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Handy Wallet 1.0 Angel Guzman 

Mobile \ Education

Handy Wallet is design to aid individuals mathematically challenged to manage their cash wallet. Cash is entered in the tab called Wallet and when the individual needs to make a cash payment, enters the amount in the tab called Pay, and Handy Wallet will suggest what bills and coins to use depending on the wallet contents. At the moment it supports. Freeware download of Handy Wallet 1.0, size 3.04 Mb.


Handy Cashier 1.3 Angel Guzman 

Mobile \ Education

Handy Cashier is a simple app that is designed to help individuals with special needs run a concession stand, where the total amount of different sale items is less than fifteen. Handy Cashier emulates a simple cash register, where you can configure up to fifteen keys with an item name and a price. It has a key for each coin and bill so the. Free download of Handy Cashier 1.3, size 7.24 Mb.