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TeamsOnFire Berdwire 

Business \ Applications

Do you ever think of hiring someone, and say to yourself, "Is he the best option?" Or you're creating a team, and think, "Is this really going to work?" And you're weighing 34 different factors, so it's not so easy to know?TeamsOnFire is software that objectively analyzes your company's exact needs, and employee and team. Free download of TeamsOnFire, size 1.92 Mb.


EstimatesPlease Berdwire 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

If you make client estimates, estimate current or future sales, estimate amounts of items or go through complex "what if?" scenarios then EstimatesPlease is the calculator for you. Just enter what you know for an estimate. An approximate amount? No problem. An iffy sale? Same thing. Just click = and you have your. Free download of EstimatesPlease, size 1.91 Mb.

Harmony@Work 2.0.4 Berdwire 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

Tired of not having the right people for the job, skills in the wrong places, personality conflicts, resulting loss of morale and wasted money? Have the right people and save money. They'll be more efficient: They'll have the skills you need and they'll get along. But picking the right people alone is tough if you really want to take into account. Free download of Harmony@Work 2.0.4, size 1.88 Mb.