Products of Andreas Baumann

Z-Cron Free 4.5 Andreas Baumann 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

With the Z-Cron program you can plan the execution of commands, programs or scripts, at particular times, i.e. you can have tasks on your PC run automatically On Schedule by Z-Cron. Z-Cron is a central coordinating point for the timed control or automation of software. Z-Cron can also be installed a system service. A system service is a program. Freeware download of Z-Cron Free 4.5, size 6.11 Mb.


Z-FTPcopy II 4.2.0 Andreas Baumann 

Internet \ Misc. Network

The Z-FTPcopy module provides Z-Cron with the possibility to copy an archive or a backup file to every server that is capable of handling FTP (RFC 959 specification). The only requirement is a FTP server with enough free disk space (Maybe no Windows host ?). You have to state the following information: IP address of the FTP server, a. Free download of Z-FTPcopy II 4.2.0, size 0 b.