Products of Abacre Software

Abacre File Encryptor 1.0 Abacre Software 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

With Abacre File Encryptor you may encrypt any files or folders by using 39 advanced encryption algorithms (CAST, Blowfish, Twofish, Rijndael and others). Files maybe encrypted into either one single file either individually. It s also possible to compress files during encryption so the resulting file size will be even smaller to hold on your disk. Free download of Abacre File Encryptor 1.0, size 964.69 Kb.


Abacre Photo Editor 2.1.2001 Abacre Software 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

With Abacre Photo Editor you are able to enhance your scanned or digital photos, make color correction, resize images, covert them in variety of image formats and prepare pictures for Web. Scan or import your photos from digital camera. Then drag-n-drop them into Abacre Photo Editor. Experienced photographers can use Manual mode to manually adjust. Free download of Abacre Photo Editor 2.1.2001, size 1.05 Mb.

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 1.8 Abacre Software 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows. It is a complete solution, beginning with taking orders from patrons, and ending with billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully optimized for high speed input of a patron's order and the prevention of common mistakes. It's designed for. Free download of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 1.8, size 1.55 Mb.

Abacre Antivirus 1 Abacre Software 

Utilities \ Security

Abacre Antivirus is new generation of antivirus software. The antivirus reliably protects Windows-based computers from internet viruses, worms and Trojans spreading via email and local networks, macro viruses and old executable viruses. It’s strictly based on the five main principles: 1. Reliability of healing viruses due to novice virus. Free download of Abacre Antivirus 1, size 1.23 Mb.

Abacre Backup 1 Abacre Software 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

Abacre Backup represents complete solution for protection of important data and documents from any computer disaster: hard drive corruptions, operating system failure, programs dysfunctions. You may backup selected groups of files and folders into single compressed zip archive or using the same directory structure on any storage media: hard disk,. Free download of Abacre Backup 1, size 1.06 Mb.

Abacre I-Worm.Sobig Virus Remover 1 Abacre Software 

Utilities \ Anti-Virus Utilities

In response to resent attack of I-Worm.Sobig email virus, AbacreCorporation released own antivirus called: Abacre I-Worm.SobigVirus Remover. It periodically checks pop3 mailboxes and removesinfected email messages directly from server side without downloadingthem. The program can be successfully used with any pop3 emailclients: Outlook, Outlook. Free download of Abacre I-Worm.Sobig Virus Remover 1, size 812.03 Kb.

Abacre Web Site Uploader 1 Abacre Software 

Internet \ FTP

Abacre Web Site Uploader is exactly what the name implies. It is fast, easy to use, and a great time-saver for web site administrators and webmasters. It can also be used by home or office users for uploading their web site projects to remote servers. This powerful utility will automate your web site upload and synchronization process and will save. Free download of Abacre Web Site Uploader 1, size 753.66 Kb.