Products of Art of Ping

AutoTunnel GG Art of Ping 


Auto Tunnel GG is a program for HTTP tunneling. It allows you to carry a payload over an incompatible network and provides a secure path through an entrusted network intercepting the TCP and UDP communications using tunneling servers. It is capable of tunneling any application bypassing restrictive firewalls, proxy servers, and packet shaping ISPs.. Free download of AutoTunnel GG, size 0 b.


PingFu UDP Art of Ping 


Applications that require to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the network, but are able to compromise on reliability, use the UDP communication protocol. UDP transmits a stream of packets across the network without waiting for acknowledgement that any of them have been received, and does not retransmit any packet lost along the way. UDP. Free download of PingFu UDP, size 58.98 Mb.