Products of Bruce Parham

FpcROUTE 1.303 Bruce Parham 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

FpcROUTE was developed to be console file translator application with integrated support in FreePCB. As such, it can be launched form within FreePCB or directly from a command shell. FpcROUTE will translate a FreePCB board into an Specctra design file suitable for import into Alfons Wirtz's web based Freerouter. Prerouted wiring,. Free download of FpcROUTE 1.303, size 0 b.


FpcPlace 1.41 Bruce Parham 

Home & Personal

FpcPlace was developed to be a console application that generates a component placement listing from the information contained in a FreePCB board file. An optional .ini file can be used to handle unusual components, override many default setting, add component values and select from a variety of fixed or user defined output listing. Free download of FpcPlace 1.41, size 0 b.

FPCfab 1.40 Bruce Parham 

Home & Personal

FPCfab was developed to be a simple console application that creates a basic fabrication drawing based on information contained in a template RS-274X Gerber file and Excellon drill file generated by FreePCB. The new fab drawing is an RS-274X Gerber file that includes some or all of the data from the template file and adds a Drill Icon. Free download of FPCfab 1.40, size 0 b.