Windows Search Software

Windows Search index analyzer GreenSpot Technologies Ltd 

Windows Search Index Analyzer is one of the only forensic software programs that provides a user interface for finding and recording evidence from Windows.edb Search index files.
The user interface is a simple tabbed screen making navigation simple between the different areas of functionality. The tabs allow the viewing of tables, records and . Free download of Windows Search index analyzer, size 3.49 Mb.


Microsoft Windows Search 3.x SDK 1.0 Microsoft 

The Microsoft Windows Search 3.x SDK includes sample applications demonstrating the key concepts and functionality areas described in the Windows Search Developer's Guide on MSDN. A managed code assembly is also included for .NET development support.

This SDK can be used with Windows Desktop Search 3.x or Windows Search 4.

Windows Search 4.0 for windows 940157 Microsoft Corporation. 

Windows Search 4.0 is an updated component of Windows that enables instant Search on your computer.

WS4 lets you perform an instant Search of your computer. WS4 helps you find and preview documents, e-mail messages, music files, photos, and other items on the computer. Please refer to the Knowledge base article KB940157 for a full . Free download of Windows Search 4.0 for windows 940157, size 5.52 Mb.

Quark File Search & Indexing 1.0 MetaDesign Solutions 

Quark File Search & Indexing is a plugin that enhances the function of the Windows Search function in order to instantly find QuarkXpress documents.

You can use this utility when you manage a big number or QuarkXpress documents and need to locate them quickly.

. Free download of Quark File Search & Indexing 1.0, size 0 b.

Windows Search Addon for Quark 1.0 MetaDesign Solutions 

Microsoft has been improvising on its Search functionality with each version. The latest incarnation Windows Search 4.0 is extremely powerful and extensible. Windows Search provides an easy and comprehensive solution for finding and organizing the content. Although, default implementation of Windows Search supports searching . Free download of Windows Search Addon for Quark 1.0, size 2.61 Mb.

Windows Search 4.0.6001.503 Microsoft 

Windows Search, is an update for Windows XP and Vista designed to help you find files whenever you need it. It will Search in your hard drive, email messages for attachments and online remote.

It includes tools for searching, moving, deleting, copying, attaching, burning, or dragging wherever the files are needed. Designed with . Freeware download of Windows Search 4.0.6001.503, size 5.52 Mb.

DWG 2010 Filter for Windows Search 1.0.48 Ransdell Brown 

Search text inside DWG format CAD files using Microsoft Desktop Search (Windows Search) or on the server products:

SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010, Search Server 2010 Express, Office SharePoint Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007,Search Server 2008, SharePoint Services v3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, and . Free download of DWG 2010 Filter for Windows Search 1.0.48, size 5.96 Mb.


Locate32 is a replacement application for the Windows Search function. The application uses an indexing system very similar to that of Linux computers to find and remember where your files and folders are located on your system. There is a little drawback here. The application does not really do this automatically. You have to execute an included . Freeware download of Locate32, size 1.12 Mb.

Nexus Search Nexus Concepts 

Nexus Search is a free replacement for the Windows Search utility.
Main Features:
- Hundreds of times faster than Windows
- Doesnt take up 100% of the CPU while searching
- Doesnt have an annoying dog "Search companion"
- Works for all versions of Windows
- Faster with every subsequent Search
- . Freeware download of Nexus Search, size 73.91 Mb.

Everything Portable voidtools 

"Everything" is an administrative tool that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows.
Unlike Windows Search "Everything" initially displays every file and folder on your computer (hence the name "Everything").
You type in a Search filter to limit what files and folders are displayed.

PC FSearcher 1.0 

PC Fsearcher is a Windows program that can replace the Windows Search not only because it has useful Search options , but because it has more features.It include other useful Search options not only allows you to open the files when found .Feature Includes:-Batch Renaming-Copy files or folders with all sub directory (Copy+).-Compare 2 or more . Freeware download of PC FSearcher 1.0, size 617.56 Kb.

SearchFilterView 1.00 NirSoft 

When you Search the content of files with Windows Search, it uses the right Search IFilter plugin according to the file extension.

This utility allows you to easily view the Search filters installed on your system and the file extensions that are associated with them, as well as it allows you to easily add or remove file extensions for . Freeware download of SearchFilterView 1.00, size 41.94 Kb.

Copernic Desktop Search 7.2.0 Copernic 

Why invest in a Windows Desktop Search tool?
According to International Data Corporation, their survey reveals that information worker, you, spend most of their time performing document-related activity. Here are some interesting facts on how workers spend their time:

5 hours/week searching for documents.
2.3 hours/week . Free download of Copernic Desktop Search 7.2.0, size 188.17 Mb.

TextSeek (Mac) 2.5.1583 Zest Company 

Character-level desktop Search tool for document contents on Windows and Mac OS within seconds, supporting PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other formats.
The core feature is that TextSeek can perform Search character-by-character with no omission, which is quite different from common indexing tools.
It's annoying that after long . Free download of TextSeek (Mac) 2.5.1583, size 55.00 Mb.

Accelerated File Search 1.0 Nova Epoc Systems 

Accelerated File Search is a PC program designed to Search files on the hard drives very quickly. You will never waste your time again waiting for the Windows Search to complete the Search operation. With Accelerated File Search you will be able to find files just in one second. Accelerated File Search creates copy of the filesystem table in RAM, . Free download of Accelerated File Search 1.0, size 599.04 Kb.

Search In File Ian MacKinnon 

Search In File is a useful application that allows you to quickly locate a file of a part of the file. The program intends to replace the default Windows Search feature by providing quick results.

The program allows you to Search for a phrase or word in Microsoft Office documents and in PDF files.

. Free download of Search In File, size 0 b.

Quick Search For Windows Glarysoft Ltd 

Quick Search is a free local Search tool to help users quickly locate files or folders instantly by key words. It is a much faster and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Search. It searches initially when you enter key letters and displays real-time searching results. Quick Search offers a Search filter to limit Search range and narrow down the . Free download of Quick Search For Windows, size 3.52 Mb.

Java Log Search (JLS) 1.1 

The Fastest Desktop Search ever! replacement for:( foobar2000 Search, google desktop, Windows Search) Java Log Search Indexes a directory in linear time and then allows you to Search it in logarithmic time. . Freeware download of Java Log Search (JLS) 1.1, size 40.40 Kb.

SearchFile 1.0 

A COM+ implementation to Search in a directory inside text files.Its very fast in compare with normal Windows Search. In my tests its searched at last 100Mb of text files in 5 minutes in the same enviroment. . Freeware download of SearchFile 1.0, size 67.35 Kb.

EraseMaster 2.10 EraseMaster 

EraseMaster allows you to clean your Internet history, cookies, browser cache, address bar history, index.dat files, temp files, Windows Search history, and more. EraseMaster completely cleans your system, ensuring your computer and Internet use cannot be revealed by anyone. It is very easy to use and performs all its cleaning tasks with just a . Free download of EraseMaster 2.10, size 2.05 Kb.