Windows Gui Application Software

Mail Checker Utility for Private Messages module 1 Esvon 

Windows Gui Application used to notify user on new private messages and to help you to attract visitors who will become your stable customers. Application has very simple user interface that everyone can understand. When Application is started new icon is added to the system tray. If there are unread mail messages in the user's mail box icon . Free download of Mail Checker Utility for Private Messages module 1, size 378.88 Kb.


GNSS Satellite Availability Viewer 1 4 Javad GNSS, Inc. 

GNSS Satellite Availability Viewer is a Windows Gui Application that supports most of the basic mission planning functionality for all currently operational GNSS space vehicles (GPS, Glonass, WAAS/EGNOS, Giove-A and -B).
Main features:
- Satellite availability bars & total number of satellites
- Satellite elevation and azimuth . Freeware download of GNSS Satellite Availability Viewer 1 4, size b.

absolutePDF Spool - Base 1.0.0071 absolutePDF 

absolutePDF Spool Base is a Windows Gui Application that lets your legacy applications generate PDF files without the need for other expensive tools.
Convert ASCII spool files to PDF with a click! Just extract your documents as an ASCII file and feed it to absolutePDF-Spool to obtain a perfect PDF file in seconds. . Freeware download of absolutePDF Spool - Base 1.0.0071, size 3.55 Mb.

AutoConfig Pro 2.4 Beta 1.0 Mohammed Khair 

This is a Windows Gui Application written in Python 2.7, used for Telnet and SSH into multiple Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewalls to send configuration commands. It will automate the tasks for Cisco network engineers and reduce the administrative overhead for repetitive tasks such as SNMP config, changing usernames, adding tacacs config etc. The . Freeware download of AutoConfig Pro 2.4 Beta 1.0, size 21.18 Mb.

Iconizer 1.0 

Simple MS Windows Gui Application to create and edit MS Windows Icon (.ico) files, including XP and Vista compatible icons. The source images can be loaded from PNG and BMP formats. PNG translucency is supported. . Freeware download of Iconizer 1.0, size 405.23 Kb.

VisualXBLite Environment 1.0 

VIXEN is a Graphical Development Environment, written in XBLite, that generates the XBLite source code for the skeleton of a Windows Gui Application. . Freeware download of VisualXBLite Environment 1.0, size 630.32 Kb.

FreeBasic Windows GUI ToolKit 1.0 

FreeBasic Windows Gui ToolKit . Freeware download of FreeBasic Windows GUI ToolKit 1.0, size 389.79 Kb.

Weather4me 1.0.3 Sergei V. Lepitko 

Weather4me is the Windows Mobile Application which displays weather information for particular selected city. Main features: English and metric units support; automatic or manual refreshing mode; current weather and up to 5 days forecast information; fast switching between favorite cities.

. Free download of Weather4me 1.0.3, size 178.26 Kb.

VisualXBLite Environment (VIXEN) 1.99u Guy Lonne 

VIXEN is a Graphical Development Environment, written in XBLite, that generates the XBLite source code for the skeleton of a Windows Gui Application. . Free download of VisualXBLite Environment (VIXEN) 1.99u, size 608.17 Kb.

JDiceCheck - Windows installer DiceLock Security 

FREE DiceLock Security JDiceCheck Windows Gui and extension .jar library.
If in your process or software applications you have need for random number streams and you want to check that the input or output random stream is really at random, you can incorporate JDiceChecker library in your applications to be sure that the random streams are at . Free download of JDiceCheck - Windows installer, size 1.31 Mb.

DeviceInstaller Lantronix 

The Lantronix DeviceInstaller is a Windows-based Gui Application that provides an easy way to install and configure specific Lantronix device server products.

Main features:
- Load the appropriate firmware
- Assign IP & other network specific addresses
- Load custom web pages
- Enable web-based configuration . Freeware download of DeviceInstaller, size 73.40 Mb.

