Windows Processes Software

Windows Process Viewer 

That windows process viewer shows you detailed windows process description as well as users opinions from the File.Net forum. Thus you can learn more about windows processes running on a computer or identify process in Task Manager. Verify your startup system processes located in System32 folder like svchost.exe (generic host process for win32 . Free download of Windows Process Viewer, size 684.03 Kb.


iKnow Process Scanner 1.0.1 Wealthtech Limited 

iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER release. Version 1.0.1 Wealthtech Co. announced the release of the iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER, integrated with a powerful online database of windows' processes. iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER is a free effective tool for getting information on running processes that you can encounter in windows. With it's intuitive interface, user can get . Free download of iKnow Process Scanner 1.0.1, size 0 b.

Process Liquidator 

Process Liquidator runs quietly in the System Tray, always there when you need it. Clicking the tray icon will display a list of windows processes and clicking on the name of a process will terminate that process, no questions asked! If you want a confirmation before terminating a process though, there is an option to do so.

Features . Free download of Process Liquidator, size 1.33 Mb.

Sysinternals ProcessMonitor 2 4 Sysinternals, Inc. 

Sysinternals ProcessMonitor is the ultimate tool for working with windows processes. It shows all the processes, their various threads, the files opened, the registry keys opened, etc.

The program is really small and represents a tool made of just a single executable file procmon.exe, just like other sysinternal tools. When I listed . Freeware download of Sysinternals ProcessMonitor 2 4, size 1.32 Mb.

Proc Fine 1.0 Procfine 

Proc Fine - and your windows processes will be fine!
A little tool to manage all your Microsoft windows processes.

Proc Fine 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of Proc Fine 1.0, size 0 b.

Windows Processes 1.0 David Aguirre Grazio 

This tool gives you the ability to view and manage most windows process tasks. These tasks include starting, stopping, show and hide processes. . Free download of Windows Processes 1.0, size 545.26 Kb.

What's Running 

What's Running is a product that gives you an inside look into your windows. processes Inspect your processes and find all the relevant details that you need! Get performance and resource usage data such as memory usage, processor usage and handles. Also you get all details about what dll:s are loaded, what services are running within the . Freeware download of What's Running, size 2.04 Mb.

Autoruns for Windows 11 21 Microsoft 

This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and shows you the entries in the order windows processes them. These programs include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. You can . Freeware download of Autoruns for Windows 11 21, size 544.77 Kb.

Daphne Portable 1 47 Portableapps 

Daphne is a small (system tray) application for killing, controlling and debugging windows' processes. It was born to kill a windows process and became almost a task manager replacement. Daphne requires admin rights to run. . Freeware download of Daphne Portable 1 47, size 1.36 Mb.

Gaming PC 1.0 Puran Software 

Gaming PC is a free utility that can help you boost the performance of your games by loading them in a minimal windows environment by closing custom defined windows processes/services, by defragmenting the game folder, loading the game with highest CPU priority and by tweaking windows.

Features of Gaming PC:
Add any number of games . Freeware download of Gaming PC 1.0, size 1.58 Mb.

sysview 0.1 comrade's bureau 

This program allows you to see and modify various System Properties - such as all open windows, processes, Threads, etc. The project started as a combination of two previous programs, winview and procview. Over the years, sysview has proven to be an invaluable Tool in investigating various system attributes and the inner workings of other programs. . Freeware download of sysview 0.1, size 31.46 Kb.

Hide windows Wizard 9.6 Seapsoft 

Concerned about computer privacy? The best protection against prying eyes is making your secrets invisible, Hide windows Wizard is just the software you are looking for! It is an easy-to-use and smart software that hide windows,hide processes,hide tray icons,hide folders and hide files.
Features Summary:
1.Hide programs automatically . Free download of Hide windows Wizard 9.6, size 982.52 Kb.

BlindBossKey-Lite 1.2.0 LifeSniffer 

Blind-BossKey will hide and restore the windows (programs) on your screen with the press of a hotkey or a mouse shortcut. It will cover all the tracks of the running programs by hiding them also from the task bar. In addition to that Boss Key will not close the applications but keep them hidden in the background thus preserving your data at the . Freeware download of BlindBossKey-Lite 1.2.0, size 436.80 Kb.

STasks Process Manager 1.8 saschart 

Antispyware, AntiTrojan, AntiVirus - small and powerful soft. Working as manager of windows Tasks with allow and deny list of processes and applications. The most important is to populate right the allow and deny list to have a good security.

What you must to check when the STasks software show window with new application find?

STasks Process Manager portable 1.8 saschart 

Antispyware, AntiTrojan, AntiVirus - small and powerful soft. Working as manager of windows Tasks with allow and deny list of processes and applications. The most important is to populate right the allow and deny list to have a good security.

What you must to check when the STasks software show window with new application find?

Network Security Task Manager 1.5 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Network Security Task Manager securely protects windows networks from sophisticated malware not detected by traditional security solutions. Today malware is diverse and numerous. Thousands of potential spyware, trackware, Trojans, keyloggers and spybots endanger the safety of your private and business information. The constant development of . Free download of Network Security Task Manager 1.5, size 3.54 Mb.

Process Heap Viewer 3.5 SecurityXploded 

ProcHeapViewer is the FREE tool to quickly enumerate process heaps on windows. It uses much better technique than slower windows heap API functions which makes it faster and efficient. You can enumerate the heaps from normal windows processes as well as system services. Its very useful tool for anyone involved in analyzing process heaps. . Freeware download of Process Heap Viewer 3.5, size 1.63 Mb.

PokIt 0.6.6 Teo Eterovic 

PokIt is a FREE One Click screen and soon file, video, sound capture, broadcasting utility. It is very modular and it allows to easy write plugins. One of the benefits is that it uses only 800 KB memory(XP) when running - less than some windows processes. . Freeware download of PokIt 0.6.6, size 5.63 Mb.

Actual Window Menu 6.3 Actual Tools 

Actual Window Menu is a suite of the most popular innovative tools letting users operate windows on the desktop in some advanced ways: alternatively minimize to windows notification area (system tray) or to a floating icon on the screen, alter the execution priority of windows processes on-the-fly, apply semi-transparency effect, roll up/unroll, . Free download of Actual Window Menu 6.3, size 4.02 Mb.

Diversify manager 1 1 Deskex group 

Diver++ is a little system utility, MDI program, that allow you do some usable things, you need in working/testing process. What can it do? - send messages to choosen window. - search window by mouse moving, or by handle. - change state of window: enable/disable, show/hide/restore/maximize/etc... - change position, z-order, parent of window. - . Freeware download of Diversify manager 1 1, size 364.54 Kb.