Products of AtPresent Software

AtPresent Recorder Pro 3.1 AtPresent Software 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

Record user activities from your computer screen and save it in Flash format in minutes! Set recording interval, record full screen or particular area, catch mouse position, pointer type and clicks, edit and scale captured content, add mouse tracing and curve path, extra record inside already captured screenshots sequence, define playing speed on. Free download of AtPresent Recorder Pro 3.1, size 11.43 Mb.


AtPresent Editor 1.3.2 AtPresent Software 

Multimedia \ Presentation Tools

AtPresent Editor creates Flash based highly interactive presentations, simulations, demos, tutorials and so on.Build your content visually, embed images, flash movies, text and audio using fully customizable layout.Add interactive elements and transformations: active areas, key presses, text input fields, hyperlinks, positive/negative reactions on. Free download of AtPresent Editor 1.3.2, size 11.29 Mb.

AtPresent Recorder 2 AtPresent Software 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

Record user activities from computer's desktop just by pressing one button. Use it as an additional tool for AtPresent Editor and automatically make a project to build interactive Flash based simulation, presentation, demo, tutorial. Use it separately as a comfortable tool to prepare HTML sequence with screenshots for your program. Define recording. Free download of AtPresent Recorder 2, size 708.61 Kb.