Without Address Bar Software

Sundance Digola 

Sundance is a simple and fast web browser special designed
for a complex web search. Its features include One-Click WebPage Translation,
very clean user interface, without Address Bar, floating navigation Bar,
redirect, RSS scrolling, transparent forms, quick web search, quick menu,
WYSIWYG page designer, changeable user . Freeware download of Sundance, size 986.63 Kb.


QT Address Bar 0.9.4 andazzi83 

QT Address Bar is for those computer enthusiasts who like the features of Vista more than their current faithful friend, Windows XP. If you want to change your computer's look and feel for Vista, then we can say QT Address Bar 0.9,5 is the first step for it. This program changes the look of your XP Address Bar to the more elegant and modern . Freeware download of QT Address Bar 0.9.4, size 0 b.

MuvEnum Address Bar - Windows Explorer 5. 3. 2001 MuvEnum 

The MuvEnum Address Bar saves you time by making it super easy to quickly open files, folders, programs, websites, bookmarks, browsing history, web searches, and more from your Windows taskbar!

The MuvEnum Address Bar is the ultimate replacement for the original Windows Address Bar.

When Microsoft removed the taskbar . Freeware download of MuvEnum Address Bar - Windows Explorer 5. 3. 2001, size 26.21 Mb.

The Quick Search Bar Online Business Services S.A. 

The Quick Search Bar Suggests Cool Sites and Related Search Terms While You Type. Type half your search term and click the result you are looking for. Discover new sites without looking for them! Use Your Address Bar Like a Search Engine! Get search recommendations right in your browser. . Freeware download of The Quick Search Bar, size 348.16 Kb.

URL Fixer 1.7.3 Christopher Finke 

URL Fixer is an extension for Mozilla-based Web browsers that corrects typos in URLs that you enter in the Address Bar. For example, if you type google.con, it will correct it to google.com (asking first, if you enable confirmation).

The latest version of URL Fixer will correct common misspellings of .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil, . Freeware download of URL Fixer 1.7.3, size 47.19 Kb.

Delete Cookies 1.2 Delete History Software 

Delete Cookies is security software to remove all the traces of your online and offline activity: Internet Explorer cookies and cache, history, typed URLs in the Address Bar, temporary files and the shortcuts to the recently used documents. The user interface is very convenient allowing you to select items to clean and erase all the traces with a . Free download of Delete Cookies 1.2, size 512.00 Kb.

Perfect Privacy 2 Blumentals Software 

With Perfect Privacy you can easily eliminate your Internet and offline computer usage traces, such as history lists, Address Bar drop downs, cache, accessed document lists and other tracks that are stored to your computer as you use it. You can eliminate all traces or specify a selection. Cleanup can be done with a single click; it can be also . Free download of Perfect Privacy 2, size 977.92 Kb.

EraseMaster 2.10 EraseMaster 

EraseMaster allows you to clean your Internet history, cookies, browser cache, Address Bar history, index.dat files, temp files, Windows search history, and more. EraseMaster completely cleans your system, ensuring your computer and Internet use cannot be revealed by anyone. It is very easy to use and performs all its cleaning tasks with just a . Free download of EraseMaster 2.10, size 2.05 Kb.

Flagfox 4.0.5 Dave Garrett 

Flagfox is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that shows a flag icon, either in the status Bar or in the Address Bar, indicating the current website's server location. It uses relatively little resources, and works by accessing an IP Address database contained within the extension rather than relying on top-level-domain roots like ".com" or . Freeware download of Flagfox 4.0.5, size 492.54 Kb.

IE Alias MuvEnum 

Create aliases to open single or multiple websites, folders, and files when typed into the Internet Explorer Address Bar. As an example, we type "n" in our Address Bar, hit enter, and all of our favorite news pages are automatically opened. A simple and effective way to reduce the time it takes to run through your daily browsing routine. . Freeware download of IE Alias, size 232.45 Kb.

Geresh 1.0 Geresh 

ever happened to you that you entered " www " at the Address Bar, raised your head from the keyboard and instead saw " ''' " ?just 1 click and you convert text entered mistakinly in 1 input language into another

Geresh 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Geresh 1.0, size 0 b.

jWisp 1.0 Jwisp 

A MVC framework for developing Web applications that allows free and comfortable with navigation buttons and Address Bar of your browser. And with a rich and diverse component library.

jWisp 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2) . Freeware download of jWisp 1.0, size 0 b.

Subscribe To Feed 1.0b3 Red Sweater 

Subscribe To Feed will help you quickly and easily put the RSS button back on your Safari Address Bar. By clicking on the newly added RSS button, you will be able to subscribe to your favorite news feeds.

Subscribe To Feed automatically detects the RSS and Atom on webpages as you surf the Internet turning to black from gray in order to . Free download of Subscribe To Feed 1.0b3, size 0 b.

Internet Explorer History Eraser Data Recovery Software 

Data Doctor Internet History Eraser deletes typed URLs of your internet explorer IE browser dropdown Address Bar location list and clears cookies stored files and cache. Internet history eraser deletes all tracked internet surfing information from your computer. Utility supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows ME. Data . Free download of Internet Explorer History Eraser, size 1.43 Mb.

Epub Share & Download WiFi 1 chunfeng ran 

? WiFi Share Epub
Just start the app and enter the displayed Address into the Address Bar of your browser. Works with any computer that has a modern browser (like desktop or portable computers, iPads, or even an other iPhone) and is on the same wifi network as your phone, iPod or iPad.

? Download Manager
- fast download . Free download of Epub Share & Download WiFi 1, size 11.43 Mb.

1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer 1.1 1-abc.net 

There are many ways and tools to delete the trail you leave on your computer when you visit websites - but this one already washes it away while you are surfing! The program runs nearly unrecognizable in the background. You can surf the web as always without any restrictions! Do you know that every visited website leaves files on your computer? . Free download of 1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer 1.1, size 116.74 Kb.

Folder Pilot 1.00 BAxBEx Software 

Folder Pilot seamlessly integrates into your Windows environment with two easy-to-use Windows extensions.

Install Folder Pilot today and forget all the hassles when browsing through folders.

Folder Pilot replaces the Address Bar in Windows Explorer and enhances its functionality. With just 2 clicks of the mouse, you can . Free download of Folder Pilot 1.00, size 1.78 Mb.

Crystal Creative XML Website Template 1 Flash Components 

GLOBAL SETTINGS * All modules are resizable (except for the CONTACT module) * Full deeplinking - swf Address - XML driven Address Bar and title Bar titles * Back and Forward browser buttons function * Everything is XML driven * All text is HTML formatted , XML/CSS driven (external CSS) * You can add main pages and buttons via XML (without having to . Free download of Crystal Creative XML Website Template 1, size 102.40 Kb.

PCBooster Free Browser Cleaner 7.3.2 PCBooster, Inc. 

PCBooster Free Browser Cleaner is designed to delete the data generated when surfing like histories, cookies, cache, typed-in URLs in Address Bar, entries for the last selected download folder, autocomplete form, stored passwords, etc. It is compatible with all popular web browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari. While protecting . Freeware download of PCBooster Free Browser Cleaner 7.3.2, size 794.11 Kb.

Computer History Viewer 1 Elongsoft Software 

Every time you surf the Internet or use other applications on your PC, traces of your activities linger on your hard drive.Each time that you type a URL in the Address Bar or click on a link in Internet Explorer browser, the URL Address is automatically added to the history index file.With Computer History Viewer,you can find out all information . Freeware download of Computer History Viewer 1, size 390.14 Kb.