Products of APH

Studio Recorder 3 8 APH 


Originally created by APH to serve as an internal tool for creating direct-to-digital audio recordings, Studio Recorder™ contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading audio books easy. It is a powerful digital recording and editing software package geared specifically to making recordings of the spoken word and. Free download of Studio Recorder 3 8, size 8.41 Mb.


Armadillo Army 1 5 APH 


Armadillo Army is a maze game which uses three mazes with lanes that are wide and bright. The game is designed to cause the student to practice and perfect his lateral eye movements, vertical eye movements, searching skills, timing skills, visual discrimination skills, peripheral detection skills, eccentric viewing skills, and. Free download of Armadillo Army 1 5, size 44.28 Mb.

Talking Word Puzzles 1 7 APH 


Talking Word Puzzles is an accessible word puzzle program. It lets you create and solve hidden word and crossword puzzles and provides fun, high quality speech feedback and an animated character while navigating through the puzzle grids and when the student successfully solves one of the words in the puzzle. The program also provides advanced. Free download of Talking Word Puzzles 1 7, size 51.57 Mb.

Toodle Tiles 1 1 APH 


Toodle tiles uses bright and a high-contrast colors with simple designs that offers practice in visual scanning while providing hours of fun for players of all ages. In this game, the player must help Emmy and her friends to clear away obstacles in Emuville and pave the way for a new mayor of Emmy's town. The Toodle tiles uses the basic tiles. Free download of Toodle Tiles 1 1, size 73.13 Mb.

Book Wizard Producer 1. 5. 2002 APH 


Book Wizard Producer is a program to produce digital talking books as outlined in the specifications designed and approved by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) consortium. Book Wizard is designed to work with Daisy/NISO Digital Talking Books, and it. Free download of Book Wizard Producer 1. 5. 2002, size 98.81 Mb.

Money Talks 1 3 APH 


Money Talks is an accessible banking account management program. It offers the user a simple and effective means of maintaining accurate information for a variety of account types. The program includes the ability to download and use electronic banking information to reconcile accounts, automatic category memorization and reuse, recurring. Free download of Money Talks 1 3, size 23.22 Mb.