Products of Adrian O' Neill

D-Link DRU-R100 Radio 1.0 Adrian O' Neill 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

The NetEasy D-Link Radio is a cheap and cheerful radio for your PC. Simply attach it to a free USB port and you've got a brilliant little music machine. Unfortunately the recording software that comes with it is a bit tacky - there are much better alternatives out there such as Messer. Messer by default can't control the D-Link - however. Free download of D-Link DRU-R100 Radio 1.0, size 115.34 Kb.


ServiceEnum 1.0 Adrian O' Neill 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

The Windows 2000 (and later) operating systems provide system services, defined by Microsoft as a program, routine, or Process that performs a specific system function to support other programs, particularly at a low (close to the hardware) level. Unfortunately, the service management tools provided by Windows 2000 leave a lot to be. Freeware download of ServiceEnum 1.0, size 52.43 Kb.

CountCheat 2.2 Adrian O' Neill 

Games \ Misc. Games

CountCheat is a program that allows you to cheat when playing the word game on the popular UK game show 'Countdown', as shown on Channel 4. The program allows you to type the letters as they are called - when all nine letters are in, you'll see a list of all the words you could make from those letters. This program is not endorsed. Freeware download of CountCheat 2.2, size 450.89 Kb.

Dempster-Shafer Engine 1.0 Adrian O' Neill 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Dempster Shafer Engine (DSE), a system which implements features of Dempster Shafer Theory, is available for download.. Freeware download of Dempster-Shafer Engine 1.0, size 2.22 Mb.