Word Processor Software

Atlantis Word Processor 4.0.2 The Atlantis Word Processor Team 

Atlantis is a standalone word processor for both professional writers and those who create documents only occasionally. Powerful and feature-rich, user-friendly and fully-customizable, it will let you work on your own terms. Atlantis is a word processor with charisma. With a unique look and feel, it offers features you will not find anywhere else. . Free download of Atlantis Word Processor 4.0.2, size 3.17 Mb.


TreePad PLUS 7.7.1 Freebyte.com 

All in one! Versatile tree-structured Personal Information Manager, database, search engine, word processor, Website generator, photo album and much more. Store all your notes, letters, emails, texts, hyperlinks and keep them accessible, organized, searchable and always just a few mouse clicks away. TreePad PLUS comes with a huge number of . Free download of TreePad PLUS 7.7.1, size 1.90 Mb.

TreePad Business Edition 7.7.3 Freebyte.com 

Multi-featured Personal Information Manager with high-security encryption, search engine, word processor, spell checker (20+ languages), thesaurus, Website generator (including dynamic Javascript tree) and much more. It stores all your notes, letters, emails, texts, hyperlinks and keeps them accessible, safe, encrypted, organized, searchable and . Free download of TreePad Business Edition 7.7.3, size 2.96 Mb.

SymbolChooser 1.5 SymbolChooser Software LLC 

SymbolChooser is a word processor that can be used to type documents in any language or even to create a new language with a new alphabet and new symbols. SymbolChooser is especially useful to constructed language (conlang) enthusiasts who desire to invent new languages and symbols. SymbolChooser makes creating custom symbols and inserting them . Free download of SymbolChooser 1.5, size 4.89 Mb.

SmoothDocs 2.00 Traxmaster Software LLC 

SmoothDocs is the easiest document assembly software available. Create dynamic templates which can be quickly customized to create a limitless number of documents. Use friendly document wizards to create documents with a minimum of fuss. Ideal for individuals and small businesses. . Free download of SmoothDocs 2.00, size 56.85 Mb.

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 Kingsoft Office 

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is a practical word processor, which is one of the major elements of Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012.
Compatibility: Professional Writer is fully compatible with Microsoft word (97/2000/2003/2007/2010). With it, you can create, open, view, edit, and save document DOC formats produced using word, and . Free download of Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012, size 68.46 Mb.

Count My Text! 1.0 ClydeSight Productions 

WIN/MAC DEMO this easy to use utility software that gives you accurate complete text count information. It counts all characters and allows you to optimize text by stripping excess code. Ideal for SEO, Webmaster, Forums, Classifieds, Press Releases. You can paste optimized text into input boxes on the Internet that specify character count limits. . Free download of Count My Text! 1.0, size 1.66 Mb.

ChordMaker 2. 1. 2006 Virtu Software 

Whether you are a song writer, church musician, amateur, or a professional instrumentalist, ChordMaker is the perfect songwriting and transcribing utility. It will save hours transcribing songs, and then prevent even more wasted time by allowing you to organize your chord and lyric sheets into a songbook.

Unlike a standard word . Free download of ChordMaker 2. 1. 2006, size 5.79 Mb.

AbiWord 2. 9. 2001 Dom Lachowicz 

AbiWord is a free word processing program with lots of features useful for your daily work, personal needs, or for just some good old typing fun. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.
AbiWord allows you to collaborate with multiple people on one document at the same time. . Freeware download of AbiWord 2. 9. 2001, size 8.34 Mb.

Xiosis Scribe 1.0 Xiosis Pvt. Ltd. 

Xiosis Scribe 2011 is a next generation word processor where development of your ideas into content comes first and software features takes an non intrusive backseat to providing you the right tools at the right time.

Scribe features
* Simple uncluttered screens
* Easy separation of content from formatting making it easier . Free download of Xiosis Scribe 1.0, size 30.51 Mb.

