Products of ByteRun

Hangman - Pro 1.2 ByteRun 

Mobile \ Games

Advanced version of Hangman with 15 categories of 1000 words to guess and three levels of difficulty. Amazing graphics with many options to customize playfield that will satisfy everyone.. Free download of Hangman - Pro 1.2, size 28.84 Mb.


ByteRun HTML Protector 2.4 ByteRun 

Web Development \ HTML Tools

* Completely encrypt the source of HTML pages. You won't find any words from your content in the protected source. It protects your JavaScript. It protects your web design. It protects the content of your site. It protects against "form post"-hacking. It protects against email sniffing. * Optionally set password on pages. Access to your. Free download of ByteRun HTML Protector 2.4, size 629.14 Kb.

ByteRun Protector for PHP 3.7 ByteRun 

Web Development \ ASP & PHP

Protect your PHP scripts from being pirated. Convert your PHP scripts to unreadable but still executable form. * Complete PHP4 and PHP5 support * 100% secure bytecode protection * Works at Windows and Linux * Optional domain lock * Optional time expiration * Easy to use Wizard interface. Free download of ByteRun Protector for PHP 3.7, size 2.64 Mb.

6x6 game 1.1 ByteRun 

Mobile \ Games

New game for board, checkers and dice: Player should use the die of 1 (joker) or. Free download of 6x6 game 1.1, size 14.47 Mb.

Backgammon Touch 3.4 ByteRun 

Mobile \ Games

Backgammon is the oldest and famous game in the world. You can be lucky in some games but only match will show who has high skill of strategy. - strong and honest AI. Free download of Backgammon Touch 3.4, size 17.51 Mb.

Puzzle for Boys 1.5 ByteRun 

Mobile \ Games

Enjoy 24 funny colorful puzzles with hand drawn style: - ground, sea, sky and space themes. Free download of Puzzle for Boys 1.5, size 14.68 Mb.

How well do you see color? 1.2 ByteRun 

Mobile \ Medical

Test your vision with color challenge and try harder to solve 50 puzzles and achieve high score to compete at GameCenter. You should arrange color squares by hue order. Boundary squares are fixed. When done touch "Check It".. Free download of How well do you see color? 1.2, size 4.61 Mb.

ByteRun Website Compiler 1 ByteRun 

Development \ Misc. HTML Tools

Compile your website into Windows application, create cd autorun. Distribute copy of your website to users without internet connection. Standalone websites runs very fast and require no additional software. Easy-to-use compiler interface allows you to customize browser toolbar. . Free download of ByteRun Website Compiler 1, size 619.52 Kb.