It improves the quality of your listening experience by digitally remastering your audio in real-time with the same technology used by the pros. . Free download of Volume Logic Plug-in for Winamp 5 6, size 1.26 Mb.

Portable EF Commander 7.56 EFSoftware 

EF Commander is a complex and multi-featured file manager that a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals, will find easy to use. It is the result of many requests received by the author.

The first version was written in 1994, under the OS/2 operating system using Presentation Manager, as a personal replacement for the old . Free download of Portable EF Commander 7.56, size 4.18 Mb.

Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Pack 3 1 Christoph Grether 

This installer contains the best icon sets which are available on the web. The installer has a nice preview feature for each icon pack and allows you even to configure the Tray Control plug-in. Just run the small application and style it just like you like it!
Bored with the default icons which are bundled with the Nullsoft Tray Control . Freeware download of Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Pack 3 1, size 39.86 Mb.

Convert Multiple OGG Files To MP3 Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Create multiple MP3 files from multiple OGG files. . Free download of Convert Multiple OGG Files To MP3 Files Software 7.0, size 975.87 Kb.

RadioBOSS Standard djSoftware 

RadioBOSS is the software product that provides automation capabilities for broadcasting stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. A large number of features allows using it no matter where you need to play music. The RadioBOSS software can work for months without operator's assistance. Network streaming, crossfade, playlist generator, . Free download of RadioBOSS Standard, size 14.29 Mb.

iZotope Ozone for Winamp 1.0 iZotope, Inc. 

If you are a true audiophile who works with media players than you should surely be aware of digital enhancer Plugins. There is a great number of enhancers out there but iZotope Ozone for Winamp is really one of the best. It adds warmth, bass, sparkle and an overall desirable sound to your MP3 music. The enhancements is done by modeling the analog . Free download of iZotope Ozone for Winamp 1.0, size 0 b.