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RhythmRider 2.0.1 AlwaysLearn Software 


The Rhythm Rider is a Microsoft Windows Media Player (WMP) Plug-in that allows you to visualize music being played in an immersed 3D graphically animated environment. It runs in a separate window from WMP, which allows for full immersion 3D graphics. When music is played in the WMP you can ride the musical wave, allowing you to more fully feel the. Free download of RhythmRider 2.0.1, size 10.34 Mb.


SpamSquash 2.0.1 AlwaysLearn Software 

Internet \ Mail

SpamSquash is a spam filter for email clients that connect to pop3 email servers. It uses two filtering methods: a Bayesian filter and a DNS block list. The Bayesian is trained by you to get emails you consider to be spam. The DNSBL uses spam repositories to determine what is spam. The filter is over 99% accurate. It also includes a white list and. Free download of SpamSquash 2.0.1, size 914.43 Kb.

Rhythm Rider 2.00 AlwaysLearn Software 

Multimedia \ MP3 Tools

Rhythm Rider is a 3D music visualization plug-in for MS Windows Media Player. You Ride The Music Wave. Just play your MP3 and WAV files, or play a music CD, and ride a wave generated by your music while immersed in a 3D environment. It adds to your music listening experience and gives a roller coaster feel. You'll love it! It has a fire breathing. Free download of Rhythm Rider 2.00, size 10.34 Mb.