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Adit Testdesk Server 2.60 Adit Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Scrap paper-based exams for secure online testing! Adit Testdesk makes distributed network-based testing easy and secure. No matter how many students or test subjects you have, the client-server edition of the Adit Testdesk suite will fully replace paper-based tests with fully automated, computer-graded exams. The comprehensive testing suite makes. Free download of Adit Testdesk Server 2.60, size 66.18 Mb.


Adit Testdesk 2.60 Adit Software 


Retire paper-based tests and exams! Adit Testdesk makes it easy to scrap paper exams in favor of computer-based testing by automating the entire process. From designing the exam to grading the results, Adit Testdesk is a perfect solution to your testing needs. Dozens of question types are supported for various types of tests including exams,. Free download of Adit Testdesk 2.60, size 56.20 Mb.

Adit Testdesk 2 Beta 2.0.1277 Adit Software 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Use your PC to design, run, and grade tests and exams! With Adit Testdesk, anyone can create and run a simple quiz or a comprehensive exam on a variety of subjects, grade and evaluate the results. The product is easy to use and simple to learn thanks to Office-like user experience. If you ever used Microsoft Office 2007, you'll feel immediately at. Free download of Adit Testdesk 2 Beta 2.0.1277, size 45.65 Mb.

DVD Chief 2.10 Adit Software 

Home & Personal \ Home Inventory

Keep your growing movie collection under control! DVD Chief offers you a perfect way to get organized. Simply type movie titles, browse to movies' ISO images or keep inserting DVD or Blu-Ray disks, and DVD Chief will automatically recognize the movies and fill in the details from a comprehensive Internet database. With full international support. Free download of DVD Chief 2.10, size 43.13 Mb.