Products of BeMor Mobile

AAHAA Photo FX Free 1.0 BeMor Mobile 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

This is a fast, easy and fun photo editing App. Select or take a picture: Resize, Enhance (Hi Def, illuminate, color fix) add one touch instant Effects, add Stickers, change the Orientation, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, then Freehand Draw on it, Type text if you like, Red Eye adjust, Whiten areas (eg. teeth), fix Blemishes, add Meme, choose a. Freeware download of AAHAA Photo FX Free 1.0, size 14.37 Mb.


50 Shades of Wicked 1.0 BeMor Mobile 

Mobile \ Games

50 Shades of Wicked is a match three game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It is a nonstop blitz of Wicked Party Guests! You need to redirect everyone back to the party to. Freeware download of 50 Shades of Wicked 1.0, size 42.05 Mb.

Evo 1 - A Clan Werewolf Clashes Slender Maniacs 1.2 BeMor Mobile 

Mobile \ Games

Evo 1 - A Clan WereWolf Clashes Slender Maniacs is about Evo who is an Evolver who changes to deal with his environment. You start as Evo 1 and run across London rooftops facing obstacles, ghosts, spiders and slender maniacs. Tap the LEFT screen to Jump to avoid collisions and collect coins to buy evolving upgrades into Evo 8, a full werewolf. Evo. Freeware download of Evo 1 - A Clan Werewolf Clashes Slender Maniacs 1.2, size 27.05 Mb.

Evo2 Candy Wizards vs Zombie Monsters Saga 1.1 BeMor Mobile 

Mobile \ Games

If you like Wizards you will like Evo 2 - Candy Wizards vs Zombie Monsters Saga. In this game Evo the Evolver starts off as an old and wise wizard sitting side saddle on his broom fighting off Zombie Monster enemies. Tap the left side of your screen to fly higher and tap the right side of the screen to shoot. Collect coins to upgrade to younger. Freeware download of Evo2 Candy Wizards vs Zombie Monsters Saga 1.1, size 31.25 Mb.

Headache Wiper 1.8 BeMor Mobile 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

A Tension Headache Wiper LITE is a Do It Yourself (DIY) - self TREATMENT exercise program to quickly treat a tension or neck related headache you have right now! The LITE App contains 8 easy to follow short videos showing specific exercises and stretches aimed at relieving your headache. A Tension Headache Wiper PRO is a Do It Yourself. Freeware download of Headache Wiper 1.8, size 41.21 Mb.