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SlottaTime 1 22 ProcessIT Limited 

The SlottaTime Work Scheduling Application is the perfect Software solution for Customer Service and Support businesses. SlottaTime is designed to serve as a Scheduling system you can use to manage the staff and the equipment your business has.
Features include:
-Schedule and plan Customer service workloads for multiple Teams or . Free download of SlottaTime 1 22, size 7.97 Mb.


CLRota 1.x Chocolate Labrador Ltd 

Manage your staff Work schedules the easy way. Share staff rotas immediately with your staff. Free trial forever, no credit card required. Works on all major browsers, drag and drop shifts, approve Work done. Work Scheduling made easy. You can use CLRota from anywhere in the world at any time day or night. Drag and drop shifts between staff. . Free download of CLRota 1.x, size b.

UBS Time Attendance Software 9 2 PC Mart Sdn Bhd 

Benefits * Time and cost savings for organization, and ultimately leading to efficiency and effectiveness in controlling and managing staff. * This allows management to focus on other priorities * It provides security management and allows tracking movement of staff * It provides control in systematic Work Scheduling * Parameter-driven; flexible . Free download of UBS Time Attendance Software 9 2, size 16.14 Mb.

Employee Payroll Software Payroll software download 

Company pleaded to introduces technically efficient yet easy to operate Employee Payroll Software of which is one of the most leading staff planning program among all offered in market and available at reasonable cost. Employee Payroll Software enables multiple company managers to maintain employeeOCOs details at one place in automatic way. Easy to . Free download of Employee Payroll Software, size 4.95 Mb.

PriMus v500c ACCA Software S.p.A. 

PriMus garantees integrated management of Price Books, Bills of Quantities and Rate Analysis.
The program has specific features to address any kind of Estimating or Quantity surveying issue and is easier and more effective than any other generic spreadsheet Software.
With PriMus: Import Price Lists from Excel or Word, open Price Lists . Freeware download of PriMus v500c, size 71.30 Mb.

HRa Mobile 1.4.5 HR Access 

HRa Mobile enables the employees of HR Access customers to access and manage specific HRIS processes and personnel records, using a smartphone enabled with fast, secure connectivity.

HRa Mobile covers the following HR processes: *

- Requests for leave
- Accrued leave entitlements
- Viewing of co-worker . Freeware download of HRa Mobile 1.4.5, size 2.94 Mb.

Work Schedule Template With Shifts and Labor Costs 1 Business Management Systems 

An Excel Scheduling template designed to let you create and print a weekly Work schedule for up to 20 employees and 9 shifts. Work hours and labor costs are automatically computed based on shift assignments and hourly rates.

The template's 3-tab system lets you configure the worksheets to match your operations. Use the Employees . Freeware download of Work Schedule Template With Shifts and Labor Costs 1, size 18.43 Kb.

CPU Scheduling Simulator 1.0 Cpuschedulingsi 

This program allows one to virtually see how the different process Scheduling algorithms Work. The purpose of this program is to act as a recruiting tool for future computer engineers as well as a teaching tool for future Modern OS classes.

CPU Scheduling Simulator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of CPU Scheduling Simulator 1.0, size 0 b.

AyaNova 7.3 Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc. 

AyaNova has powerful features to help manage all aspects of service.

Use AyaNova service workorders to schedule individual or multiple users, enter in TO DO tasks, identify equipment that is to be serviced to maintain a service history, identify parts used in service, track service labor for each workorder item, as well as travel and . Free download of AyaNova 7.3, size 26.27 Mb.

Auto Schedule 5 Beyers Business Software 

Auto Schedule is a powerful employee Scheduling program that uses modern database technology and complex algorithms to quickly make your weekly employee Work and break schedules. It will also handle all your employee requests off and provide you with valuable payroll information, including sales to payroll ratios right on screen. This along with . Free download of Auto Schedule 5, size 8.69 Mb.

Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4 Shift Schedules 

Nurse Scheduling at Several Different HospitalsThe Nurse Dispatcher was developed for staffing agencies providing nurses to Work up to 3 daily shifts at several different hospitals. It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to send people to Work different shifts at different locations. Two sizes, 20 locations and 200 . Free download of Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4, size 2.27 Mb.

