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Backgammon 3D 1.0 TERMINAL Studio 

Backgammon 3D is a 3D visualization of a classical board Game - Backgammon. Now you can play with your computer not only on a flat screen, but also enjoy 3D operations - rotating the board, looking at the board from the side of your opponent, and other cool features. . Free download of Backgammon 3D 1.0, size 782.34 Kb.


Pro Backgammon 5.01 WinGames.Inc 

The classical age-old Game Backgammon greets you. If you like this Game in real life, it's quite possible that youLll appreciate a computer variant of Backgammon, which, in addition, includes many useful features, the original Game doesn't have. . Free download of Pro Backgammon 5.01, size 1.58 Mb.

Backgammon Arena 1.1.0 LazyLand LTD 

Your favorite online Game, Backgammon is now social!

Demonstrate your strategic skills and your luck on dice while playing one of the most exciting online games.

Challenge and beat your friends by moving all your pegs to your side before they do! Win one Game after another, unlock exciting new levels and take part in big . Freeware download of Backgammon Arena 1.1.0, size 36.81 Mb.

Backgammon Club FREE 1.4 Yan Rabovik 

Classical Backgammon Game for the iPad optimized for a convenient two-player and online network Game.

Backgammon is a two-player board Game requiring strategic thinking. The object of the Game is to move all your checkers to the "home" and bear them off. The first player to bear off all his/her checkers wins the Game.

BackgammON ON-LINE 2.0 Anibal Leon 

We present this modern version of the famous Game.
Backgammon is a board Game for two players that combines randomness with deep strategic knowledge. The aim is to remove the tiles from the board before the opposing player.
You will have the opportunity to play against friends on the same device, against the CPU with different difficulty . Free download of BackgammON ON-LINE 2.0, size 7.24 Mb.

StrongGammon II 1.5 StrongGames 

StrongGammon is a classical board Game - Backgammon. Colorful and 3D realistic visualization. A choice of opponents: human, computer or network Game. Different skill levels. Adjustable skins. Cube support. Many optional rules. New strongly AI. . Free download of StrongGammon II 1.5, size 5.10 Mb.

Tams11 Backgammon Tamera A Shaw-McGuire 

Play this Tams11 version of the popular Game Backgammon. Be the first to move all your chips into the home slot to win the Game. Be careful about leaving one chip on a space as this will allow your opponent to pounce on you and send you to the bar. Includes the option to play Acey Deucy. Needs the Tams11 Lobby to play against others. . Freeware download of Tams11 Backgammon, size 1.06 Mb.

Multiplayer online backgammon Multiplayer online backgammon 

Multiplayer online Backgammon. Free online Backgammon Game by The aim of the Game is moving all the player's pieces into his own home board and then bear them off before opponent. Popyeah is a website dedicated to playing free online games with over 100 singleplayer and multiplayer games.
Challenge your friends clicking your . Freeware download of Multiplayer online backgammon, size 2.64 Mb.

Play65 Internet Backgammon 3 Backgammon Online InterLogic Ltd 

3D Backgammon software in 17 different languages for online playing with lots of Backgammon games and tournaments plus a chat platform enhancing the players interactive playing experience. Features: easy and fast download; amazing 3D graphics; highly realistic sound of dice roll; learning and improving your Backgammon skills while playing or using . Freeware download of Play65 Internet Backgammon 3, size 307.20 Kb.

Backgammon Masters Free 1.6.5 2KB LLC 


"The Game is exactly what a Backgammon app should be. It has a great look, detailed instructions, and is faithful to the original Game. The number of match-making offerings is impressive and the controls are easy to use." -- 148apps

"To put it simply, Backgammon Masters is one . Freeware download of Backgammon Masters Free 1.6.5, size 11.32 Mb.

Backgammon Masters HD Free 1.6.5 2KB LLC 

Enjoy on iPad with fantastic Retina Display support!?

"The Game is exactly what a Backgammon app should be. It has a great look, detailed instructions, and is faithful to the original Game. The number of match-making offerings is impressive and the controls are easy to use." -- . Freeware download of Backgammon Masters HD Free 1.6.5, size 16.25 Mb.

