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Flash Antidecompiler 2012 6.9 BIS Guard & Co. 

Security & Privacy

Flash Antidecompiler is much more than its name says, it prevents your data from being hacked by any existing decompilers actionscript viewers. It is the first and only tool developed with native Adobe AIR SDK and running in native Adobe AIR environment. In other words, it is the cross platform tool and needs the same Adobe SDK that you use for. Free download of Flash Antidecompiler 2012 6.9, size 0 b.


Java Antidecompiler 6.3 BIS Guard & Co. 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

Java Antidecompiler is based on encryption technology that allows you to protect your java applications from decompilation. This technology is not a typical obfuscation approach that just tries to make your code unreadable. It is encryption on binary level. This means that not only variables, string constants, and workflow are changed but your code. Free download of Java Antidecompiler 6.3, size 83.97 Kb.