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Binary Comparison of Files 3.0 AX Systems 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

Binary Comparison of Files is the utility for byte-by-byte comparison of two files in order to find possible discrepancies. Consistently read-out bytes of files are compared in a binary mode. The address, code and symbolical representation are shown for different bytes. The codes may be shown as decimal, hexadecimal, octal or binary numbers.When. Free download of Binary Comparison of Files 3.0, size 421.85 Kb.


Search of Similar Files 2.0 AX Systems 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Search of Similar Files is a powerful utility for search of similar files on disks.Easy-to-use interface allows to narrow source and target groups of files for comparison from one file to several disks.You may use criteria of file similarity in any combination. Filters of inclusion and exclusion allow to considerably narrow the number of viewed. Free download of Search of Similar Files 2.0, size 394.24 Kb.

AX-ZIP Finder 3.0 AX Systems 

Utilities \ Compression

AX-ZIP Finder is the utility for search of ZIP, CAB, RAR, JAR, ACE and 7Z archives and files in them.The program interface allows to arbitrarily limit the search range from one file to several disks. Additionally you can use inclusion and exclusion filters.The found files can be extracted from the archive by simple drag-and-drop. Main. Free download of AX-ZIP Finder 3.0, size 684.30 Kb.

AX-ZIP Archiver 3.0 AX Systems 

Utilities \ Compression

AX-ZIP Archiver is the utility for creation and management of zip-archives. It can also extract files from CAB, RAR, JAR, ACE and 7Z archives. The utility is integrated into Windows Shell.Original, double tree program interface allows to manipulate simultaneously several archives and to minimize the number of operations while working with. Free download of AX-ZIP Archiver 3.0, size 722.61 Kb.

Icon eXplorer and eXtractor 1 AX Systems 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

IceXX - Icon eXplorer and eXtractor - is the utility for exploring and extracting icons associated with files or contained inside of files.The extracted icons may be saved as the files in ICO or BMP format.Main Features1. Viewing and extraction of icons from files in EXE, DLL, OCX, SCR, ICL, ICO, CUR, CPL and other formats.2. Viewing and extraction. Free download of Icon eXplorer and eXtractor 1, size 357.38 Kb.