Products of Bluefive software

HTMLlink 1.0.3 Bluefive software 

Web Development \ HTML Tools

With HTMLlink you can easily create HTML source code for Internet links. I wrote this utility to quickly manage a sort of "News headlines". Have a look at to see what I mean. Options/Features: - very easy to work with, just point, copy and paste - highly configurable and comes with a long list with. Freeware download of HTMLlink 1.0.3, size 377.49 Kb.


Mince 1.0.3 Bluefive software 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

Mince is an easy to use and very reliable text encryption tool. It encrypts a textfile to another (scrambled) one, and adds its own extension to it. Because this new file is also merely a textfile, you can send it as an attachement in an e-mail message. Options/Features: - easy to use text encryption - clever password protection - works with its. Freeware download of Mince 1.0.3, size 62.91 Kb.

Lodger 2.0.8 Bluefive software 

Desktop \ Clocks And Calenders

This easy-to-configure program will notify you of certain events. With its simple and intuitive interface it's great for those anniversaries, birthdays, meetings. Lodger comes without the usual whistles and bells (it is no big company project organizer), but is nonetheless an efficient and helpful companion. Options/Features: - easy to configure. Freeware download of Lodger 2.0.8, size 617.47 Kb.

EuroConvert 2.0.3 Bluefive software 


EuroConvert is no nonsense tool that allows you to convert an Euro value to one of the twelve European currencies or vice versa. Double-click the country flag to flip through the others, or right-click and choose from the menu.. Freeware download of EuroConvert 2.0.3, size 42.75 Mb.

XSLaunch 2.0.3 Bluefive software 

Utilities \ Launchers

XSLaunch is a simple but a most efficient Windows Explorer add-on which operates from the taskbar. Launch the Windows Explorer like you want it. If you enter or paste URL's in it, it will launch the default web browser. Options/Features: - operates from the taskbar - option to remain in front of all windows - input URL's and it launches the web. Freeware download of XSLaunch 2.0.3, size 19.46 Kb.

PCLoupe 1.0.5 Bluefive software 


If you have a special need to zoom in to a particular portion of your desktop or any window you are using, you will find that PCLoupe is a great software tool to achieve this. It is a free program that serves as a virtual magnifying glass that you can place anywhere on your screen, and that shows a zoomed image of the area surrounding your. Freeware download of PCLoupe 1.0.5, size 87.30 Mb.

ASCIIvalues 1.0.8 Bluefive software 


ASCIIvalues is a small program that displays the ASCII value of each key as you press it. It shows ASCII character codes for alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic characters.. Freeware download of ASCIIvalues 1.0.8, size 14.34 Kb.

EmptyDesk 1.0.1 Bluefive software 

Desktop \ Icons and Cursors

EmptyDesk is free easy-to-use windows utility that lets you clear your desktop with just a click on a button. Need an empty, cleared desktop, no icons showing? Ever wanted to take a nice screenshot but couldn't, because your desktop is full of icons? Sometimes you need a screenshot while showing a piece of the computer desktop in the background.. Freeware download of EmptyDesk 1.0.1, size 21.50 Kb.

TABS2spaces 1.0.5 Bluefive software 


TABS2spaces converts tab characters to space characters in text files and on the clipboard. The number of space characters can be customized. The program has the ability to convert multiple files all at once. Excellent for converting tab delimited text files produced on a PC that look horrible on a Mac (to name just one of the many uses you can use. Freeware download of TABS2spaces 1.0.5, size 70.55 Mb.

RecycleNOW 1.0.0 Bluefive software 


RecycleNOW is a small utility that, when triggered, immediately empties the Recycle Bin. It is meant to be a time-saver as, especially on slower computers, emptying the Bin can take a while. There is no interface, just run it and it will automatically empty the recycle bin. You can use a scheduler to run it, run it from the command line etc. Very. Freeware download of RecycleNOW 1.0.0, size 4.10 Kb.

PIXresizer 1.0.9 Bluefive software 

Multimedia \ Audio Players

PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily create web and email friendly versions of your images with reduced file sizes. The reduced files are saved in a different folder, so your original images are not altered at all. PIXresizer offers several different resizing methods to choose from and can automatically recognize image sizes to. Freeware download of PIXresizer 1.0.9, size 2.29 Mb.

InTime 1.0.4 Bluefive software 

Internet \ Misc. Network

InTime is a small time synchronizer that allows you to set your system time over the internet, using more than a dozen NTP servers to choose from (you can also add your own). Just run the program, select a time server from the list and click Synchronize. Options/Features: - editable list for time servers - update function to download latest server. Freeware download of InTime 1.0.4, size 761.86 Kb.

HEXwrite 1.0.7 Bluefive software 


Normally users work with decimal number formats. But sometimes users for some technical, research and educational purpose have to work in different number formats like ASCII, HEX, binary and many more. It is very difficult for user to convert number formats like HEX to ASCII or ASCII to HEX by calculating manually. So, it would prove to be a boon. Freeware download of HEXwrite 1.0.7, size 34.41 Mb.

TempLAB 1.0.0 Bluefive software 


Not a real lab, but definitely a handy temperature conversion tool. This tiny instrument will simultaneously show Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin degrees with one push on the slider. Options/Features: - real-time temperature conversion tool - one slider shows all: Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin degrees - quick menu-options: boiling/freezing/ and. Freeware download of TempLAB 1.0.0, size 28.67 Kb.

TXTcollector 1.0.9 Bluefive software 

Utilities \ Text

TXTcollector grabs all .txt files from the directory of your choice and combines them into a new (larger) text file. This can come in handy: I use TXTcollector myself to grab a CD full of readme's to enable me to read them all in one go. Some users find this application perfect for combining their network log files.Options/Features:- grabs all .txt. Freeware download of TXTcollector 1.0.9, size 760.83 Kb.