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Security Task Manager A. & M. Neuber Software 

Security & Privacy \ Anti-Virus Tools

Security Task Manager is one of a number of systems designed to help PC users manage their processes more effectively. Processes and programs can slow down a PC, causing it to appear sluggish. If your computer is running too many programs at once you may not be able to open games or other accessories. While Windows Task Manager can be helpful, it. Free download of Security Task Manager, size 3.00 Mb.


Svchost Process Analyzer 1.3 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Security & Privacy \ Anti-Virus Tools

Svchost Process Analyzer is a quick and easy freeware product that inspects your Svchost.exe process. The Svchost.exe process, which is visible in Windows Task Manager, is often misused by spyware or network worms in order to conceal their activities. Svchost Process Analyzer recognizes these suspicious processes, which hide within an Svchost. Free download of Svchost Process Analyzer 1.3, size 535.55 Kb.

Typograf font manager 5.2c A. & M. Neuber Software 

Desktop \ Font Tools

Using fonts and typefaces on computer was once very simple. There were a few TrueType fonts, and everyone used these, sometimes sticking with a preferred font, and sometimes changing fonts for different projects. These days, both professionals and home computer users find that they have downloaded a range of fonts and typeface styles. These can be. Free download of Typograf font manager 5.2c, size 1.89 Mb.

Visual TimeAnalyzer 2.0.1 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Business \ Project Management

Visual TimeAnalyzer is a extensive reporting timesheet, project and time tracking software. The easy to use application automatically tracks all computer activities, working time, pauses, projects, costs, software and Internet use and presents detailed, richly illustrated reports. You learn which programs were used for how long, when, and by whom.. Free download of Visual TimeAnalyzer 2.0.1, size 1.91 Mb.

EuroCheck 1.4 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Desktop \ Font Tools

Check your fonts, printer, keyboard and operating system for euro symbol support. A easy to use wizard. EuroCheck is freeware. EuroCheck was developed in cooperation with the German 'Federal Office of Safety in the information technique'. It's available in English, German, French, Spain, Italian, Dutch and Polish language. That software doesn't. Freeware download of EuroCheck 1.4, size 300.03 Kb.

Der Schreibtrainer - 10 Finger Maschinenschreiben 3.7 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Education \ Science

That German software teach you to type faster with all 10 fingers. A version for Germany and Switzerland is available at Der Schreibtrainer fRr Windows ist eines der besten Lernprogramme fRr das 10 Fingersystem. Free download of Der Schreibtrainer - 10 Finger Maschinenschreiben 3.7, size 505.86 Kb.

PC On/Off Time tracking 2 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Business \ Personal Info. Managers

PC On/Off Time graphically shows the working time on your computer of the last 3 weeks without logging your computer before. PC On/Off Time works with Windows NT,2000,XP. The software doesn't record activities, doesn't require runtimes, doesn't require installation, doesn't write to the registry, doesn't modify files outside of its own directories,. Freeware download of PC On/Off Time tracking 2, size 283.65 Kb.

MouseZoom 1.5 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

Mouse as magnifier, color dropper and distance analyser. MouseZoom is a nice small and free utility. It zooms the current mouse position (up to 50x) and shows the color value (RGB, HEX, HLS, CMYK) and the absolute and relative position of the point where the mouse is. MouseZoom is available in English and German language (auto detect). That. Freeware download of MouseZoom 1.5, size 32.77 Kb.

UserMonitor for Classroom or Computer Lab 1.7 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Internet \ Remote Tools

Ideal for teachers, instructors, or administrators. Monitoring: UserMonitor shows you what other network computer users see on their display screen. All programs being used are also listed (with path detail) in real time. A history and warning function is included. Demonstrating: UserMonitor is brilliant for the lesson as well as trainings at the. Free download of UserMonitor for Classroom or Computer Lab 1.7, size 1.93 Mb.

RapidKey Autotext 1.6 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

Rapid Key for Windows XP,2000,2003,NT,ME,9x provides you with a new Windows functionality: After starting RapidKey you find the RapidKey icon on the taskbar. You can use Autotexts, macros (keystroke, mouse clicks + movements), Fast macro, desktop shortcuts and favorite folders in all your Windows applications. . Free download of RapidKey Autotext 1.6, size 297.98 Kb.

FontRenamer 1 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Desktop \ Font Tools

FontRenamer is free and renames truetype font files (*.ttf) to the real name of the typefaces. Meaningful file names are best for easy management. Simply select a folder of font files and click Rename button. »Arial bold italic.ttf« instead of »arialbi.ttf« or »Brush Script.ttf« instead of »brushscn.ttf«. FontRenamer is. Freeware download of FontRenamer 1, size 52.22 Kb.

3D FontTwister text & button maker 1.3 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Desktop \ Font Tools

FontTwister is the fastest and easiest way to create dazzling text effects. FontTwister comes with an impressive selection of templates for graphic styles, color gradients, textures, shapes, letter edges, 3-D bevels, shadows, buttons and frames.Simple intuitive controls let you interactively real-time view and select your desired effect. You can. Free download of 3D FontTwister text & button maker 1.3, size 1.52 Mb.