Products of Axis Controls Ltd

Comm32 Communications OCX 3.2y 1.0 Axis Controls Ltd 

Development \ ActiveX

Use the Comm32 ocx to quickly add Serial Communications capabilities to your applications. Comm32 is compatible with MSComm in that it uses the same property names, methods and syntax which means that you can quickly add Comm32 to a VB6 project in place of MSComm32 without needing to change any of your code or learn any new syntax. (also works for. Free download of Comm32 Communications OCX 3.2y 1.0, size 1.59 Mb.


InventoryManager 3 2 Axis Controls Ltd 


Inventory is an important asset for any organization, so it must be managed properly as it has a direct influence on profit of the business. Inventory Manager 3.2 is an application that helps the organizations manage and control their inventories in a more efficient way. It is one of the best tools that allows the user to keep track of every item. Free download of InventoryManager 3 2, size 3.90 Mb.

SComm32 Communications OCX 4 Axis Controls Ltd 

Development \ ActiveX

Use SComm to quickly add Serial Communications capabilities to your applications. The SComm32 Communications Control is intentionally designed to 'mimic' MSComm32 allowing you to use SComm32 in place of MSComm without making any changes to your code. If you're already using MSComm32 you will see that SComm32 has the same properties and the same. Free download of SComm32 Communications OCX 4, size 1.59 Mb.

cncCoder Axis Controls Ltd 


The free CNC Editor cncCoder is supplied to you at no cost - It's a fully functional CNC text. Freeware download of cncCoder, size 2.11 Mb.

Comm64 DLL Axis Controls Ltd 

Development \ ActiveX

Comm64 is a .Net component which, as the name suggests, is capable of operating in native 64bit mode. But you can also build it into .x86 and 'AnyCPU' projects where it'll operate in whatever mode your own application is targetting. We've provided fully functional sample projects in VB 2005 and c# 2005 to show it's compatible with older versions of. Free download of Comm64 DLL, size 692.22 Kb.