Products of Bartels Media GmbH

Text Expander Deluxe 2.6.5 Bartels Media GmbH 

Business \ Office Tools

Text Expander Deluxe is a Text Expander for Windows and saves time typing texts and filling forms by using customized shorts. It can also correct your spelling mistakes. Text Expander deluxe fully integrates in the system and works in any program. Autotext has three options. You can configure Text Expander deluxe to expand text as you type the last. Freeware download of Text Expander Deluxe 2.6.5, size 4.52 Mb.


PhraseExpress Portable 9.1.17d Bartels Media GmbH 


PhraseExpress manages your frequently used text snippets in customizable categories for quick access. PhraseExpress saves hours of typing. It is the ideal solution for personnel in office, technical support, customer care, help desk, call center and medical or legal transcription settings. The Client-/Server version allows you to share text. Free download of PhraseExpress Portable 9.1.17d, size 2.83 Mb.

ShareMouse Portable 1.0.90 Bartels Media GmbH 

Utilities \ Maintenance

ShareMouse also includes mouse sharing, allowing to to operate two computers with one mouse. Unlike a physical mouse switch, ShareMouse doesn't require you to press any button. Instead, just move the mouse to the computer you wish to operate. ShareMouse allows you to operate two computers with one keyboard and saves you from buying a USB switch.. Free download of ShareMouse Portable 1.0.90, size 1.47 Mb.

ShareMouse 1.0.37 Bartels Media GmbH 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

ShareMouse allows you to share one mouse and keyboard with multiple Windows and Mac computers. You just need to move the mouse pointer to the computer you wish to control. When you reach the border of the monitor, the mouse cursor magically jumps to the neighboring monitor and you can then control that computer. Any computer can be. Free download of ShareMouse 1.0.37, size 1.47 Mb.

InstantType 1. 3. 1931 Bartels Media GmbH 


nstantType is a text insertion program that pastes frequently used text if triggered by an abbreviation. InstantType auto-completes your. Freeware download of InstantType 1. 3. 1931, size 1.06 Mb.

MultiMouse - Multiple cursors 1.0.39 Bartels Media GmbH 

Education \ Teaching Tools

MultiMouse allows multiple users to remote control the desktop of a central computer with the keyboard and mouse of their PC.Users can drag the mouse cursor out of their computer's desktop and multiple mouse cursors will appear on the common desktop of the central PC. While all users are using their own computer, they can work together. Free download of MultiMouse - Multiple cursors 1.0.39, size 2.26 Mb.

PhraseExpress Autotext 6.0.103 Bartels Media GmbH 

Utilities \ Text

PhraseExpress USB Edition eliminates repetitive typing and manages frequently used text snippets in customizable categories. Boilerplate templates can be stored together with bitmaps and RTF or HTML text formatting.The unique text prediction feature watches out for repetitive text patterns and offers to auto-complete such phrases. Smart algorithms. Freeware download of PhraseExpress Autotext 6.0.103, size 1.67 Mb.