Windows Sleep Program Freeware

UI-View32 2 3 Roger Barker 

UI-View is a windows APRS program. This application differs from most APRS software in that it isn't designed just to be used with TNCs in terminal mode. UI-View also supports TNCs in KISS mode, AGWPE host mode and BPQ host mode. The 32 bit version of UI-View also supports WA8DED/TF host mode, and the variant of it used in the SCS PTC-II and . Freeware download of UI-View32 2 3, size 1.95 Mb.


Scott's Windows Startup Program 1 1 SB-Software 

Scott's windows Startup program Manager, as its name indicates, is a free program that gives us the opportunity to view and fully manage all the items that we have installed in our windows Startup. This utility can be very helpful and convenient for advanced users as it provides an instant access to our Startup entries so we can remove/kill . Freeware download of Scott's Windows Startup Program 1 1, size 55.07 Mb.

fulge Windows Flashcard Program 1.0.17004.0 

Simple MS-windows flashcard program.MFC C++ dialogs. . Freeware download of fulge Windows Flashcard Program 1.0.17004.0, size 4.87 Kb.

Windows Control Program 1.00 

windows Control program is a simple visual program designed to simplify the usability of your computer. It can also double as a powerful LAN operator with its shutdown capibilities. . Freeware download of Windows Control Program 1.00, size 114.94 Kb.

BootCopy 1.0 Softspecialists 

BootCopy is a windows native program that will let you to smoothly perform a file copy while windows is booting. . Freeware download of BootCopy 1.0, size 62.91 Kb.

Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1 SB-Software 

Scott's windows Startup program manager is a utility designed to let you manage the programs that automatically start when your windows PC boots up. These programs are generally stored in the windows registry, and are difficult to edit, unless you are familiar with how the windows registry works. This software is designed to be a much easier . Freeware download of Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1, size 550.91 Kb.

Sleep Portable 1.0 Kostas Rotas 

sleep program is a small freeware program that turns on and hibernates computer in scheduled time.
Also defined commands can be executed when computer is turned on, or files can be opened (mp3 files , music etc).
With this program you can use your computer as an alarm.


- Computer will . Freeware download of Sleep Portable 1.0, size 1.47 Mb. 1.0 

windows Desktop program to search ebay database without use the browser. The refresh is very fast and it is free. You can search by word and by category. You can sort just clicking the head fields of the table. . Freeware download of 1.0, size 379.90 Kb.

SpectraVue 3 21 MoeTronix 

SpectraVue is a windows based program that takes digitized signal data from a variety of sources and displays the
frequency domain spectrum on the PC screen.SpectraVue takes as input sources a variety of SDR-xx Software Defined Receivers from RFSpace. . Freeware download of SpectraVue 3 21, size 5.89 Mb.

ResistorCalc 5.0 Impellimax 

ResistorCalc is a free windows compatible program to aid in the use of linearizers (bipolar chip-and-wire hybrid circuits). The program accepts data on your device (from a text file or manual data entry) and plots the device data. Simple interactive controls allow you to graphically align breakpoint straight-line segments to the data. The program . Freeware download of ResistorCalc 5.0, size 1.58 Mb.

Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor 0.3 Gert 

Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor is a small windows based program for continuously monitoring multiple Local or Remote SME servers Over SSH. Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor shows the date and time of the last successful Affa backup job instead of just SUCCESS or FAILURE. . Freeware download of Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor 0.3, size 3.60 Mb.

Typefilemanager 3 3 Frank Worsley 

File Type Manager is a windows utility program that allows you to manage windows file types, actions and shell extensions. It offers far more functionality than similar programs or the built-in windows tool. Apart from that it is one of the only programs available that allows you to manage shell extensions. . Freeware download of Typefilemanager 3 3, size 2.72 Mb.

GGUM2004 1.0 UMBC 

GGUM2004 is a windows-based program that estimates parameters in the generalized graded unfolding model (GGUM; Roberts, Donoghue, & Laughlin, 2000). It expands the capabilities of its predecessor, GGUM2000, in the following ways:

GGUM2004 provides a user-friendly windows interface that enables the user to prepare command files, run . Freeware download of GGUM2004 1.0, size 15.78 Mb.

DSPWIN 3.0.5 HAL Communications Corp. 

DSPWin is a free windows&trade; application program for the HAL DSP-4100/2K supporting all modes of the DSP4100/2K including: CLOVER 2000, SITOR, P-Mode, and FSK (ASCII and Baudot).

DSPWin includes built in file compression routines. When sending data files with CLOVER 2000 the compression routines compress the file to a size most . Freeware download of DSPWIN 3.0.5, size 7.48 Mb.

Donor Manager 5 70 Donor Manager Software 

The Donor Manager is a free, windows based program designed to help missionaries keep track of information about their ministry partners.

It is designed specially for use in organizations where staff members raise their own financial support and want to build strong relationships with their donors / partners. . Freeware download of Donor Manager 5 70, size 4.82 Mb.

DAoC Monitor 0.2.0 

A windows trayicon-program to monitor the Dark Age of Camelot servers, and realm-status (Darkness Fall owner, servers up...). . Freeware download of DAoC Monitor 0.2.0, size 799.48 Kb.

Glass Flight Deck 1.0 

A windows based program which offers all the gauges for an airplane via the network. It includes all navigation displays and a flight management computer with autopilot. All types of aircraft will be dealt with from Airbus to Boeing. All gauges are ful . Freeware download of Glass Flight Deck 1.0, size 413.81 Kb.

Rated Ladder 0904 

Rated Ladder is a windows based program to assist in the running of a scholastic chess club written in Visual Basic 6. It allows the students to pair themselves and enter results. It has been used to run multiple clubs since 2002. . Freeware download of Rated Ladder 0904, size 3.40 Mb.

upnptest 0.9.4 

A windows c++ program to test various libraries on various routers to forward ports on routers. . Freeware download of upnptest 0.9.4, size 272.51 Kb.

GRAW Bundle Reader and Writer 1.0 Grawbundleread 

This project is the development of a 32 bit windows based program that facilitates reading and writing bundles for the game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

GRAW Bundle Reader and Writer 1.0 License - Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0) . Freeware download of GRAW Bundle Reader and Writer 1.0, size 0 b.