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7sky Magazine 4.0 7sky publishing 

Mobile \ Sports

7sky on the iPad... after 20 years of 7sky as a print magazine, this added dimension is a dream come true. 7sky is now available in three languages: German, French, and English (only on the iPad). With a simple application, we are able to go beyond language and physical boundaries so readers can discover and enjoy 7sky in a new way.


5stars by Open Magazine 4.0 7sky publishing 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

5stars EXCELLENCE MADE IN SWITZERLAND 5stars is a SPECIAL EDITION of Open magazine, Switzerland's most audacious and contemporary high-end magazine. 5stars is a unique guide/magazine which, through 13 features and 236 pages, brings you the creme de la creme of all that can proudly. Freeware download of 5stars by Open Magazine 4.0, size 1.89 Mb.