PlanMaker 5 1 SoftMaker Software GmbH 

Do you want to: open an .xls or .xlsx file made in Microsoft Excel or a PlanMaker workbook, but don't have a suitable spreadsheet program installed?

Do you wish to view such a file on your screen, print it, even create a PDF file from it?
With PlanMaker you can open, view and prints these document types:
-.xlsx, .xlsm . Freeware download of PlanMaker 5 1, size 4.41 Mb.

Shakti Office Hindi CK Technologies Pvt Ltd 

User-friendly is more than a marketing term for us. It is our core dream - To empower. Our software is a result of being tuned into the needs of you, the Indian user.

Shakti Office offers a number of applications that have been pinpointed by the Indian user as a must. These applications are enhanced with a number of unique features . Free download of Shakti Office Hindi, size 0 b.

PolyEdit Lite 5 4 PolySoft Solutions 

PolyEdit Lite is a free application designed to cover the text processing needs of those who require much more functionality than that offered by other standard Windows free tools – such as Notepad - but who do not want to pay the price of commercial tools they will not use fully. This word processing tool includes all the features the . Freeware download of PolyEdit Lite 5 4, size 0 b.

Papyrus Office 15 2 R.O.M. logicware GmbH 

Papyrus is fast, reliable, and secure. In one single program of unmatched efficiency, you will find:

- word-processing with everything you need,
- Desktop publishing suitable for professional applications,
- Embedded spreadsheets with over 100 calculation functions,
- Relational databases with a powerful search . Free download of Papyrus Office 15 2, size 4.05 Mb.

BlockNote.Net Terra Informatica Software Design 

BlockNote is an HTML editor based in a system WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) that allows us to develop websites without the knowledge of HTML. The software utility could be extended with temporal compilation functions and library elements. It allows us to introduce the HTML code and ASP/JSP/PHP, to achieve dynamic and professional . Freeware download of BlockNote.Net, size 0 b.

ThinkFree Office Calc 4.0.1480.97 Hancom Inc 

ThinkFree Calc is a new and innovative office tool featuring over 300 functions like simple calculations, financial functions, engineering functions and other functions for special fields. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, auto filters, scrolling column headers, complete function library, protected sheets, and lots more. It's easy to . Free download of ThinkFree Office Calc 4.0.1480.97, size 59.16 Mb.

Story Lite 2.2 Story Software 

Start using Story Lite, how did you write without it? word processor, add callouts, sidebars, notes, comments. 5 star reviews. Improve writing, increase productivity. Never forget ideas or lose notes. Make comments with colors and position. Huge canvas, position many text editors. Publish, export many formats. Easy to use, simple, no learning curve . Free download of Story Lite 2.2, size 21.58 Mb.

Breme Write Right Breme Software 

Breme Write Right adds as-you-write spelling help to everything you write, through sounds and pictures. Developed by a teacher with a long and intimate knowledge of dyslexia and other spelling problems, Write Right's search engine will find you words others will not, and offers you multiple choices of possible words in easy to follow groups of . Free download of Breme Write Right, size 17.96 Mb.

Bangla Caculator 1.0 BanglaSoftware 

Bangla Caculator is the first calculator of the world that has two languages. All the mathematical operation of this calculator is like the normal calculators only the display is different. The user can do calculation in both Bangla and English language. The calculator has two modes. One is the Bangla mode, where the numerals are in bengali and the . Freeware download of Bangla Caculator 1.0, size 7.47 Mb.

SoftMaker Office for Linux 2012 Rev 654 SoftMaker Software GmbH 

Choose SoftMaker Office 2010 as your office suite, and you will get the job done in less time and with better results.
SoftMaker Office reads and writes Microsoft word, Excel, and PowerPoint files seamlessly – and costs only a fraction of Microsoft Office.
Everything speaks for SoftMaker Office 2010:
Powerful: Sophisticated . Free download of SoftMaker Office for Linux 2012 Rev 654, size 1.05 Mb.