Products of Atlanta AR Design, LLC

ZooKazam 2.5 Atlanta AR Design, LLC 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Zookazam is now free for a limited time. Download the full version before regular pricing is restarted. Watch a spider crawl around your desk or a ladybug land on your hand. The new bugs collection will thrill and creep you out. Then watch out for an prehistoric T. rex growl at you in full 3D animation. There are three adorable pandas. Free download of ZooKazam 2.5, size 84.83 Mb.


ZooKazam Lite 1.2 Atlanta AR Design, LLC 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Zookazam-Lite is an augmented reality app which showcases, the deer, a 3D animal with photo realistic animation. Be amazed as the deer comes to life right on your iPhone. Zookazam-lite uses advanced algorithms to provide extremely realistic 3D views of your animal. Place your deer in different elements like snow, rain, cloudy days, and even night.. Freeware download of ZooKazam Lite 1.2, size 25.38 Mb.

ZooAtlanta 1.2 Atlanta AR Design, LLC 

Mobile \ Entertainment

From the creators of the original Zookazam, now comes a new version built for Zoo Atlanta. Zookazam-Zoo Atlanta is the best augmented reality app available for IOS. Watch photo realistic animals come to life each time you point your camera to the Zoo Atlanta logo. Imagine the head of lion popping out of your Zoo Atlanta t-shirt or watch a very real. Freeware download of ZooAtlanta 1.2, size 47.71 Mb.