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BlurWallpaperFinder 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Productivity

Blur Wallpaper Finder - Find & Download amazing blur wallpapers Blur Wallpaper. Freeware download of BlurWallpaperFinder, size 7.34 Mb.


BlurWallpaperMaker 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Productivity

Blur Wallpaper Maker - Produce & Download amazing blur wallpapers Blur Wallpaper uses a blur. Freeware download of BlurWallpaperMaker, size 7.34 Mb.

Talking Monkey Child Christmas Edition 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Talking Monkey comes with GangM Style Edition! Now this cute peppy monkey can dance the hot Gangnam Style. 1. Unique GangM style video, only. Freeware download of Talking Monkey Child Christmas Edition, size 35.65 Mb.

Talking Tiger 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Games

This is the premium version of Talking Tiger, and sure, no ads~ :) 2.. Free download of Talking Tiger, size 30.41 Mb.

Mega Avatars 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

This upgrade we add MORE powerful SNS share function and mega avatars support Chinese languages now. Create and customize an avatar to look just like you or anyone you want it to be! Choose your eyes, hair and your go-to outfit. Then throw in a few. Freeware download of Mega Avatars, size 5.24 Mb.

Peppy Shirley 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Entertainment

The most popular cartoon character - Shirley from MMMOOO, the cutest calf elephant you have ever seen, now comes with Moon Festival Edition!Moon Festival is one of the most famous festival in China, the whole family with gather together and share the Moon Cake and enjoy the most round Moon.There is a new feature in this edition, you can enjoy an. Freeware download of Peppy Shirley, size 18.87 Mb.

Rocking Bunny 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Rocking Bunny comes with GangM Style Edition! Now this rocking rabbit can dance the hot Gangnam Style.Bunny is a star of rock, country and classical music. He will play music for you, just press the guitar behind him, or touch him, you will meet the coolest rocking rabbit! :) And if you like him, please talk to him to see what he will. Freeware download of Rocking Bunny, size 32.51 Mb.

Photo Club 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Photoclub help you to create amazing good pictures! Match with the leading WP 8 Pure View, the app will make your pictures brilliant! 3. One key to enhance your. Freeware download of Photo Club, size 3.15 Mb.

Arc Call 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Productivity

This upgrade we optimize the launch speed, run more fast and smooth! 1. Long press "0", it will switch to. Freeware download of Arc Call, size 1.05 Mb.

Mega Smileys 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Productivity

Mega Smileys is a cute and funny tool enhance your social chatting more funny and impressive. 2. Smileys on cloud, you can submit the smileys to the cloud, and other users all over the world can see your submission.

Talking Monkey Pro 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Talking Monkey Online now comes with Moon Festival Edition! There is a new feature in this edition, you can enjoy an animation about MMMOOO's most famous cartoon. Free download of Talking Monkey Pro, size 29.36 Mb.

Lockscreen Cal 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Productivity

Lockscreen Calendar is an useful app to display calendar on the lockscreen of your WP7 device. 3. Run smoothly and. Freeware download of Lockscreen Cal, size 1.05 Mb.

Mega Flags 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Sports

Love Olympic Games? Want to support the country you like? Ok, you must download Mega Flags! And you can share these .gif flags on your SNS, set as animated avatar, send it to your. Freeware download of Mega Flags, size 5.24 Mb.

Noise Seiffer 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Productivity

★Smart in capture; ★Smart to deliver noise level for you, to get a sense knowledge. It means you will know Each MMMOOO app makes you enjoy sense and quality of mobility!. Free download of Noise Seiffer, size 1.05 Mb.

KungFuTiger Pro 上海极标信息科技有限公司 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Kungfu Tiger Pro is coming for Dragon Year! 2. 3D based. Free download of KungFuTiger Pro, size 14.68 Mb.