PartyGammon Backgammon 7.9 PartyGammon 

We offer the finest software and the most reliable games. Online Backgammon players of all skill levels can enjoy's elegant boards and clean, easy-to-use interface, whether in table or avatar mode.Players from all over the world are playing around the clock so there's always action to jump in to. . Freeware download of PartyGammon Backgammon 7.9, size 283.12 Kb.

Brouf_BackGammon 1.0 Brouf_Soft 

An intuitive software to play Backgammon through a cool and friendly graphic interface... . Freeware download of Brouf_BackGammon 1.0, size 373.76 Kb.

Backgammon Buddy 1 1 Play Buddy 

Backgammon Buddy is the bot for you Yahoo Backgammon Game. This specialized Backgammon cheat is one that surpasses all other Backgammon autos. This Buddy puts you in a league with the pros and is a tool no serious player should be without. Capable of winning matches against 2500+ rated players thanks to its advanced Backgammon strategy, this . Free download of Backgammon Buddy 1 1, size 7.76 Mb.

Online backgammon game Popyeah Online Games 

Online Backgammon Game to play on Backgammon is a board Game for two players in which the playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice. A player wins by removing all of his checkers from the board. Although luck plays an important role, there is a large scope for strategy. With each roll of the dice a player must choose from . Freeware download of Online backgammon game, size 2.58 Mb.

Yahoo Messenger Game Name The Picture 1.2 

Yahoo Messenger Game Name The Picture. Each person in the Game sees a picture, and has to think of a funny caption. Everyone then writes their captions, and each caption is revealed and voted against by the players. The caption voted the funniest wins that round! The Game includes a ranking system, and you can chat to others while you play. There . Freeware download of Yahoo Messenger Game Name The Picture 1.2, size 22.24 Mb.

3D Backgammon Unlimited 1 TLK Games 

The Backgammon, an immensely popular Game for two players, is a clever combination of luck and strategy Game that can be played under hundreds of codified variants some of them dating from the high Egyptian antiquity or even earlier like the beautiful Royal Game of Ur. The board consists of 24 numbered isosceles triangles of alternative colors . Free download of 3D Backgammon Unlimited 1, size 3.02 Mb.

2007 Backgammon Pro 5.31 Rightdown Software 

This is the most featured Backgammon Game available today. It has realistic OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics - you can view the board from any angle. You can play against the computer or with your friends and there is an online system to play against thousands of players worldwide. Professional version features various visual styles and improved . Free download of 2007 Backgammon Pro 5.31, size 2.77 Mb.

Mahjsol Buddy - Yahoo 1 2 Play Buddy 

Mahjsol Buddy - Yahoo is a great bot that assists with the centruies old Game of Mah Jong. Whether you are a Mah Jong player who wants to earn a higher Yahoo rating, this Buddy is the Mahjong bot for you.
It is the perfect companion for those who want a helper with Mahjong strategy when that one tile can't be found, or for those who can . Free download of Mahjsol Buddy - Yahoo 1 2, size 1.14 Mb.

FreeSweetGames Backgammon 2. 2. 1940 FreeSweetGames 

The Game of long and short Backgammon. You can create different initial position and alter key rules. The main objective of Backgammon is to move all of one's own checkers to the player's home and then remove them from the board. Players move their checkers in counter-clockwise directions. The first player who has removed all the checkers, wins. . Freeware download of FreeSweetGames Backgammon 2. 2. 1940, size 680.96 Kb.

Yahoo Game Backgammon Web Results

Generic Universal Boardgame

Play almost any board game: backgammon and checkers pieces are available or you can create your own. (Requires Java 2)

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Fan discussion group dedicated to the film. [Requires Yahoo! membership to view].

Yahoo Groups: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion RPG

A play-by-email role playing game for the movie.

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Fan community for Captain N - The Game Master.

Yahoo Clubs: Go-Go Gadget

Includes message board, bookmarks, images, and files. Yahoo membership required.

Manny With Meatballs Game

Interactive Shockwave game.

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Interactive Shockwave game.