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2M Words Collection 1.2d US 2M Games 

Games \ Puzzle

11 great, fun, and clever words games in one package :* Words Twister - Form words from 7 shuffled letters* Anagrams - Retrieve the 5 words from their shuffled letters* 3 Words - Form up to 3 words from a set of 16 letters* Cross Words - Form crossing words from a set of 14 letters* Hidden Words - Form words from the letters provided* Chained Words. Free download of 2M Words Collection 1.2d US, size 9.65 Mb.


2M Tetrix Collection 2.5e US 2M Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Play 30 great Tetris clones like Tetrix, Pentix, Emptix, but also Colorix, Quartix, Crazix... Enjoy 2M Tetris new and original variations like Tricolorix, Crazy Numerix... You can also choose to play with or without special blocks options (Bombs, Blocks Destroyers, Color Switchers...)...Appealing high quality graphics - Play Tetris in full color.. Free download of 2M Tetrix Collection 2.5e US, size 8.03 Mb.

2M Blocks Swapper 2.4e US 2M Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Destroy blocks by making rows, columns, or diagonals of 3 or more blocks of the same color. Upper blocks will then fall down in vacated spaces. Play in SQUARE or HEXAGON mode to experience entertaining challenges. Take care of static blocks, they could block you !Appealing high quality graphics - Play Blocks Swapper in full color. Enjoy Blocks. Free download of 2M Blocks Swapper 2.4e US, size 7.57 Mb.

2M Puzzles Letters 1.3c US 2M Games 

Games \ Puzzle

An entertaining puzzle game of words and letters.250,000 Words Dictionary - Puzzles Letters uses the ENABLE dictionary to check your words. ENABLE stands for "Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon."  It's a carefully researched and meticulously compiled combination of many other dictionaries (such as Merriam Webster 10th Edition. Free download of 2M Puzzles Letters 1.3c US, size 7.38 Mb.

2M Solitaires Collection 2.0d US 2M Games 

Games \ Card Games

A superb collection of 430 solitaire card games. Includes 358 famous classics like Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Yukon, Gaps, and 72 original games. Most games come with optional rules for a grand total of 650 variants.Photo-realistic custom card graphics in 3 sizes (from medium to extra large) to best accomodate any screen resolution. Cards, piles,. Free download of 2M Solitaires Collection 2.0d US, size 6.41 Mb.

2M Free Solitaires 1.1b US 2M Games 

Games \ Card Games

A free collection of 25 solitaire card games. More than 50 variations, including famous classics like Alternations, Arizona, Bakers Dozen, Canfield, Easthaven, Fan, Fourteen Out, Fanny, Freecell, Four Seasons, Golf, Klondike, Limited, Russian Solitaire, Scorpion, Sir Tommy, Stalactites, and many original games found nowhere else like Black Spider,. Freeware download of 2M Free Solitaires 1.1b US, size 5.92 Mb.

2M Flower Garden 1.4c US 2M Games 

Games \ Board Games

Align 5 or more pieces of the same color by moving the pieces on the board. These will disappear while awarding you points. New pieces will then appear after every move. Many special pieces will help you clear the board when everything seems hopeless...Appealing high quality graphics - Play Flower Garden in full color. Enjoy Flower Garden in full. Free download of 2M Flower Garden 1.4c US, size 7.43 Mb.

2M Arcade Bubbles 1.9c US 2M Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

Swap adjacent bubbles to create sets of 3 or more identical bubbles. These will disappear while awarding you points, then new bubbles drop in from above. Destroy enough bubbles before the Progress Bar fills out to go to the next level for a harder challenge.Click on a bubble to select it, then click on another adjacent bubble to swap them. You must. Free download of 2M Arcade Bubbles 1.9c US, size 7.44 Mb.

2M Bubbles Lines 1.0e US 2M Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

Align 5 or more bubbles of the same color by moving them on the board. These will disappear while awarding you points. New bubbles appear on the board at regular intervals, faster and faster with each new level started. You also compete against the clock; the Meter bar shall never reach 100% or the game will stop.Appealing high quality graphics -. Free download of 2M Bubbles Lines 1.0e US, size 7.65 Mb.