XMI Software

Anything from XMI Generator 2.1.2 axgen.sourceforge.net 

AXgen is a code generator using XMI as input and Velocity templates for transformation. Ready to use templates are given to generate Java classes for OJB, including Repository and SQL script to build the corresponding DB scheme. . Freeware download of Anything from XMI Generator 2.1.2, size 4.16 Mb.


CFM / CFC 2 XMI : Coldfusion to UML cf2xmi.sourceforge.net 

Coldfusion to UMLConvert coldfusion cfm / cfc documents uml through XMI. Any tool that can read / import XMI should be able to import a complete coldfusion project. . Freeware download of CFM / CFC 2 XMI : Coldfusion to UML, size 241.88 Kb.

xmi-utils 1.0 Xmi-utils 

XMI-utils is a set of java libraries for working with XMI model and metamodel defined by the OMG. features: XMI parser, XMI repository, create java interfaces from metamodel, proxy for interfaces generated from metamodel

XMI-utils 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of xmi-utils 1.0, size 0 b.

Php to Xmi converter 1 Php2xmi 

Php2Xmi is a command-line tool written in PHP which scans PHP classes and builds an XMI file with UML representaion of classes found. XMI could be viewed using KDE's Umbrello modelling tool

Php to XMI converter 1 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of Php to Xmi converter 1, size 18.47 Kb.

xmi-utils-eclipse-plugin 1.0 Xmi-eclipse 

The XMI-utils eclipse plugin integrates the XMI-utils library into eclipse and provides a repository and other functionalities for other plugins. In addition it extends eclipse with some helpers for working with XMI files and repositories.

XMI-utils-eclipse-plugin 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of xmi-utils-eclipse-plugin 1.0, size 0 b.

Butterfly Code Generator 0.18 butterflycode.sourceforge.net 

Butterfly is a simple Code Generator using XMI as the input and XSLT templates to generate any type of code. Several templates are provided including EJB, JDO and Struts. Users may use the templates, modify them or create new ones using XSL. . Freeware download of Butterfly Code Generator 0.18, size 6.55 Mb.

CircleUML 0.1 circleuml.sourceforge.net 

CircleUML is a stand alone Java application that forward engineers interaction diagrams from XMI-exports. . Freeware download of CircleUML 0.1, size 1.29 Mb.

Codex Code Generator rc codex-core.sourceforge.net 

Codex is a code generator based on a central MetaModel which can be created via multiple channels: reflection, Doclet, XML/XMI, etc. because it offers a generic Loader concept. The templates are similiar to JSPs and allow to use the full power of Java. . Freeware download of Codex Code Generator rc, size 4.45 Mb.

EasyFaces MDA Generator 1.0 easyfacesmdagen.sourceforge.net 

EasyFaces MDA Generator is a Java desktop application that can generate Java Classes, JPA entities, SQL scripts for creating tables and Hibernate mapping and configuration files based on an UML class diagram provided in XMI format. . Freeware download of EasyFaces MDA Generator 1.0, size 1.31 Mb.

libuml 0.1 libuml.sourceforge.net 

a framework for describing uml models (and in the future diagrams)including XMI-import/ export . Freeware download of libuml 0.1, size 722.50 Kb.

Metamodel Engine 1.0 m-engine.sourceforge.net 

Open source code generator engine based on imported XMI model. The engine provides developers a way to generate source code or script in any languages with generation files describing the code generation, parsing their models throught the metamodel . Freeware download of Metamodel Engine 1.0, size 85.99 Kb.

MLGen 1.0 mlgen.sourceforge.net 

Entirely wrote in pure Java, this code generator take UML models in XMI file format and generate C++ or Java source code. . Freeware download of MLGen 1.0, size 47.70 Kb.

PHiMX rc phimx.sourceforge.net 

PHiMX is a command-line tool to generate XMI code of a project in PHP5. It can analyze recursively several directories of PHP scripts, supports various XMI formats and allows to integrate your own include_path. . Freeware download of PHiMX rc, size 41.08 Kb.

PHP_UML 1.5.2 phpuml.sourceforge.net 

A reverse engineering, metamodel driven tool that scans PHP files and directories, and delivers an UML/XMI representation of the classes / packages found. The XMI code that it generates can be imported into any UML modeling tool. It is available on PEAR. . Freeware download of PHP_UML 1.5.2, size 503.40 Kb.

Rose Petal file importer library 0.0.2 rosepetal.sourceforge.net 

The purpose of project is libarary that is foundation for importers from Rational Rose file formats to other formats and importers to some specific formats like nsuml XMI. . Freeware download of Rose Petal file importer library 0.0.2, size 1.47 Mb.

Spiritbot - Java UML/Code-Gen tools 1.0 spiritbot.sourceforge.net 

Spiritbot is a suite of tools designed for use in software-engineering, CodeGenUML includes an XMI/MOF/UML reader and exporter. An IRC ticker bot is also provided to aid in the development process. . Freeware download of Spiritbot - Java UML/Code-Gen tools 1.0, size 94.00 Kb.

UCM Scenario Exporter 1.2 ucmexporter.sourceforge.net 

The UCM Scenario Exporter allows you to export your UCM scenarios from XML (as generated by the UCMNav tool) to UML sequence diagrams conforming to the XMI standard. The UCM Scenario Exporter also incorporates the functionality to generate TTCN and MSC f . Freeware download of UCM Scenario Exporter 1.2, size 1.46 Mb.

UML for Schema 3 uml4wxs.sourceforge.net 

UML for Schema is a code generator, it takes an UML model, properly enriched with stereotypes and tags from an XMI file and it generate some equivalent W3C XML Schemes (WXS). It is also able to do the inverse transformation. . Freeware download of UML for Schema 3, size 70.53 Kb.

uml2symfony beta.0.2 uml2symfony.sourceforge.net 

Uml2symfony is a symfony plugin that can translates a argoUML uml(XMI + pgml) file into symfony elements. It generates schema files and plugins accordingly. A component in the UML diagram is translated into a symfony plugin, and the classes inside the co . Freeware download of uml2symfony beta.0.2, size 23.47 Kb.

UMLMDA, a UML/MDA Generator Framework 2.11.8 umlmda.sourceforge.net 

UMLMDA provides a set of java tools to read UML models from ArgoUML, Rational Rose, RSM or XMI and to setup generators with jsp based templates to generate code from the models. Based on this tools a MDA-Framework is developed for business applications. . Freeware download of UMLMDA, a UML/MDA Generator Framework 2.11.8, size 6.27 Mb.