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Learn About Magnets 1.0 BodhaGuru 

Mobile \ Education

This cool app is part of Fun and Learn series which helps children to learn about Magnets. Learn the story - how magnet was discovered. Play with magnet and know about magnetic and non-magnetic substances. Learn about magnetism and poles of magnet while playing with magnet. Make a magnet yourself, but be careful, dont demagnetise your magnet.


Learn Numberline 1.0 BodhaGuru 

Mobile \ Education

BodhaGuru Learning proudly presents a colorful, amazing app for small children aged 4 to 6. This app teaches about the number line. Children would learn to do counting using a number line with fun with Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Frog. Children would also learn addition and subtraction using a number line with fun. This app would also teach the child how. Free download of Learn Numberline 1.0, size 7.65 Mb.

Learn 2 Draw 1.0 BodhaGuru 

Mobile \ Education

This is a cool application for kindergarten children to learn how to "draw shapes and patterns" and "learn alphabets and numbers". The child can draw over the outline of the alphabet (capital A to Z or small a to z) that comes on the screen and learn how to write that alphabet, how to pronounce it and identify common objects. Free download of Learn 2 Draw 1.0, size 8.60 Mb.