FraudLabs Desktop 2.0 FraudLabs 

FraudLabs™ Detection Desktop is a free standalone Windows® Application that allows instant detection of fraudulent online credit card order transactions using Windows Gui. This software enables users to perform query from the FraudLabs™ Fraud Detection Web Service. . Freeware download of FraudLabs Desktop 2.0, size b.

Szyfrator 0.48.alpha 

Szyfrator is a Gui Application for Windows XP/Vista/7. It encrypts and decrypts text messages using the public RSA algorithm. It generates two 256 bit keys: public and private and was designed to be very easy to use. . Freeware download of Szyfrator 0.48.alpha, size 326.46 Kb.

WinChaos - Assembly Fractal Renderer 1.0 Winchaos 

This project aims towards building a Windows Gui based Application for rendering various kinds of fractals.This goal will be accomplished by using only assembly language to provide maximum performance.

WinChaos - Assembly Fractal Renderer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of WinChaos - Assembly Fractal Renderer 1.0, size 0 b.

HE853 Control 1.2 He853control 

A library, command line Application and Gui Application to control the Home Easy HE853 home automation USB dongel on Windows.

HE853 Control 1.2 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2) . Freeware download of HE853 Control 1.2, size 460.84 Kb.

Free Telephony Project 1.0 Freetel 

Provides SVN repositories for projects such as Codec 2 (low bit rate open source speech codec, and FDMDV HF modem) and FreeDV (narrow band digital voice over radio Gui Application for Linux and Windows). Mailing lists for Codec 2 and Oslec (open source line echo canceller).

Free Telephony Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License . Freeware download of Free Telephony Project 1.0, size 0 b.

QAnagram 1.2 Christian Stimming 

This Gui Application generates an Anagram, which means rearranging the letters of a word to obtain other words. The Application is written in C++ with Qt-4, which means it runs on Unix and also Windows and Mac . Free download of QAnagram 1.2, size 3.16 Mb.

CrashFinder 2 2 NeoCom LLC 

CrashFinder is a Windows Gui automation and test framework. CrashFinder has two main components: an automated testing tool that learns about your Application Gui and a Gui recorder.

Use CrashFinder to stress your Windows Application and verify that the Application performs reliably. The automated test is well suited to any desktop or . Freeware download of CrashFinder 2 2, size 2.24 Mb.

ASA Data Wizard SQL Maestro Group 

ASA Data Wizard is a powerful Windows Gui utility for managing your SQL Anywhere data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use tools for performing the required data manipulation easily and quickly.
- Data Pump: transfer any schema and data to SQL Anywhere
- Data export to as many as 18 file formats
- Data import from Excel, . Free download of ASA Data Wizard, size 7.04 Mb.

ASA Maestro SQL Maestro Group 

ASA Maestro is a high-quality Windows Gui admin tool for Sybase SQL Anywhere server management, control and development. Key features include:

- support for the latest SQL Anywhere server versions 10.x/11.x;
- user-friendly interface;
- database designer;
- handy SQL editor with code folding, syntax highlighting, . Free download of ASA Maestro, size 12.71 Mb.

Windows Gui Application Web Results

Fabriforms Home - Metalcrafting Application

Windows software application that allows Sheet Metal and Metalcrafting businesses to easily keep track of quotes and job orders.


A Windows GUI for OpenVPN. Gives a systray icon with a menu to control OpenVPN.


FalconView is a Windows mapping application that displays various types of maps and geographically referenced overlays.


A free Windows software application to translate from Latin to English.

Liant Software Corporation

Provides RM/COBOL, as well as the Relativity COBOL data access product, the Cobol-WOW GUI application builder and many other COBOL application development tools.

Dinky AutoComplete Tool (DACT)

A small, neat component that provides the AutoComplete feature to any .NET Framework Windows Forms application. It features point-and-click integration and extensive design-time support - no coding...

.NET 247 : In-depth: Consuming an XML Web Service on DotNetJunkies

An XML Web Service consumer is an application that invokes the methods of an XML Web Service made available by a provider; the consumer feeds on the data derived from the XML Web Service provider....