Products of Astice SRL

Astice SMS Sender Astice SRL 


Astice SMS-Sender is a piece of software which closes the gap between traditional texting with a handset and/or using a web interface for sending an SMS. - a contract with a service-provider for. Free download of Astice SMS Sender, size 1.89 Mb.


Astice Calendar Astice SRL 

Business \ Applications

Astice Calendar is a simple calendar and diary, suitable for team-work. It uses an Integrated SQL database. The .NET Framework 2 must be installed.. Free download of Astice Calendar, size 657.41 Kb.

Astice TAPI Monitor 1.2.5 Astice SRL 

Internet \ Chat Tools

Astice-Tapi-Monitor is a software that monitors all TAPI devices connected to the computer. This software was designed to work with all current flavors of the WindowsT« operating system. Incoming and outgoing phone calls are recorded. For every phone call the dialed number, the calling party, start and end time are stored. You can easily export. Free download of Astice TAPI Monitor 1.2.5, size 2.69 Mb.

Astice Timetable 2.4.15 Astice SRL 

Business \ Applications

Astice - Timetable is a smart diary and personal organizer. This software is designed as a universal tool for resource management, appointment booking and time managing. You can manage physical resources like equipment or rooms as well as human resources like employees together with their duties and their appointments.This software uses time tables. Free download of Astice Timetable 2.4.15, size 3.27 Mb.

Astice Zeitplaner 2.5.0 Astice SRL 

Business \ Applications

Astice - Resource-Management is a universal tool designed for resource management.Resources are either physical resources like equipment or rooms or human resources like employees.This software uses timetables for input and display of resource managing. A timetable has its real world counterpart in those steel notice boards with small magnetic. Free download of Astice Zeitplaner 2.5.0, size 3.72 Mb.