Baby Massage 101 1.0 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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Baby Massage 101 is an extensive workshop exploring the basics of therapeutic massage techniques gently designed for babies. Version 1.0 features over 30 HD tutorial videos of demonstration, covering baby massage from head to toe Research has shown therapeutic skin-to-skin connections help babies get off to a great start in their early. Free download of Baby Massage 101 1.0, size 763.36 Mb.


Grinds & Slides 1.1 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

Mobile \ Sports

Top skateboarders show you how to grind and slide on obstacles. One of Canada's hottest sponsored ams, Nick Moore, takes you through a serious selection of. Free download of Grinds & Slides 1.1, size 476.05 Mb.

Harmonica SuperTutor 2.0 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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New Updated Version! 2.0 Some important bug fixes (thanks everyone for your patience and. Free download of Harmonica SuperTutor 2.0, size 104.23 Mb.

Gypsy Jazz Arpeggios 1.1 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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Inspired by Django Reinhardts unique guitar style, here are a special collection of diagonal guitar arpeggios ! - A unique guitar reference tool for both teacher & student, consisting of. Free download of Gypsy Jazz Arpeggios 1.1, size 71.09 Mb.

Absolute Absynth 1.1 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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Celebrate ten years of Absynth with these tell-all, expose videos that explore this Native Instruments soft synth's every intimate detail. Watch and see why this updated virtual synth is the Go To instrument for the top synthesists and sound designers all over the world! Absynth does just about every kind of synthesis available on Planet. Free download of Absolute Absynth 1.1, size 836.76 Mb.

Exploring Drum Racks 1.1 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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Vespers (our Ableton Live robot trainer from the future) has created the hottest, most in-depth tutorial on Ableton Lives Drum Racks in the universe! If you use Live youve got know Drum Racks! Drums are the rock solid foundation of any killer track. One of the secrets to creating the phattest phreaking drum sounds in Ableton Live is mastering. Free download of Exploring Drum Racks 1.1, size 242.22 Mb.

Hefeweizen 101 1.2 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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Learn to make Hefeweizen Beer in this 1-hour tutorial-video. Download or Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: Avid home brewer Damon Elgie brews a light, refreshing. Free download of Hefeweizen 101 1.2, size 243.27 Mb. 1.1 APPDESIGNER.COM INC. 

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Since 1975, The Friends of Chamber Music in Kansas City has presented more than 450 of the world's finest chamber music ensembles and soloists performing a broad and dynamic repertoire ranging from the Medieval period through the present day. The Friends' presentation of chamber music is unrivaled in the region, providing the highest quality. Freeware download of 1.1, size 295.70 Mb.