Windows Shell Extension Software

Quick Command Prompt 1.0.1 Sergei V. Lepitko 

Quick Command Prompt is a small utility, which was implemented as context menu Windows Shell Extension. You can easy invoke command processor for any folder, logical disk, network folder and their subfolders.

. Free download of Quick Command Prompt 1.0.1, size 52.43 Kb.


HashCheck Shell Extension (x86-32) Kai Liu 

This is a nifty tool for file integrity checking - a Windows Shell Extension that allows your to check the integrity of files via a corresponding .SFV file. It is a lightweight application that integrates itself into your operating system and can be accessed in two ways. First, it can be used from the menu that comes up when you right-click on a . Freeware download of HashCheck Shell Extension (x86-32), size 865.28 Kb.

Sendtosendto 1.2.5 

A Windows Shell Extension that lets its user easily add new entries to the SendTo folder. Just mark any file, go to the SendTo folder and click on 'Add here'. Easy like that. . Freeware download of Sendtosendto 1.2.5, size 89.09 Kb.


A Windows Shell Extension that lets its user query the internet for unknown file types, media files or any other files. Right-click any file and find it online or retrieve additional information such as file-type, information about movies and music. . Freeware download of FileQuery, size 32.77 Kb.

TortoiseHg x64 2.3.2001 TortoiseHg 

TortoiseHg is a Windows Shell Extension and a series of applications for the Mercurial distributed revision control system. It also includes a Gnome/Nautilus Extension and a CLI wrapper application so the TortoiseHg tools can be used on non-Windows platforms. . Freeware download of TortoiseHg x64 2.3.2001, size 22.33 Mb.

FtpDrive 3 5 KillSoft 

FtpDrive is a Windows Shell Extension for managing FTP servers. It allows you to use a list of FTP servers as a virtual drive on your computer. For example, I used "" and loaded it into a list. I then assigned drive letter Z to my FTP servers. So, by simply going to My Computer and double-clicking on drive Z, I can get to . Freeware download of FtpDrive 3 5, size 21.92 Mb.

TickBug rc.22.07.2010 

TickBug is a Microsoft Windows Shell Extension for symbol server storage . Freeware download of TickBug rc.22.07.2010, size 782.27 Kb.

Shell Extension Composer 1.1 Build 42 Rebell67 

As its name suggests, Shell Extension Composer is a handy and reliable application that you can use to create your own items and include them in the Windows Explorer's context menu.

The Shell extensions are registered in Windows using the rundll32.exe application. You can configure the Shell Extension name, location, add it a label and . Freeware download of Shell Extension Composer 1.1 Build 42, size 0 b.

GMail Drive Shell Extension Bjarke Viksoe 

Gmail Drive Shell Extension is a genius tool for Gmail users. Well, actually for users who use gmail a lot. Not every user. The application logs in to your gmail account and keeps a record of the file attachments that your e-mails have. Thus, it is able to create a sort of "virtual" folder on your computer, where all your e-mail . Freeware download of GMail Drive Shell Extension, size 0 b.

CyD Windows Shell 2008 SP2 CyD Software Labs 

CyD Windows Shell is a file manager for Windows. Some key features of CyD Windows Shell: Two fixed pane side by side, Drag and Drop support, ZIP archive support (you do not need external program). You can create ZIP archives, easily copy files to and from ZIP archives, Build-in file viewer / editor, Command line for the simple starting programs . Free download of CyD Windows Shell 2008 SP2, size 2.13 Mb.

CDBF Shell Extension WhiteTown Software 

The CDBF Shell Extension allows you to view content or structure of DBF files in the 'Properties' window without opening them.
CDBFShell allows you:
- copy to the clipboard selected records.
- copy to the clipboard structure of the table.
- hide or show deleted records.
- sort DBF file by clicking on a column . Freeware download of CDBF Shell Extension, size 19.48 Mb.

StreamInfo Shell Extension 1.0.0 

StreamInfo Shell Extension is a handy and reliable application designed to identify NTFS streams and display them inside the File Properties window.

The utility allows users to view the stream size and even delete it. This is an Explorer Shell Extension and will be installed via a BAT file.

. Free download of StreamInfo Shell Extension 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Better File Select 2.1 

Better File Select is a Shell Extension for the Windows Explorer, which allows users to quickly select multiple files based on a range of criteria. The simplest selection method is through partial file name matches, ie. "select all files which contain .gif".A more powerful method is to use wildcards known to many users through UNIX and . Free download of Better File Select 2.1, size 599.04 Kb.

Optixsoft SOR Shell Extension 2.1.849 Optixsoft 

SOR Shell Extension is an Extension for the Windows Shell to add support for SOR-files, i.e. Bellcore GR-196/SR-4731 Standard OTDR Records. It integrates into the Windows Explorer and many other Windows applications, allowing user to view and edit SOR-files from within those applications.

This Extension can be:
- installed on the . Freeware download of Optixsoft SOR Shell Extension 2.1.849, size 102.06 Mb.

SageThumbs CherubicSoft 

SageThumbs is a powerful Shell Extension allowing to preview enormous amount of image formats directly in Windows Explorer by using Pierre-e Gougelet's GFL library (XnView's author). Features: 1) Extended thumbnail image view of Explorer folder; 2) Thumbnail image in explorer context menu (rigth-click menu); 3) Extended info tips; 4) Support 162 . Freeware download of SageThumbs, size 2.14 Mb.

WoLoSoft CopyPath 1 3 WoLoSoft International 

CopyPath is a Shell Extension that copies the full path names of selected files in Windows Explorer. Once the full path name is copied to clipboard you may use it however you like.This small application will surely save you some precious important time when it comes to work with file paths. . Freeware download of WoLoSoft CopyPath 1 3, size 93.18 Kb.

Copy FullPath Name 1.0.1 Simeon Antonov 

Copy FullPath name is Shell Extension which adds ‘Copy Path’ and ‘Copy Name’ to context menu on Windows explorer. When you use ‘Copy Path’ item, you can easily copy to clipboard full path of selected file or directory in explorer. You can copy only name of file or directory with . Freeware download of Copy FullPath Name 1.0.1, size 16.34 Mb.

Open Command Prompt Shell Extension 2.0 Kai Liu 

The Open Command Prompt Shell Extension adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus (right-click menus) in Windows Explorer so that you can open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the current directory that you are viewing.

The Open Command Prompt Shell Extension is very . Freeware download of Open Command Prompt Shell Extension 2.0, size 465.92 Kb.

ContextConsole Shell Extension Kai Liu 

The ContextConsole Shell Extension adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus (right-click menus) in Windows Explorer so that you can open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the current directory that you are viewing.

Main features:
*Open a command prompt in the current . Freeware download of ContextConsole Shell Extension, size 47.10 Kb.

wxChecksums Shell Extension for 1. 1. 2001 Julien Couot 

wxChecksums Shell Extension for Microsoft Windows is a Shell Extension for the Windows' Explorer to process checksums' files with wxChecksums.
wxChecksums is a program which calculates and verifies checksums. wxChecksums is able to read and write files in SFV and MD5 format. . Freeware download of wxChecksums Shell Extension for 1. 1. 2001, size 47.03 Mb.