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Adit Testdesk 3.00 Adit Software 


Design, distribute, run and grade tests and exams with Adit Testdesk! The stand-alone edition enables automated approach to computer testing without the use of client-server architecture. Design tests, quizzes and exams of any complexity, create a self-containing executable and run it on any computer with or without an Internet connection. Fully. Free download of Adit Testdesk 3.00, size 63.45 Mb.


Adit Testdesk Server 2.60 Adit Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Scrap paper-based exams for secure online testing! Adit Testdesk makes distributed network-based testing easy and secure. No matter how many students or test subjects you have, the client-server edition of the Adit Testdesk suite will fully replace paper-based tests with fully automated, computer-graded exams. The comprehensive testing suite makes. Free download of Adit Testdesk Server 2.60, size 66.18 Mb.

Adit Testdesk 2 Beta 2.0.1277 Adit Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Use your PC to design, run, and grade tests and exams! With Adit Testdesk, anyone can create and run a simple quiz or a comprehensive exam on a variety of subjects, grade and evaluate the results. The product is easy to use and simple to learn thanks to Office-like user experience. If you ever used Microsoft Office 2007, you'll feel immediately at. Free download of Adit Testdesk 2 Beta 2.0.1277, size 45.65 Mb.

DVD Chief 2.10 Adit Software 

Home & Personal \ Home Inventory

Keep your growing movie collection under control! DVD Chief offers you a perfect way to get organized. Simply type movie titles, browse to movies' ISO images or keep inserting DVD or Blu-Ray disks, and DVD Chief will automatically recognize the movies and fill in the details from a comprehensive Internet database. With full international support. Free download of DVD Chief 2.10, size 43.13 Mb.