Yohoho Software

phpMyPirates 0.0.6 phpmypirates.sourceforge.net 

phpMyPirates is a php and MySQL-based project for helping to manage Crews, Flags, and Alliances in yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. . Freeware download of phpMyPirates 0.0.6, size 47.55 Kb.


Puzzle Pirates Three Rings Design, Inc. 

Puzzle Pirates is a multiplayer role-player online puzzle game, that takes puzzle games to a new and more exciting dimension. Puzzle Pirates, based in Java, is one of the most original puzzle games seen in recent years.
The main objective of the game is quite simple. You as a pirate, and crew member of a ship, have several tasks to . Free download of Puzzle Pirates, size 56.91 Mb.