Easy Hour Assignments with Excel 1.62 Shift Schedules 

The Easy Hours Scheduler saves you Scheduling headaches and time by letting you simply specify your daily staffing needs and then assign them to up to 25 people by inserting a number in the start time column. You can assign up to 3 groups of hours (shifts) to each person and the program keeps track of your staffing requirements for 3 different . Free download of Easy Hour Assignments with Excel 1.62, size 1.98 Mb.

Schedule Crew Assignments for 100 People 3.21 Shift Schedules 

The CM-10-100 crew maker spreadsheet allows you to assign 100 employees to 10 daily jobs and is ideal for businesses that need to create job-specific Work crews that may vary in composition from day-to-day. Up to 6 different employee categories and 8 different specialties can be assigned to daily jobs or crews. Individual assignments are made from . Free download of Schedule Crew Assignments for 100 People 3.21, size 1.02 Mb.

RationalPlan Project Server 4.15.0 Stand By Soft Ltd 

RationalPlan Project Server by Stand By Soft is a project management platform capable of handling multiple interrelated projects and concurrent user modifications. It is the best project management Software solution for those that need to Work as a team on common tasks and projects. It provides a centralized management solution for company projects . Free download of RationalPlan Project Server 4.15.0, size 101.80 Mb.

Employee Scheduling Pro Employee Scheduling Pro 

Easy-to-use Employee Scheduling Software that lets you make schedules quickly and easily. Support for multiple locations, multiple jobs, hours after midnight, etc. Schedule your employees visually on a calendar, or with a list of shifts.
Custom schedule hours, starting day of week, and other needs you have for employee Scheduling. Perfect for . Free download of Employee Scheduling Pro, size 18.48 Mb.

Snap Schedule Personnel Scheduling 1.5.3157 Business Management Systems, Inc. 

Snap Schedule Personnel Scheduling Software is a complete and easy-to-use solution that addresses your organization's Scheduling challenges and helps you control your labor management costs. Snap Schedule?s graphical interface, drag-and-drop Scheduling, and automatic schedule generation let you easily create optimal shift schedules for your . Free download of Snap Schedule Personnel Scheduling 1.5.3157, size 31.55 Mb.

Rillsoft Project Freeware 5.3 Rillsoft GmbH 

Rillsoft Project is a powerful Software tool for project management, it is used for Project Planning. Rillsoft Project supported by the sequence and Scheduling of any project. The Software provides Scheduling, Gantt chars and network diagrams, Work breakdown structure (WBS), cost tracking etc.. The Software product is applicable to the construction . Freeware download of Rillsoft Project Freeware 5.3, size 61.34 Mb.

Phoenix Project Manager for Mac Phoenix Project Management Systems 

Phoenix Project Manager is a Scheduling tool designed to Work the way the industry works: project by project. For every project, from the very simple to the most complex, Phoenix gives you the power to make the schedule a valuable tool for managing the job.
The power of Phoenix Project Manager is in the superior graphic bar charts and network . Free download of Phoenix Project Manager for Mac, size 8.34 Mb.

MIETrak 2010-1 1.0 MIE Solutions 

MIE TrakA™ Software - ERP/MRP/MES fully-integrated business Software solution Modules include Quoting, Order Entry, Purchasing, Scheduling, Data Collection, Routing, Work Orders, Routers, Real Time Tracking, Inventory Control, BOM's, Invoicing, etc MIE Solutions Software- ERP/MES/QUOTING/CMMS/MRP/ESTIMATING MIE Solutions provides a variety of . Free download of MIETrak 2010-1 1.0, size 146.02 Mb.

Staff Scheduling Inventory software 

Innovation Staff Scheduling Software available at company website provide facility to maintain employee daily attendance records. Employee record application offers facility for generating payroll, pay slips with advance printing setting. Program also records office timing, incoming and outgoing record of every company employee without taking any . Free download of Staff Scheduling, size 5.08 Mb.